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Summary: Catherine Starks and Jackie Kirk haven't seen nothing or heard of each other since the day Jackie left Catherine's house, but that is all to change when both of them are flying out to the same destination of where they first met. Will they be able to make up for lost time and maybe start over ?

Five years down the line and she hadn't heard anything from Catherine, occasionally she would think about her and how she would be doing but when she started to remember the things they did together she focused on something else, it was just too hard to remember.

Jackie had been busy with her acting, once she decided she wanted to stay in acting she didn't want to do anything else. Neptune 25 had done extremely well, since the success of the film she was picked up by an agent that got her in some of the most amazing TV series. Her Mom had come round to the idea and supported her better than when she was younger. Jackie was now twenty five and had her own place in Los Angeles, a big spacious home in the hills of Hollywood, she was living her dream.

It was a Thursday morning, in the middle of summer the whether was beautiful and welcoming to the skin. Jackie was going to have a meeting with her agent, Denis Chance, and she had no idea what is was about all she knew was that it was going to do her some good for a few months.

Jackie was getting ready, she was wearing a fashionable top with dark blue jeans and with an added three quarter black blazer, smart but casual. Once she had got dressed she grabbed her sunglasses and headed out to her BMW M6 convertible that had a black finish to it, it was her baby.

The peaceful drive down to her agent's office hadn't taken long, LA traffic wasn't bad at 10am it was busy but not crazy as normal. As she reached the building she removed her shades, she greeted the receptionist while she walked towards the lift.

Walking out of the lift she saw some of the other agents she knew but smiled at them as they hurried past, her agents office was just around the corner. She arrived his door but as she was about to knock he had opened the door.

"Did you know I was behind your door or something?" she asked looking surprised.

He opened the door wider to let the Hollywood star in, "No, but I heard your boots and just new it was you." He answered while shutting the office door, "How are you this morning, Jack?"

Jackie looked out of the glass windows, she could see the whole of LA from this height it surely did take her breath every time. She turned around to her agent, "I'm good but I'm really want to know what you have to tell me?" she smiled sweetly.

Denis walked around to his desk and sat on his chair and offering Jackie to sit on the guest chair in front of his desk.

He clasped his hands together and rested them on a brown folder, "Well, here," he pointed to the folder, "Is a break for you but it does require some work on your half." He explained.

Jackie thought about it, "Okay, a break with work on the side, hmmm how does that work?" She asked smirking.

Denis laughed, "Well, you're going to be working at this college, it's well known but we think it may want a star to go help them out in the drama department."

Jackie sat on her edge of her chair and thought about it, "Where is this college?" she asked.

Her agent smiled at her, "A place you went to study for a while before the Neptune come-back, Bloomington."

Jackie blinked a few times then cleared her throat, "Okay, when do I have to leave if I choose to go?"

Denis opened the folder, "It's not a choice Jack and you will be leaving tonight."

Jackie stood up from her chair, "You're kidding right? It's not a choice and TONIGHT!" she blurted.

Denis was taken back by her reaction, "Sit down and let's talk about this."

She sat back in the chair and folded her arms waiting for an explanation.

"You will be staying there for around four months, you have a place to stay and its very beautiful if must say so myself, you will have plenty of space, massive house." He watched her, she was still waiting for him to carry on, "then on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays you will be helping out in the drama department of the college, a class has a performance and the head of the college wanted someone with experience and knowledge to help them." He finished off when he had looked back up at Jackie her facial expressions became softer.

The blonde star, adjusted herself and tried to sort a sentence in her head, "sounds interesting and I would love to help out, so if I do this will it be going public or stay quiet?"

Denis stroked his stubble and looked through the papers, "That will be for the college to decide but I do think it will go public but for the college, it will be advertising it." He explained hoping she would understand.

"Okay." She simply said.

His head shot up, "Does that mean you will do it?" he asked with enthusiasm.

"Well you did say I had no choice, so I guess so." She told him.

"Brilliant, head off home, pack a big bag and I will take you to the airport." He ordered grinning.

Jackie just rolled her eyes in response and walked out of the office.

"So your flight is at 18:49, first class and will be about three hours and a half journey." Denis told her as he handed her ticket to her.

She took her ticket from her agent and put it into her hand luggage, "Thanks, I'll call you once I've arrived at the accommodation." She simply told him with a sadden tone.

He nodded, "Smile, it's not all bad you know," he looked at Jackie and could see there was something, "Well, take care and have fun." He hugged her.

"Okay no need to get all teary Denis." She joked as she pulled back.

He smiled, "Alright, see you when you get back."

They both said their goodbyes and Jackie headed off to check-in.

As she waited in the line she felt an usual sensation that made her feel warm, she looked around to see if anything had set the feeling off but there was no one or nothing that would cause the random sensation.

What she didn't see was that down the long line of people waiting to check in was Catherine Starks, a big suitcase in one hand and a bag in another.

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