Disclaimer: I own neither Doctor Who nor Harry Potter. I am only playing around with the characters for a bit.

This is something that I wrote for English the other day, and I figured I'd post it. Not entirely sure if I'll continue it, though... opinions?

A gentle breeze wafted over the black pavement of the street. To a mere bystander the houses that lined the road would appear all but abandoned on the bright summer's day, but one with the knowledge would be able to see the silhouette of a somewhat young man staring wistfully out of the window of a house once thought to have been forgotten. The fact that this knowledge was necessary, however, simultaneously assured and irked the man in question, though he knew that there was little that he could do to change this. Had it been about a decade earlier he would have been glad for the repose in his old family home, but the somber atmosphere was getting to him, and he wanted little more than a chance to get out and relieve his tension.

The man, who went by the name of Sirius Black, frowned a bit as the source of the breeze that he could not feel came into view. A rather sizable blue box, seemingly made out of wood, had materialized in a way unfamiliar to Sirius. He had never seen such a strikingly insignificant object simply fade into existence in such a way. His apprehension and curiosity when the doors to this unknown blue box opened, and a man stepped out. This newcomer seemed to be a few years younger that Sirius himself, and also seemed to be of similar nature. The stranger was dressed rather oddly, as wizards generally did in an attempt to conceal themselves as Muggles. After all, Sirius knew of no Muggle that would dress in a brown pinstriped suit and a long overcoat. The man closed the door to his strange box behind him and stepped out onto the sunlit street.

Sirius watched in curiosity as the man's eyes swept across the rows of houses. All of Sirius's instincts were telling him that something was not quite right with this man, and there was a strange familiarity to this unknown face. Did Sirius know this man from somewhere? But then, as Sirius thought about it, this man looked an awful lot like…

Sirius nearly jumped up out of his chair when it hit him. This man was Barty Crouch Jr., the same Death Eater that had put Harry through all that pain in the boy's fourth year at Hogwarts. Blind, nearly insuppressible rage overtook Sirius for a moment, but before it could be released confusion settled in. The Dementors has already sucked out this man's soul, hadn't they? So what was Barty doing with his strange blue box, looking around where Twelve Grimmauld Place had been so expertly hidden?

When Sirius returned his attention to the issue at hand he noticed that Barty had begun to approach the house in which Sirius had concealed both himself and the meeting place of the Order. Sirius rose from his seat apprehensively. It was obvious from Barty's angle of approach that he was not moving towards the place where Eleven and Thirteen Grimmauld Place met, but Twelve Grimmauld Place itself. Somehow the Death Eater had gotten his hands on the information that concealed Sirius's childhood home. But Sirius knew that Dumbledore would not disclose the headquarters of the Order to anyone who had not proven themselves, and either way, Barty should not be able to even process such information in the first place.

The man named after a star withdrew his wand from his pocket as he watched Barty walk up the sidewalk and towards the door. Things were becoming quite unsettling for Sirius at this point. With one last worried glance out the window Sirius turned and Apparated down to the front hall. Sirius gripped his wand tightly in his fist just as an audible tapping emanated from the door. This befuddled Sirius to an even greater extent. Couldn't Barty just use Alohamora to undo the lock, since he had already made it this far?

"I know you're home!" Sirius jumped a little at the voice. The accent seemed to be a little different, but it was Barty's voice all the same. "Come on, open up! I only want to have a word…"

Despite all of his instincts telling him to remain hidden, Sirius's curiosity was getting the better of him. He needed to know what was going on, and he needed to ensure that Barty could be secured again before the Death Eater went gallivanting off back to Voldemort. Hesitantly, Sirius stepped forward, wand at ready, and let the door open.

Sirius had his wand up before the door was fully open. "What do you want?" he barked, a growl forming in the back of his throat. But despite the threatening posture of the owner of the home, Barty seemed unfazed, and actually had an amiable smile plastered on his face.

"Like I said before, I only want to chat, or maybe have a nice cup of tea." Barty leaned back on his feet a bit and gazed around at the front of the house. "And I must say, you've got quite the impressive shielding on this place. Might I inquire as to why?"

"Oh, like you don't know," Sirius scoffed. He took a step forward, keeping his wand level with the stranger's face. "Might I ask why I would let the likes of you into my house? How'd you even find out about this place anyway?"

"I have my ways." Barty took a step forward as well, crossing into the house so that Sirius had to move his arm back a bit in order to keep it pointed at Barty without making contact. "And I can assure you that I'm very likely not the man you've mistaken me for."

"Really? Well, you do look exactly alike. What, did you use Polyjuice Potion or something?" Sirius's voice was derivative, and he still didn't believe that there was any reason to trust this man- Barty Crouch or not.

"I can assure you that I am within my own body and no one else's." The man paused for a moment. "Isn't there a spell to reveal humans near the user?"

"Yes, but-"

"Use it."

Sirius frowned for a moment. What was this man playing at? Still, he found no reason to deny this request. "Homenum Revelio!" Sirius whispered, waiting for the telltale signal that there was indeed another person in the room.

His wand didn't respond.

"The man you think me to be is human, is he not?" the strange, apparently alien man asked. "Your wand would have informed you if I fit that description."

Sirius found himself taking a step back. "But, how-" he began, before forcing his confusion and apprehension into the back of his mind and attempting to remain calm. "Show me your arm," he said, nodding towards the stranger's left arm.

The Barty look-a-like shuffled with his overcoat and suit for a few moments, but was able to pull up his sleeve and reveal the skin on his arm; the bare skin on his arm.

The two men met eyes for a moment. "No Dark Mark," Sirius whispered.

"No Dark Mark," the stranger affirmed. "Now, if you would be so kind as to let me in, I assure you that I can explain everything. And please lower that wand of yours."

Sirius sized up the man hesitantly for a moment. This man appeared not to be a threat, although there was never a way to be sure. The fact that Sirius had so many questions only helped sway his decision. Sirius knew that this was sure to be a decision he would regret later, but it wasn't like he hadn't made a thousand of those choices before.

"Alright. Come in. But no funny business, or you'll regret it."