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The Life of a Swan

Last Time : I discovered I had more energy I could stay awake for days at a time if needed my balance improved so much that I started doing parkour, then in school everything started getting easier, You know most people use 10 percent of their brain right well within 6 months of practicing meditation I was tested and it turns out that I was using 15 percent by the end of my senior year I was up to using 30 percent and I joined MENSA.

My Speed, Agility, hand-eye coordination all tripled after I left that is another reason I joined the military to prove myself and make me a better person and to be worthy of Him

Chapter 4


"I think this holding up my left hand showing a leather cuff has a lot to do with the changes."

"What do you mean it looks like a regular leather wristband to me." Seth said, "I shake my head and take it off then, I show Seth the scar that the band was covering he looks at the crescent moon shape." "Is that? When?" He asks "Yes it is a bite remember my first year I went back to Phoenix, Edward saved my life twice that day. He sucked the venom out of my body before it could change me or so we thought, I think that the damage was already done the venom had started changing when he sucked it out." "But?" "Then when Edward left it broke me I wasn't sure I was going to live or if I wanted to. Jake helped me then when he did the same thing I had to leave..."

"Bella," Seth started "No Seth, I understand he did it to protect me but that isn't the point, he hurt me the nightmares were worse after I left, both people I cared for crushed me. Things started changing for me after I started meditation to try to control my anger and Lucid Dreaming to control my nightmares. I think that my cells started changing right after the bite and Edward just slowed the process down that is why I was so interested in extreme activity's the adrenaline was feeding the venom, speeding up the change and increasing my body's capability's."

"What's going to happen?" "I am not sure of everything I was told is it normally takes 3 days for the change, I don't know if I will survive a slow change if my heart stops before the change is complete, Or if my lungs stop working it could turn me into a real zombie and I spend the rest of eternity rotting. That is another reason I need to find him if I am slowly changing maybe he can finish the job before I die even if he doesn't love me I am dying I don't think he will want the exposure." "Bella, Seth said I have something for you I didn't want to give it to you yet but I can see you are still not sure of his feelings, I found a loose Floorboard when I was moving the bed there was a box in it I don't think you put it there." "No, I didn't put anything in the floor what was in it?"

"Some pictures, a letter to your mom and a CD" Seth said, "I listened to the CD and looked at the pictures of you and him I can see the change in his eyes like he was breaking too, Here is the box tonight when you go back to the hotel look at the pictures and see the amount of love in his eyes that doesn't die, it can be buried or hidden I don't know what he feels Bella but I can guess he almost saw you killed, what would you do if it was him that need protection?"

"I would destroy the gates of hell to protect him even himself. Ok enough now what about me what kind of things do you enjoy?"

"I like computers he said and collecting rocks look at this crystal I have never seen another like it in any books I called a geologist to come take a look but he said that it was only quartz and nothing new." Seth said "As I looked I notice something Seth, did you do anything to this" "No, he replied why?"

"Look at the striations in the crystal now watch" and I turned on a flashlight and the crystal lit up and above it was a bunch of lines she pulled the light back and the lines sharpened into a perfect copy of the crystal "Seth, I said quietly do you know what this crystal is?" "No I couldn't find anything like it in any of my books" He replied. "I don't think you would find anything like it, I don't think it has been discovered yet, Listen I am going to give you the address of a geologist at UCLA, I will call him and ask him to look at it but it looks to me like a natural Holographic Crystal if it is You can write your own price do you have any more of this?" "Yes, there is a cave full by first beach." "That's great, now first it needs a name..." "quileuteite," Seth said, "Sounds good to me Let go show it to your mom." "Bella wait we need to get ready for the wedding we can talk to mom later." "Ok if we must but if I am right this will greatly improve the lives of everyone on the reservation,"I told him as I pulled my shirt off showing him several scars and bullet wounds that have healed "Hey Seth, How about some privacy unless you want to see more I am not modest Ha-ha" seeing Seth turn bright red as he pulled the door open and ran out of the room.

Well here is another chapter I really wanted to lay the groundwork for the future that is why I thought that the tribe needs some help next chapter will be the wedding and the reunion between Jake and Bella.

I am also working on a new Idea for a story not sure how it will play out but here is a sample

Bella Swan : Sorceress Supreme

After Edward left Bella in the forest for her own protection she was rescued and befriended by a group of Shape Shifters. After months of depression, she started to come out of it and enjoy the company of her childhood friend Jacob Black not knowing that he would change into a wolf and put a strain on their friendship. Soon after the vampire Victoria seeking vengeance created an army to destroy Bella in retaliation for the death of her mate James. The entire town of Forks was wiped out. Not knowing that Bella was saved by a certain Doctor in a Red Cape Victoria left forks after ordering the army to burn it to try to keep out of the eyes of the Voltaire it didn't work... Victoria's army was destroyed But Victoria escaped`

Also my story

Can you see me

When Edward Leaves her in the woods Bella goes into shock and spend four months in a vacant zombie state then as she starts to live again she vanishes can Edward and the Cullen's find her before it is too late?