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That next morning Jackie got showered and changed for the day, she wouldn't be helping out until the next couple of weeks, this gave her time to unpack and get use to the area again. As the day went on she had found out Bloomington had a new local night bar, mostly for the students. She would most defiantly be visiting tonight, it be great if she bumped into some old friends.

Jackie ventured out into Bloomington and paid a visit at the office that was just down the road, letting the people know that where she was staying was okay and there are no problems.

"Good afternoon miss, how is the accommodation doing for you?" The estate agent asked.

Jackie smiled and took a seat, "its great thanks." She politely returned.

The tall male smiled, "Well that's great, and if you have any problems don't hesitate to come to visit us."

Jackie stood up from the chair and nodded, "Okay, thanks." She then left to go for a walk around the small area.

Catherine had travelled through the night in her car that was waiting for her at the airport, she had been to LA for a long break, a year break but a close family friend had needed her back in Bloomington and it was urgent.

She was staying in one of the luxurious cabins out in the woods, out of the way of the bustle. She felt weird to be back in Bloomington when she left she had many things behind to try and put past her, but now coming back for a few weeks she didn't know how things will turn out.

Catherine had finished unpacking her bags and sorted them out, she had got ready for the day ahead. As she was walking past the fire place of her accommodation there was a leaflet that had been posted through the letter box, she bent down and picked it up and noticed it was an advert for the local bar.

The leaflet said "from 8pm-2:30am drinks, dance music and much more head over to Saturn's Rings tonight!"

Catherine snickered, "Guess I have nothing better to do then check this place out."

She then placed it on the table near the front door, grabbing her coat and handbag heading of the door to her old friend, Professor Hector.

8 hours later

Jackie had the same leaflet dropped through her accommodation front door, she had read it and was appealing to her, she hadn't really met anyone while looking around Bloomington and felt the need to go and mingle.

After showering she was deciding to either wear a dress or to wear smart jeans with a nice glittery top that showed her back off. After much time deciding she went with the jeans and her dressy top.

After leaving the accommodation it didn't take her long to get to the local bar, it wasn't too busy but that's how Jackie liked it.

"So what will you have to drink tonight young lady?" the polite bar man asked her. She looked at him, he had dark brown hair and was casually dressed.

Jackie thought about for a spilt second, "May I have Vodka coke please?"

"You sure can, Ice?" He asked.

Jackie shook her head and smiled, "no thanks."

As he was making her drink she looked around the bar and noted how classy it was, not the usual Bloomington look, "This place has changed." She thought to herself.

"Here you are m' lady. That will be $2.70." He informed.

She opened her purse to pay for her drink, but something felt odd and unusual. After that passed she paid for her drink and went to sit on the bar stool.

Jackie sat there taking steady sips of her drink and many minutes had passed, she honestly didn't know what she was doing here.

Thirty minutes had passed and Jackie was on her second vodka coke, she heard the door from outside open, she didn't look around to see who it was, she waited until they came to the bar.

As Catherine stopped dead in her tracks as she looked straight the bar, was the blonde sat on the bar stool, she could tell who it was just by her shape of the young woman's back. She swallowed, hard, "Is that her" she thought to herself.

Catherine forced her self to walk forward, as she got closer she could smell the familiar scent of Jackie's perfume. Catherine was one for making entrances, she had to think of something now. She looked at Jackie's Vodka coke and smirked.

"I wouldn't have taken you as a spirit drinker." Catherine pointed out with a voice only Jackie had heard.

In that split second, Catherine's heart belated so fast she thought she was going to collapse.

She saw the blonde person turn around slowly, and then it happened, eyes met at long last.

"Catherine." Jackie barely said in a whisper.