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Summary: John really needs a hug from Sherlock.

Warnings: Slash- don't like, don't read.

Important information: Sherlock and John are husbands. Texts are in bold.

Sherlock sat in a tediously boring room with ten tediously boring people and Lestrade. He was lucky, Lestrade wasn't boring, his life changed a lot and he was very good at concealing emotions. But everyone else was boring. He sat in Scotland Yard doing paper work. He hated when he had to do this, though it wasn't often, he still had to. And he had already been away from John for an hour.

They were all quiet in concentration; only occasionally someone would mutter something or have a twenty second conversation with the person next to them.

"Why couldn't John be here?" Sally suddenly asked.

"His shoulder is hurting him." Sherlock stated, but did not give away any more information.

Everyone went back into silence. Sherlock looked at the gold ring around his wedding finger; it was still in perfect condition, as was John's. He smiled, it always made him smile.

His phone buzzed in his pocket and he pulled it out.


SENT: 3.34 PM

Sherlock, I need a hug.

Sherlock smiled. John was a very huggable person. The man loved hugs. And Sherlock loved hugging him.

"Lestrade, I need to go home." Sherlock said.

"No, Sherlock." Lestrade said.

"What? I'm not part of the police! I can do what I want." Sherlock said.

"You were the one who pushed the man in the Thames, which is why we have so much paper work. So, concentrate and finish it." Lestrade said.

"But I need to go home! And I only pushed him because he was about to kill another person. This case wouldn't be solved if I hadn't. And he's still alive, isn't he? Isn't that enough?" Sherlock protested.

"Why do you suddenly need to go home?" Lestrade asked, looking over at Sherlock in exasperation.

"Because John needs a hug." Sherlock said. He was always very blunt about his relationship with John. He really didn't care about what people thought. He would obviously never say anything that would embarrass John, he cared what John thought, but most of the time he just said what he thought.

"He can wait. The quicker you get back to writing, the quicker you can go home." Lestrade said.

Sherlock huffed and clicked the 'reply' button on his phone.


SENT: 3.36 PM

Lestrade won't let me go. How are you feeling?


Sherlock sent the text and they started texting each other.


SENT: 3.37 PM

Not that better, I just want you. The Ibuprofen doesn't help. I want a hug!


SENT: 3.37 PM

I want to give you a hug, love. Why don't you take some morphine?



SENT: 3.38 PM

I hate taking morphine. Please give me a hug.

"Lestrade, I really need to go home." Sherlock said.

Lestrade grabbed Sherlock's phone and put it in his pocket.

"You can have it when we are done, Sherlock." Lestrade said.

"That's not fair!" Sherlock protested.

"No, but what also isn't fair is all this paper work and it's your fault. So start working." Lestrade said.

Sherlock knew that the real reason that Lestrade was so angry was because his wife had got back to the PE teacher yesterday.

Sherlock huffed and with a scowl, set to work.

Half an hour later Sherlock heard a knock at the door.

Lestrade sighed and motioned for another officer to get it.

A tall man did and Sherlock sat up as soon as he saw the person at the door.

John stood there in his black coat and jeans, looking quite cold and worse for wear.

"John! What are you doing here?" Sherlock asked.

"When I say I needed a hug, I really wasn't joking, Sherlock. Mrs Hudson's gone out. The Ibuprofen isn't working and I feel like I need a hug." John said.

Sherlock got up and walked over to John. He wrapped his arms around John and let his husband bury his face in his neck and wrap his arms around his waist. John sighed in content and relaxed.

"Lestrade, can I go home now?" Sherlock asked.

"No! You have two pages to go, finish it, please, Sherlock." Lestrade said.

Sherlock sighed.

"I'll stay. Don't you need my statement anyway?" John's muffled voice said.

"It's alright, John. You can do it another day." Lestrade said in sympathy.

"I might as well do it now." John reasoned.

Sherlock smiled at John's stubbornness.

Sherlock let John go but kept an arm wrapped around John's waist and led him to his seat.

Sherlock sat first and then John sat on his lap, grabbing a piece of paper and getting to work on his statement. Sherlock leaned forward and grabbed his paper work and set it on one of the armrests on his chair and began writing.

Sally grumbled about them needing to get a room.

"We don't need to get a room, Sally. I think you do, assuming you and Anderson have been texting each other frankly inappropriate text messages for a whole hour now." Sherlock stated.

"You can't know that!" Anderson protested.

"Every time you receive a text, Anderson, you blush and then make eye contact with Sergeant Donavon, she is also texting. It isn't difficult to work out. Now, in comparison, who should get a room? The husband who has his husband sat on his lap because of lack of chairs and the need to comfort him... or the husband and his secret girlfriend who have been sending each other inappropriate messages that have left you both rather hot and bothered?" Sherlock asked.

John chuckled as he wrote and Sherlock slipped an arm around his waist and settled it on his stomach.

Anderson and Donavon both blushed and put their phones away, silently getting back to their work.

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