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Chapter 12

Let's Find Out What The Bitch Really Knows

Part 1 of 2

She was the first to awaken, with a smile on her face; she moved slowly down to the foot of the bed and watched him sleep. She was grinning like a giddy school girl as she watched him for any sign of waking. Seeing none she moved stealthily off the bed and made her way over to the window seat. Once there she sat comfortably, hugging her knees up to her chest and waited patiently for her lover to awaken.

He slept peacefully for about five more minutes, sensing her he imperceptibly cracked open his left eye and watched her. The movement was so minute if she had not been watching his handsome face she would have missed it. She waited for him to make his next move, much like a cat waits patiently for the mouse so she can pounce. With a mouse it is not so much the kill as it is the opportunity to play and this particular female wanted to play. Unknown to Damon she was on to him. She was just waiting to see what he was going to do.

With a deliberate teasing movement she moved her right hand up to her left breast; cupping it and feeling her nipple harden. Her mouth opened in a perfect 'O' as the softest of moans escaped her perfect lips. The game was on and she knew just how to play.

Anyone who met her since her return to Mystic Falls never would have guessed this gorgeous woman who came across as calculating and serious had a playful side. It was dying to come out. If you couldn't play with your lover than whom could you play with? That was a no brainer, she was going to play with Damon and make him pay in the most pleasurable ways for teasing her this morning without remorse. True he delivered and gave her one of the best orgasms of her life, but still he had to pay. She smiled at the thought and slid the fingers of her right hand down the center of her chest between her breasts being careful not to touch the sensitive skin between. It was killing her, but judging by the bulge beneath the sheet covering Damon's cock it was worth it. Her plan was working.

She slipped the fingertips downward across her flat stomach, teasing around her belly button ring, and then tugging it as she rolled it between her fingertips. Giving it a slight twist she moaned out at the small pain that was more pleasure then actual pain, before she allowed her fingertips to slide lower until they rested just above her clit. She was wet and knew he could smell her arousal.

It was killing him to lie quietly when all he wanted to do was bury his head between her thighs licking at her clit slowly before he would allow himself to slide his wet tongue along her wet slit. He wanted to taste her but he wanted to watch her at the same time. He chose to watch her, as he allowed his eyes to open and was rewarded with her own eyes filled with arousal boring deeply into his own. He inhaled sharply, gripping his rock hard cock in his right hand as his left caressed his balls and unconsciously licked his lips.

As she looked into his equally lust laden eyes, she began to slide the finger down, tapping her clit as a low throaty moan escaped her lips, she narrowed her eyes and then slowly slid the finger along her slit as if it was her lovers tongue.

She gasped as she allowed her fingertip to slide just inside her lips, "God, baby, I…am…so…fucking…wet," she moaned out the words and pushed her hips forward just enough to sink to the first knuckle,

He started to get up, seeing him move she said in a voice barely containing the fire that starting to blaze in belly as well as her mind, "I swear if you move, Damon…I…will stop. I want to watch you make yourself cc…cummm as you watch me," as she spoke to him she pushed the finger in as far as she could groaning in pure pleasure.

He was speechless at her words and did as she said, he stroked himself under the sheet, if she was going to call the shots then he could give as good as he got. Well for now he could. She wanted to watch him, fine but he was going to make her pay for it. He slid his thumb over the crown of his cock and swirled the precum gathering at the tip around the plump swollen head of his cock. His hips involuntarily shot forward as he threw back his head hissing out his pleasure. One word escaped his lips before he let the sheet fall just below his hips, "Bekaaaaaaaaaa."

Pumping the finger in and out of herself, she scrapped it along her 'G-Spot' and almost lost it as cum began to leak out around her finger and slide down her inner thighs.

Damon groaned at the sight of her, she was magnificent. He had never been this turned on by watching a woman bring herself off. Of course he had never played this particular game with her before now. He arched up into his hand as he pumped faster, breathing hard, and his eyes never left her fingers working her cunt.

She pressed hard against her g-spot, scraping it with one of her nails, her other hand coming up to tease and twist the nipple of her full right breast. Her breathe came out in pants as she started to see spots before her eyes. Her body started to shake as she wailed out her pleasure. Her hips leaving the bed as a second then third finger filled her. Forcing her orgasm back she squeezed her eyes shut, she kept repeating his name like a mantra.

