Title: A Different Kind Of Tutoring

Author: BoundIrishAngel

Pairing: Draco/Harry

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: Does anybody actually need an explanation on these still? If I were JKR I would hardly be on here... if I were making money with my writings I probably wouldn't be either... get it? I'm just playing with these folks, unfortunately I've to give them back – though I can make no guarantees on their physical or mental states after they are returned!

Summary: Harry blows up yet another potion in class and as a result gets a tutor assigned to him by a furious Snape. Said tutor is, of course, Draco Malfoy himself. How will the two arch-nemesis handle the situation?

Warning: corporal punishments, whipping, spanking, some bondage, sexual content

Note: I was asked for a Top!Draco story. Well here it is. It is complete and I will try and post about once a week though I won't have a computer for the next 2 weeks or so (it's not working quite right so it has to go to hospital unfortunately) so you'll have to be a bit patient.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Alli97nomel who betaed this story for me. I did make some changes afterwards so any remaining mistakes are my own.

*** Intro/Prologue

"Oh for Salazar's sake! Again, Potter?" Snape hissed angrily as Harry's potion blew up, covering both student and teacher, who had just been passing, in a vile smelling purple goo. A few waves of his wand and Snape was clean again. He did however leave Harry and his work station covered in the slimy substance. "You're going to spend the rest of the lesson and however long it will take after, to clean up the mess."

Harry just hung his head and nodded. He had no clue what he had done wrong but it was hardly the first time that Snape was angry and made him clean up an exploded potion. He also wasn't the only one having suffered similar fates.

Snape glared at Harry a little longer before moving on to inspect the other students potions, passing comment to everything that did not meet his requirements or standards. It was as usual only the Slytherins who managed to get neutral or even positive remarks, causing Harry, not for the first time, to think their potions professor was more than a little biased.

It wasn't until Snape was looking at Draco Malfoy's potion that Harry got really irritated.

"Excellent work as always, Mr Malfoy. 20 points to Slytherin for a potion brewed to perfection."

"Thank you, sir," Draco replied humbly, yet obviously very proudly.

Glancing at Harry, who was trying to clean his work station by glaring a hole into it, Snape turned thoughtful. "I always believed Longbottom to be a hopeless case in potions but with admirable work from Mrs Parkinson he has become, at least less disastrous. Maybe all mr Potter needs is the same kind of care. And if anyone can manage to teach a Potter even the most basic of potions knowledge then it would be you, Mr Malfoy."

At this Draco stared wide eyed at his professor. He had a sinking feeling he knew where this was going but it simply couldn't be.

"Following Parkinson and Longbottom's example you will form a study group with Mr Potter and be his tutor. You may all four work together or separately as you wish. But you better stop him from blowing up any more potions in my classroom."

"But sir, not Potter!" Draco said, fighting hard not whine. "He's the most insufferable imbecile in existence!" He complained, even if at the back of his mind the thought of spending time alone with Potter was oddly... promising.

"That is why I believe you to be the only one capable of getting any measure of a result. No argument, Mr Malfoy."

Draco sighed heavily but didn't object, instead turning to Potter, glaring at him, hoping to kill him with his look so he didn't have to actually work with him. Yet, his mind was already filling with ideas of what to do to Gryffindor's poster boy.

As the bell rang indicating the end of the lesson, Snape dismissed them. "Mr Malfoy, you may pick any room in this corridor for your practise sessions with Potter. Spend as much time there as you require," with a sinister smirk Snape glanced at Potter before leaving the room. Draco followed shortly after, glaring at Potter on his way out.

"I'm doomed," Harry cried quietly, resting his head on the only part of his workstation that he had so far managed to clean up.

"You are doomed," Ron agreed, helpfully patting Harry's back.

"Oh come on, boys, see it as a positive. Malfoy is the best in potions, he can probably teach you a lot, Harry."

"But it's Malfoy!" Both Harry and Ron said in unison, turning to look at Hermione incredulously.

"Yes, my point exactly," she simply said and waved her wand, cleaning up Harry's desk, receiving a grateful nod from him.

"You've got to be joking?" Ron asked even more incredulously.

"Hardly, Ronald. Harry, your marks are appalling in potions. I've tried but I am at my wits end. If anyone is able to help you it'll be Malfoy."

"He'll kill me first," Harry muttered as he packed his stuff and headed out of the room with the other two.