Damon and Rebekah – A Love Story

By Spirited Ghost

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Chapter 1

The Morning After – The Night Before

It is the morning after the ball. The Salvatore Boarding House is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. An empty bottle of 50 year old Glenlivet scotch is on the end table next to the king sized bed. Two empty glasses lay on their sides next to the empty bottle, with pools of scotch spotted on the same table top.

The sound of a body stretching against satin black sheets is heard. Blue eyes open as they focus on a face above them. A cocky smile graces the lips of the owner of said blue eyes as they meet a pair of hazel green eyes looking for something in the eyes of the owner. The face belongs to that of an Original. She is beautiful; her right hand reaches out and brushes a lock of raven black hair off the forehead of the owner of the blue eyes. Her own eyes searching his for some sign, that perhaps she might mean something to him. Her face neutral as she continues to search his eyes for a reaction, any sign that last night was not just about sex. Her own dead heart betrays her as for one instant her eyes soften as she looks down at him.

He looks into those eyes looking for something. Some sign that she is really here and wants something more from him then just a night of sex. He tells himself that he shouldn't care, that last night was what it was. Sex. Something he needed to help him move on from the one he can't have; the one he can never have. Sadness fills him. An ache that is ever present in his dead heart. He tentatively reaches a hand up and caresses a face, a face of an Original.

He holds his palm to her face and see's something in her eyes, it is fleeting but it is there. Her eyes softened for the barest of moments as she stared into his searching for maybe the same thing he is seeking when he looks into her eyes. His own eyes soften for the barest fraction of a second. Then the mask is back in place and both sets of eyes reflect a neutrality, neither one giving the other an inch. Neither one willing to acknowledge maybe, just maybe something is there between them. Then the moment is gone.

As if he has just been burned he removes his hand from her cheek and get's out of bed. Bending down he picks up his boxers from the floor and puts them on, facing her as he does so. In a voice a little cool and devoid of emotions he says, "I think it would be best if you left Rebekah, last night was fun, but it is time for you to go!" With that said he turns from her and walks into his closet to retrieve his clothes for the day.

For one moment she feels anger and her face betrays her. One thought rings out in her head, "He used me!" Her face returns to normal as she gets out of bed and finds her dress from last night sprawled across a chair by the bedroom window. Without a word she picks it up and looks out the window as she pulls it over her head and down her perfectly formed body. If anyone were to see her they would know from her body posture that she is unbelievably pissed off and her face would displace her disappointment. It is then as she smoothes out her gown from last night's ball, she sees the other object of her disdain, Elena Gilbert, coming up the steps to the boarding house.

She turns with an unemotional smirk on her face to look at the open closet door and says in a rather dry accented voice, "The doppelganger is here, Damon!" Her senses so attuned to her environment, she can actually feel Damon stiffen at her words.

He chooses that moment to come out of the closet, fully dressed. His shirt is open to the button just above his navel. He is sporting his own signature; 'I don't give a fuck', smirk as he brushes by her and heads downstairs just as Elena shouts out, "Damon, I need to talk to you!"

Rebekah is watching Damon for any emotional response to Elena's presence and she sees the irritation pass over his features at her words. For some reason this alone pleases her. If one were to press her for why this should please her she would be hard pressed to answer truthfully because to be honest she is confused by her own response to his irritation. For a second their eyes meet and she could swear she see's regret in his eyes, but doesn't know who it is really aimed at; her or the doppelganger? Something for her to ponder when she gets home and has time to put some distance between herself and the older Salvatore.

While Damon may be trying to project this cool uncaring image of himself to the beautiful Original, he beginnings to feel a response towards her and the stirring of fresh emotions on top of Elena showing up after she told him last night that his, "Love for her was the problem." Is not only confusing it is pissing him off. So in a truly Damon moment he passes Rebekah to exit his room and says as he passes in a cold barely restrained voice, "You still here? I thought I told you it was time for you to go."

With not so much as a backward glance he leaves her standing in his room as he continues to walk down the hall towards the stairs, secretly steeling himself for his inevitable confrontation with, Elena. The only outward sign to his discomfort is the unconscious sharp inhale he takes as he reaches the bottom of the stairs and sees' her standing in the center of the room her arms crossed over her chest watching him coming towards her.

Rebekah herself feeling just a bit hurt blurs downstairs and heads for the door, reaching it she turns towards the two but her eyes focus only on Damon. Her eyes burn just a bit from a tear she refuses to let fall, her hatred for the doppelganger evident in her body language. Her thoughts and emotion in turmoil, something she doesn't understand but doesn't question she says to Damon, "I could stop by later if you like?"

"What makes you think you would be welcome," he asks in a teasing tone a small smile gracing his features as he continues, "But, if you would be welcome does 9:00 p.m. work for you?"

She refuses to dignify the question with an answer, her mind is already made up and god help her but she knows what she wants and she is going to get it. Pushing that last thought into the back of her mind for now she smiles sweetly and turns her own steely gaze to Elena and says instead, "Don't you think you have hurt him enough, Doppelganger? Cause him any more pain and I will rip your heart out!" Without another word she turns and walks out of the boarding house.

Once outside she leans heavily with her back to the door as a single tear makes its way down her cheek, taking a deep breath she blurs away to return home. To hide from the world if only for a little bit, she needs her brother; she needs Niklaus.


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Chapter 2

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