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Holly's POV.

"Artemis. Artemis, wake up." I shook Artemis gently. "Argon will be here for today's treatment soon. You want to get better, don't you?" I saw his eyelids flutter and then open. He looked around the room, an alarmed look in his eyes. It had been there ever since he had been admitted into the clinic. The complex was getting worse and the only person that could cure it was Artemis. And he was being very uncooperative. Sure, Argon could try to control it with medications and electro-shock, but often Artemis didn't trust Argon with this because of the paranoia. So the complex was getting worse and there was absolutely nothing anything anyone could do about it.

"Holly…" He was tired. I could tell he was tired by the way all his words were slurred. "…can I not sleep for a little longer. Please." I felt sorry for him and considered saying yes until there was a knock at the door.

"You good for visitors?" He winced, then nodded and sat up, quickly straightening his top and smoothing out his hair. "Come in." I called.

"How is our favourite Mud-Boy and the number four?" None other than Foaly had walked in accompanied with his sarcastic sense of humour. Again, Artemis shrunk away from the number four. "And how are you Holly?" Foaly said after noticing that I was there, even though I was the one to call them in.

"I'm good, but Arty on the other hand, has just woken up." The alarmed look in his eyes had been joined by tiredness. "Foaly, can I speak to you for a second please."

"Yes, Holly. What is your concern?" Foaly enquired, but I didn't want Artemis to hear.

"Outside, please." I made a move towards the door, opened it, and when we were outside, I closed it behind us. "It's Artemis. He is rejecting all forms of treatment. It's like he doesn't want to be cured. He's scared that we are trying to murder him. I know that it is the Complex speaking but I just can't shake off the feeling that he doesn't trust any of us any more. I was wondering if you would try to talk him into talking. He might listen to you. He just doesn't listen to me when I start talking trying to talk him into talking, he just turns around or pretends to sleep. It is as if he hates me now."

"Holly. Holly look at me. You need to stop worrying so much. I will try to speak to him but I don't think he is going to listen to either of us. Also, if it makes you feel any better, I will get Trouble to try to persuade him. He will come round eventually, you'll see. I'm sure that he want to get better, but is afraid that if he speaks of his past to us, that we will judge him because of what he has done." Foaly had a point, but it wouldn't help to admit that. His head was big enough already.

"Thanks Foaly. I have to be more positive. That I know." I opened the door and walked back into the room to find that I was being watched. 'The paranoia is getting worse.' I thought. Then he startled me by speaking the longest sentence that he had spoken to me in ages. Even if he did shout it and say something that wasn't positive in anyway.

"What are you planning? What are you plotting?" He shouted, wincing at his words before he broke down and fell into a pillow in a shaking ball. I ran over to him, leaving a shocked Foaly behind me. Forgotten.

"Fight it Mud-Boy, this is the complex speaking. You got to fight it." I said through gritted teeth. I helped him sit back up and then took his face in my hands. In a calmer tone I added, "Now, wherever did you get that idea. Why would me and Foaly want to plot against you? You, Artemis, are our friend. What would we gain from hurting you?"

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