Panting like she couldn't get enough breathe in her lungs to breath she bucked against her fingers and cried out for her mate. "Damon, please? I…I…want," she swallowed the rest of her words as she fought to hold back her impending orgasm. She was on the edge and her body was trembling with the need to release. Every sensation increased tenfold and she was sure she was going to combust.

He moved without even seeming to move at all and was suddenly behind her, propping her up, she was coated in perspiration and she was incoherent with need. If her heart worked like a humans it would have surely exploded by now. He knew she was going to explode and he was going to hold her as she did. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen her do.

"Tell me what you want baby girl," as he spoke to her lost to his own lust laden mind he caressed her magnificent breasts. They were perfectly formed, full, round, they stood up proudly and her nipples were as hard as diamonds.

She tried to answer him but the way he was tweaking her nipples had her muttering incoherently. She was lost in a sea of sensation.

Still he teased her as her fingers worked furiously in and out of herself. Releasing one breast he slid the hand down her tight stomach sliding two fingers into her. As she pulled out, he slid in; they kept it up for at least a minute before she exploded. Sounds came out of her mouth that made no sense, moans and gasps. Music to his ears, he was playing her perfectly. Her body flew apart and she screamed one final time before she was crying from the intensity of her orgasm. He held her shaking body, still his fingers pistoned in and out of her. Forcing her higher and higher still, she struggled to breathe and then went still beneath his fingers. She had passed out and her body was still shaking as she continued to cum. Her cunt clenched around his fingers and tiny sounds continued to escape her lips.

He slid down her body, licking and biting as he went. Reaching her soaking wet cunt he licked at her lapping up all her juices she tried to escape she was so over sensitized from her orgasm. Even in her unconscious state, she tried to move. He held her fast. She was his.

Slowly she came back to herself, still convulsing from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Little mews escaped her lips and then she begged him to stop.

"Too…too…sen…sensitive," she gasped out.

His answer was to slide his hard cock dripping from the head with precum into her in one stroke.

She screamed at the surprising intrusion, "Damon, oh my…god," without warning she jerked her hips hard just as he started to pull out, forcing him in deeper. "Please, please, please," she moaned out as she started to fuck into him hard. She needed to cum with him inside her. More than she needed blood she needed to cum with him.

His mouth locked down onto her neck just over her juggler vein and he bit down. Swallowing her blood was like nothing else he had ever tasted and the link they shared, this blood link that neither had ever shared with another flared into life and he filled her convulsing pussy with his seed. He jerked into her and whispered over and over again, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Holding her until they both stopped shaking he kissed at the fresh wound he had given her. Each kiss and lick of his tongue, threatened to send her once more into orbit. Finally he tilted her head and kissed her lips, tongues immediately seeking out their counterparts. He was in heaven.

She kissed him hard and felt him start to slide in and out of her once more. Taking matters into her own hands she shifted as she sucked at his lip and bit him, drawing blood, one lick, than another and finally a third was all it took before he tore his lips from her own and hissed out in pleasure pain.

Moving with vampiric speed she pulled away from him.

He hissed at the loss of her. Then she was on her knees before him and his cock was in her mouth. Sucking as her tongue swirled around the head of his cock. She sucked hard, as she tried to get the cum out of him. He tasted like both of them and she loved it. Her head bobbed up and down. Her hands behind her back in a submissive manner, he gripped the sides of her head and tried to guide him.

She scraped the length of his thick cock with her teeth and bit into the crown just as she release him from the hot confines of her mouth. Her eyes looked into his, a dangerous glint illuminating them from within as she spoke in a commanding loving tone, "Damon, if you move or try to touch me, I will stop."

He swallowed once and stared into her eyes. The sexual tension so great you could cut it with a knife. The air around them smelled of sex, musky rich pungent sex and it was fueling desire from both of them.

She knew who she belonged to, but she also knew who he belonged too. She was in charge for this round and he would obey her every command. "Mon, baby, do you understand me? Don't speak, just nod."

Swallowing thickly he quickly nodded, she had used the pet name, Mon and he was lost to her. He continued to nod.

Smiling she bent forward and licked around his wet cock. His precum and her juices combined to taste like ambrosia; she sucked at the head and slowly pushed her mouth down on his cock angling it just right so she could deep throat him. He almost came again right there on the spot as he felt the length of his cock bottom out in the back of her throat. She was his goddess in every sense of the word. She was his equal.

