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"Well Potter, our last night together in Hogwarts," Draco drawled when Harry entered the room that had become so familiar to them over recent months.

Harry stood by the door after he closed it, feeling unsure about himself and what would happen next. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Draco though; the blond sat on the bed, leaning back against a bed post while one leg was bent at the knee, his ankle resting on the opposite leg. The pose was casual and yet his clothes seemed to be pulled taught over areas that Harry had become intimately familiar with. And he was hoping he was not going to be missing out on that familiarity after tonight.

"Are you feeling shy tonight?" Draco chuckled but stood up and walked towards Harry who still stood rooted to the spot, not talking. "I know just the way to relax you, besides I wanted to give you something to remember me by anyway." Draco said his voice taking on a promising tone. Reaching out with one hand, Draco cupped Harry's check and caressed it lightly with his thumb.

Then he leaned in and brushed his lips against Harry's, innocently at first but the kiss soon became more passionate when Harry finally unfroze and started reacting. Pushing Harry backwards gently, Draco pressed him against the door, pushing his leg between Harry's, who couldn't help but moan into Draco's mouth.

With their hands roaming each other's bodies, both got lost in the sensations of the moment. Draco had a plan though and much as he was enjoying himself he wouldn't let his plan go to waste. So he let his hands drop to the hem of Harry's shirt and pulled it up, finding the skin underneath and caressing it with his finger tips for a moment. Soon he made a start on unbuckling Harry's belt and opening his trousers. In next to no time, Harry's trousers were around his ankles together with his briefs and Draco sank down to his knees.

With his eyes locked on Harry's Draco poked out his tongue and licked the length of Harry's erection, enjoying the little gasp Harry couldn't hold back. After throwing Harry a grin, Draco blew cold air on the heated skin before he leaned in and engulfed it with his mouth. Having done this numerous times in recent months, it was easy for Draco to bring Harry to the edge without giving him the satisfaction he craved.

Instead, he pulled away before Harry was too far gone. Standing up again he smiled at Harry, who's eyes had gone darker and were somewhat clouded from arousal. He continued stripping Harry, taking off his robe, tie and shirt, making him step out of his trousers, ridding him of shoes and socks. When Harry stood before him fully naked, Draco let his gaze wander over the naked body, leering openly.

"Now then," Draco said and grinned. "I'd like you to turn around for me."

It took Harry a moment to process the words but when his questioning look was not answered he turned around as bidden, presenting his naked backside to Draco, who made use of the opportunity to grab a pale cheek, squeezing it lightly.

"You know what's going to happen next, don't you, Harry?" Draco asked in a gentler voice.

"Yes, I know."

"And you want it?"

"Yes, I do," Harry replied, his voice barely above a whisper. Even after all the time they had spent together he could still only barely admit what it was they did or how much he enjoyed it.

"Such a good, pet." Draco cooed, then he took out a flogger and without another word laid the first blow across Harry's back.

The brunette, moaned and jerked at the sudden pain but otherwise didn't move. When the second blow came he was somewhat more prepared and while his body still jerked in response, his reaction was less intense. The third and fourth blow came in quick succession, flooding his body with pain and adrenaline. Draco continued handing out blows that were never hard enough to break the skin, just enough to leave a temporary mark.

After a short while Draco stopped and stepping closer to Harry he let his fingers trail down Harry's sides, placing gentle kisses on his shoulder. "You're doing so well, pet. But there is more." Letting his hand trail down to Harry's bum, Draco pressed a dry finger against Harry's hole. He didn't try to breach the entrance, he just wanted to tease and knew he was successful when Harry's gasped. Summoning lubrication Draco went ahead and covered his fingers, then he used a single digit to breach Harry's hole, enjoying the little whimper leaving Harry. Draco spent some time preparing Harry, then he used a thin, ribbed didlo to fill his hole.

"I want you to keep a tight hold of this little baby, can you do that for me, pet?" Draco asked before leaning in and licking the shell of Harry's ear.

Harry could only nod in response, his mind feeling foggy. He could tell though that the toy was thin enough to potentially slip out of him if he didn't grip it with his inner muscles. So he clenched his muscles and held on to it, praying he'd not lose it as he suspected it would result in punishment.

"Such a good, pet." Draco cooed when he saw Harry's muscles clenching. Moving closer so he stood against Harry's back, Draco let his hands trail down the side of Harry's body then his front over his pelvis and onwards until he reached hard flesh, standing proudly and pulsing with need. "You're so hard..." Draco whispered as he wrapped a hand around Harry's erection and started to stroke it slowly, covering it with the lube he'd used before.

"Draco..." Harry moaned at the sensations flooding his body. Heat radiated off Draco, setting Harry's already burning back further aflame, the toy inside him pressed against his prostate and even though it wasn't moving it was still a teasing sensation and all the while Draco was continuously stroking him at a teasingly light pace.

"Yes, my pet, you're going to love what I'll do next." Draco said just before moving back from Harry again. When Harry's back was bared Draco picked up the flogger again, then without a warning he lifted the flogger and brought it down hard against Harry's back.

