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3rd Person POV

When Artemis didn't wake up, Argon slapped Foaly, Foaly pouted and glared at Argon for slapping him, but Holly was the worst affected. She had been on such a high, happy to see an improvement. And to have been on hat high cloud with silver lining and for it to suddenly disappear and bring you back down to earth with no warning, her mood retreated quickly. Super quickly. Anyone who was paying attention and knew Commander Root saw the red hue Holly's face was turning and discreetly scurried from the room. But Foaly wasn't paying attention because he and Argon were having a glaring match. And Artemis obviously wasn't going anywhere too soon because of his catatonic state. Holly snapped, choosing to find something, anything, to throw at the smart pony-boy and the supposed doctor. But she only found a whole load of nothingness, which was good for the childlike adults, but worsened Holly's anger (if it could get any worse :D), which chose to rocket higher. Higher than it had ever been before. She didn't know what to do. She was so confused. She didn't know if it would be better to try to calm down and stay by Artemis' side at his time of need, or to punch the living day-lights out of the other two occupants in the room currently, or to go to the hospitals gym and beat up some old punching bad with ripped sim-leather covering it and vent her anger that way. There was really only two options, as the first was damned near impossible. The second was possible, but she wouldn't get away from the situation without internal affairs on her metaphorical tail. The LEP would be here quickly after she made her first violent move, restraining her, and she would be causing injuries to others, which she really didn't like to do unless necessary. Even if that person disserved it. The third option was plausible, as no others would be harmed except for maybe herself. She managed to choose the third option, and she ran from the room, unnoticed by anyone. She ran to the gym, running all of the way. When she got there, tears where streaming down from her eyes and over her cheeks. She hurriedly changed into some gym gear she had picked up on her way and roughly wiped away the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand. She hadn't left Artemis' bedside really except for work. Or when she was physically pushed out of the room. But now she had, she felt lonely. Walking over to a punching bag, she discarded the gloves and pulled her fist back and let leash a punch that had at least half a tonne of power behind it. For every blow she dealt, she gave a reason for who it was for and why. For every blow she dealt, she received either a bruise or a bleeding wound. But no matter how much it hurt or bled, she kept going, venting all of her anger in the only (really) legally violent way possible. She dealt the last blow to the bag, saying the reason and who for.

"Arrrggghhh…! That's for… for… me. For suggesting the whole idea of the injection I the first place. It's all my fault. If I hadn't suggested the whole idea, then Artemis would probably be alright! He would likely be awake by now!"

"Holly. It's not your fault. You were only trying to help." A voice said from behind her. "And you don't know if he would be alright and have woken up…"

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