Ok I have been thinking about this story for a couple of weeks and I thought that I would write the first chapter and post to see if anyone thinks it would be interesting it is a Bella, Edward story but not quite the same as some others it takes place after Edward leaves Take a look and let me know what you think.

Twilight does not belong to me It is the sole property of StephanieMeyer I am only borrowing the characters, I m happy to say I will get Joy in the form good reviews enjoy

Can you see me?


Chapter 1

Location: Unknown US government Facility

Date: 20 mts after Bella's 18th birthday party

Unknown Doctors POV

Interview of Subject 1543112 Name: Isabella Swan

Subject acquired 16 months ago from Forks Washington

Subject severely Malnutrition, has severe Night terrors, seems to be in an almost Catatonic state.

Has several scars to injury's Medical records state that in the four months before she was treated for several types of infection her record do not mention a scar on her left arm in the shape of a crescent moon. Strange that it is almost invisible but thermal cameras show that the scar is several degrees colder than the rest of her body she swears she doesn't know where it came from she woke up in a hospital in Phoenix bandaged up and her boyfriend telling her she fell thru a window. Looked surprised when I told her it looks like a Vampire bite then she laughed at me and said she didn't understand she thought it was a joke but she is hiding something I think we are going to have to move on to more unconventional methods of extracting the truth can't push to her mind is already breaking push to much and she will be gone and worthless to us. Right now she is sitting in her cell playing with dolls she even named them Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, and Edward. If this continues she may need therapy she might need it anyway she keep asking the Alice doll if she can see her it is a bit creepy. In my opinion her mind is reverting to a childhood state.


Almost two years since my idiot of brother if I can even call him that anymore it is like without Bella the family shattered Jasper and I are the only one that travel much anymore Carlisle is working most of the time 60-70 hours a week so he doesn't have to deal with the sadness in Esme's eyes all Esme does is sit at home looking out the window. Edward spends most of his time curled in a ball holding his chest. Rosalie, and Emmett are taking a break from the rest of the family. Right now Jasper and I are driving through Seattle on the way to our house in Canada When I get a vision it is of Bella but it is strange she is in a white room with no windows and she is talking to dolls she keeps asking "Alice can you see me" as she rocks back and forth on her knees "Bella" I scream "Alice whats wrong" Jasper asks Everything I tell him I have had enough call Esme tell her we will be a few more days don't mention Bella's name we are going back to Forks we need to check on Bella. Honey what about him

I don't care Jasper listen to the vision I had and I told him. One way or another I will have my sister back soon.

Well what did you think this is a work in progress so please be patient with me