The brunette screamed at the sudden and unexpected pain that jerked his body. The moment the flogger connected with his skin Harry felt the toy inside him heat up momentarily, like a flare, it wasn't painful but certainly stimulating and took the edge off the pain in his back. At the same time the moment his body jerked, Harry felt like a hot hand wrapped around his erection and he was thrusting into it even though he wasn't touching anything.

A second, lighter blow landed on Harry's back before he had time to process the full extend of the new sensations he was being exposed to. Once again the pain in his back was covered by the heat in his rear but it was only split seconds before he once again felt like he'd thrust into a tight, warm hand.

More blows landed in quick succession until they were a blur of pain and heat and pleasure. His body would jerk in response to the whipping and it would feel like he was thrusting into Draco's hand. A few strokes in the toy inside him started rotating, further stimulating Harry. It wasn't long before he was in a haze of sensations that gradually blended into one, culminating in a blinding finale when his orgasm hit.

Draco discarded the whip and watched as Harry leaned heavily against the wall, panting and whimpering. The sight was most enjoyable to him, so even when Harry sank to his knees because his legs wouldn't support him he just stood and watched, grinning to himself.
After enjoying the show for a while Draco stepped closer and crouched next to Harry. Running a hand through sweaty hair Draco cooed, "such a good pet. You've done so well, I'm very proud of you, Harry." Running his hand down Harry's back Draco reached for the dildo that had almost fully slipped out of Harry once he had come and his body relaxed, unable to keep hold of the toy any longer. Pulling it all the way out Draco discarded it, to be dealt with later.

Slowly Harry opened his eyes and blinked at Draco, he was still leaning heavily against the wall, even his head resting against the cold stone. "So good..."

Draco grinned, "I know, pet. You'll remember today. No one else will ever make you feel as good as I can. Only I know what you need. You'll always be my pet, won't you?"

"Yours..." Harry sighed, his breathing still erratic, his eyes barely able to focus on Draco.

"Always mine," Draco replied and leaned in to place a kiss on Harry's lips.

Harry happily answered the kiss, enjoying every moment of it. Eventually Draco pulled away again however and Harry blinked a few times, trying to focus on Draco. Even though he was dazed and tired he knew Draco wouldn't have come yet, so pulling his energy together he pushed himself away from the wall and instead reached for Draco.

"Aww pet, I'm glad to see you wanting to help me out but this isn't the way. I do still have plans for you. And I know you're feeling pretty wrecked right now, my pet, so we'll go easy." Draco gently went and lifted Harry up into his arms and carried him to the bed where he laid him down carefully on his back. "There now, this will be more comfortable." Draco spoke and went to settle himself between Harry's legs after ridding himself of his clothes.

Running his hands down Harry's legs, Draco took hold of each ankle and then made Harry lift his legs. "Hold on to your ankles," he then instructed and Harry did as told. With each hand holding one ankle Harry was spreading himself wide open for Draco's pleasure, he knew it and he enjoyed it; that's how far they had come, he realised.

"Such a good pet," Draco cooed again. Then he summoned some lube and spread a generous amount on his hand before preparing himself and Harry. He knew though that after their previous activities Harry wouldn't need much preparation so he soon stopped, pulling his fingers away and replacing them with his hard length.

Harry couldn't help the moan that escaped him at the first intrusion. Having been prepared well enough, it didn't hurt, instead it was fulfilling and pure pleasure. The grip he had on his legs tightened involuntarily and he spread himself open further, as though he was trying to pull Draco in further.

Draco watched in fascination and pleasure as Harry reacted to being filled. The brunette was so responsive, his emotions clearly visible on his face and in his every move. Never had Draco enjoyed taking his pleasure more than he did with Harry. But he knew all good things had to come to an end. And tonight would be their end, which is why he planned on making it a most memorable one. Taking his time he slowly build up a rhythm, thrusting into Harry slowly, pulling out again, thrusting back in again. He used one hand to steady himself while he let his other roam freely over Harry's body, pinching a nipple here, scratching sensitive skin there.

And all the while he enjoyed Harry's reactions, verbal as well as physical. His hands were still clenched tightly around his ankles, almost as though he was holding on for dear life. It was easy to see that his legs were starting to strain a little but Harry seemed to be determined to please Draco by not letting go of his legs. Draco knew that Harry's back was likely hurting after its earlier treatment and yet he also knew that being pressed against the soft bedsheets would be tantalising pleasure to even out the pain.

Hurting Harry Potter had brought Draco great enjoyment, but giving him pleasure while he was in pain had become even more of a kink of his than he had ever thought possible. Harry's responsiveness had continuously egged Draco on until he had found new ways to tease and stimulate the brunette.

And now here they were, on their last night together.