He resisted touching her for now afraid she would carry out her threat and stop. There would be time later for payback, for now he was more than willing to let her play her part. That was his last coherent thought as she started to work his cock like a concert violinist.

She sucked and slurped so hard each time she pulled back so his cock would slide from her mouth strings of saliva would trail off it. Damon was in sensation heaven. She started to use both her hands to stroke him. He was so lubricated with her saliva it felt like being inside her tight cunt. Then she shot her face forward and swallowed him, holding him inside her throat and struggling to get more of him inside her. Her own juices flooded out of her as she squirted just from sucking him off. She moaned around his cock, her body shaking from her orgasm, her clit throbbing and then she gagged as she pulled back. His cock made a plopping sound as his head cleared her still sucking lips.

His eyes bugged out of there socket's at the sensation. He was literally begging her to let him cum. He moved his hands to her face and she slapped them away. Gripping his cock in both hands, she felt him pulse, so she stroked harder and squeezed tighter so he couldn't cum.

"Bekah, please, please," He was screaming he needed to cum so badly, if she didn't let him cum soon he knew he would die a second time. He was in the ultimate pleasure/pain he had to cum so bad.

Still she wouldn't let him, looking up into his face flushed with the need, his eyes so black with desire, the veins beneath his eyes pure black, his fangs protruding as he bit into his lip causing it to bleed.

Showing him no mercy she leaned up and licked at his bloody lip and then kissed him. Her tongue dominating his, as she stroked him, twisting her hands in opposite directions on each stroke and causing him to cry out as his body thrashed like twenty thousand volts of electricity had gone through him. He had never had anyone control him like this, never and he loved every moment of it.

Breaking the kiss she licked down his bloody chin, along the center of his chest, down his stomach, along his hips biting hard enough to break the skin and lapping up the blood. She sucked at the skin and made her way down to his balls, sucking one into her mouth and licking at it, then the other one. All the while her hands stroked him hard. Then moving with only the speed a vampire could display she struck with precision, as her fangs penetrated the femoral artery in his left thigh and she drank deep from him. Again the blood connection they shared roared into life, each of them felt what the other felt as well as what they themselves felt as she drank deep, moaning deep in her throat at the taste as well as the sensations that threatened to overload her senses and she gripped his thigh just below where her fangs kept her connected to this man who owned her soul.

Breaking the grip her mouth and hands hand on him she crawled up his body and lined up the head of his cock perfectly with her soaking wet folds. Not giving him time to recover she slammed down on him. Forcing him up into her so hard the tip of his cock was against her cervix. His eyes rolled back at the same time hers did. He roared out her name and then shot his seed inside her. Simultaneously her body went rigid as her cunt gripped him hard. She came shouting his name. Her back ramrod straight, breasts jutting out from her chest, she milked him so hard she again blacked out and fell forward into his arms.

Holding her he continued to pump stream after stream of cum inside her. His eyes rolled up in his head as he too blacked out. Both gasping for breath, holding on to one another, until they both started to calm down and sleep over took them. Rebekah was spent and even in sleep her body could not get enough, she continued to jerk against him from time to time, her aftershocks caused him to thrust into her each time she clenched. Finally their bodies relaxed and they fell into a deep sleep, holding one another lovingly.

Four Hours Later:

Rebekah was the first to awaken; she quickly straddled him and started to plant kisses all over his face. He awoke to a mate who was trying to awaken him with wet kisses and he laughed, it tickled.

He moved to pin her down and she pushed him away after giving him one more loving slow kiss.

Pouting he looked at her questioningly.

"Damon we have something that needs to be taken care of," she said smiling at him.

He gave her his signature smirk in response.

She slapped at his chest playfully and pulled him up saying, "No not that silly, tempting though it is."

Looking at her incredulously he asked, "Beks what could be more important than that?"

Smiling at him and giving him a kiss she pulled back, cocked her head to the side slightly and said in a playfully deadly tone of voice that only she could pull off, "Let's find out what the bitch you have locked in the cellar really knows."

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Chapter 13

Let's Find Out What The Bitch Really Knows


Good Cop, Bad Cop

Part 2 of 2

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