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At the age of 75 and 78 Sherlock and John lived in a comfortable cottage, in a village only half an hour away from London. When they were too old they had quit cases and doctoring and decided to enjoy their retirement. Years ago they had dreaded getting old, but now they were there it didn't seem so bad.

Sherlock kept bees in the back garden, he enjoyed finding out new things about the interesting creatures, and John also enjoyed helping him with them. They were well-known in the village. Most liked John, not as many liked Sherlock. The couple were odd, but they didn't harm anyone.

John awoke on a Sunday morning and went to the back garden. He stood in his pyjamas and dressing gown with a mug of tea and looked out at their garden. They still visited London frequently, and though they missed it, this was nice. They had their small garden table with chairs on the decking; the bee houses were at the end of the garden. They had a few trees as well. Most of the garden was grass.

It was a warm summer day and John sighed. He really missed the old days, running around with his husband through the streets after a criminal. But he couldn't do that anymore. He missed his friends who had passed away. He felt very lucky that he and Sherlock had lived so dangerously yet they, in their seventies, were still living and breathing, and they were together.

Sherlock felt for John on the other side of the bed and found he was gone. He went downstairs and found a mug on the kitchen table with his tea in it; John must have known he would be up soon. Sherlock took a sip and felt himself waking up a little more.

Sherlock looked out of the window and saw John stood in the garden, facing away from him. The genius stretched and made his way outside. He was quiet as he approached John, not wanting to cut through John's thoughts. He wrapped his arms around John from behind and John leant back against his chest.

"I miss our old life. Not that I don't love what we have, the cottage, the bees, being with you. I just… miss running." John said quietly.

Sherlock placed a small kiss on John's neck and took his tea mug. He left John for a moment to put their tea on the garden table and returned to stand in front of him.

"Me too." Sherlock admitted and pulled John into a hug.

John held onto his husband just as tightly and with his eyes closed and his head buried in his Sherlock's shoulder he said "A hug. Exactly what I needed."

"I love you." Sherlock whispered.

"I love you too." John said gently.

They both held each other, stood in their garden, entwined together. They felt at peace with each other.

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