Unable to tease any longer Draco increased the speed of his thrusts until he was pounding into the willing body underneath him over and over again. He leaned forwards and bit into Harry's neck, hard enough to leave a mark but when Harry screamed it was the sweetest sound Draco could imagine. He sucked on Harry's skin, then he licked over the reddened area, pleased with his accomplishment.

Even though Harry had already been brought to a mind-blowing orgasm, Draco's touch and continuous pounding hadn't left Harry unaffected. He was hard again but unable to even reach for himself with his hands occupied by his own ankles, and he knew that was exactly the point. He was Draco's and Draco would decide when he could come.

Usually Draco would let Harry dangle at the edge for longer but tonight he wanted them to come together. Shifting position he propped himself up with one elbow while his now free hand found Harry's hardened flesh and curled around it. Harry gasped at the unexpected sensation and bucked helplessly, hoping for friction.

Draco gave in and started stroking Harry in rhythm with his thrust, both of them breathing hard and fast. Neither of them could have held out for long and neither of them was trying to, hence, they both soon found themselves toppling over the edge.

For a long time Draco lay sprawled on top of Harry who eventually managed to let go of his legs, letting them collapsed either side of Draco. Their breathing was fast and irregular, both of them exhausted, neither wanting to move, feeling like it would mark the end.

Eventually Draco reluctantly moved, pulling out of Harry and instead lying down on his side beside him. Almost automatically Harry turned on his side as well, moving closer until he could lay his head against Draco's chest, one arm thrown over Draco's middle, a leg pushed between Draco's. Smiling to himself Draco wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled him closer.

In the beginning they had both stayed on opposite sides of the bed but gradually they had found out that Harry slept and recovered better with physical contact. While it wasn't something Draco was used to or particularly comfortable with, he'd seen the benefits of holding Harry and, after some time, he had grown more used to it.

Now it was so normal he hardly thought much of it. He also knew though, it was a side of him that only Harry would see. Then again, it wasn't as so many people knew of his kinky, dominant side.

"Draco?" Harry asked, bringing the blond out of his reverie.

"Yes, Harry? Did you enjoy yourself tonight?"

"You know I always do," Harry replied, lifting his head to be able to look at Draco.

"So you do," Draco chuckled. "You should sleep and get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow."

"But... about tomorrow..." Harry started but before he could find the words to continue Draco interrupted him.

"Hush, let's not talk of it but rather just enjoy tonight. We'll see what the future brings another day, alright?"

Harry sighed heavily. It wasn't the first time he'd tried to get an answer as to their future but Draco always stirred the conversation elsewhere or found ways to avoid answering. It wasn't a topic Draco wanted to think about and certainly not one he wanted to be forced to make a decision on. Life after Hogwarts would be different, he knew that much, what exactly it would bring though, they would just have to wait and see.

For now, instead of thinking of their uncertain future, Draco rather thought back on the time they had enjoyed together. The past few months had undoubtedly been great for them both. Behind the excuse of tutoring sessions they met most days. As Draco cared about his reputation he made sure Harry studied and improved his grades. But they also made sure to have time for other things. As time passed Harry had become more confident. Where in the beginning he had barely been confident enough for hand and blow jobs he eventually became more willing to experiment.

It hadn't been long before they made proper use of the bed in the room, with Harry giving himself over completely. That had been a special day, even for Draco. He hadn't expected it, albeit him being the one who kept hinting at it. After that, things had become more intense between them. Their studies continued all the while and Draco continued punishing Harry when he was getting things wrong as well as offering sexual favour when he did a good job. But aside from the tutoring related punishments they both started experimenting with whipping and toy use after that first time they had full on sex, and Harry seemed to enjoy it more each time.

It had taken Draco by surprise just how responsive Harry could be, considering how shy he had been to begin with. But as they continued meeting, they both learned much about each other, which in turn just made them enjoy themselves more.

Because Draco never stopped tutoring Harry, his grades continuously improved and that meant that no one suspected they were also using their meetings for more than just studying. It had been the perfect arrangement. He knew it was a shame things had to end but of course they couldn't stay at Hogwarts forever. They'd be leaving soon and would face the reality of life, finding a job to earn money, learning to make a living.

Their meetings had been secret at Hogwarts, if they continued after leaving, they were bound to be caught and Draco wasn't yet sure how he felt about people thinking he and the Golden Boy were involved. It was something he had spent a considerable amount of time thinking about without being able to make a decision. Hence, he'd kept blocking Harry off any time he tried to talk about it. As it was their last night now there wasn't much that was going to change so he decided to see how life after Hogwarts turned out before making a decision. He could always owl Harry if he needed to. If on the other hand life would become busy or a relationship with Harry clearly impossible, at least he would not have made promises he could not keep.

Satisfied with his reasoning, Draco settled down to sleep, still holding Harry close. He could feel the brunette's breathing against his naked skin and knew he had drifted off a while ago. It was unsurprising considering the treatment he had received earlier. Draco smiled at the memory of Harry leaning against the wall with trembling legs, his back covered in red stripes. If he could, he would make sure they'd get to repeat that experience, he promised himself.

The End

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