It was another day, not unlike any other. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and of course, Johnny was out and about. He no longer needed to find victims to paint that blasted wall. However, it was a large part of his life, and he was becoming a little bit rusty, so why the hell not?

It was 3 something, most people are just getting out of school, which means lots of idiot teenagers running around wasting air. While walking down a shopping district, past the scumbag coffee houses and 'indie' shops, he noticed something odd. An empty crosswalk about to obtain a pedestrian.

This particular crosswalk was known for numerous deaths and 'accidents' because of the faulty cross walk sign.. and the asshat drivers who could care less of the safety of pedestrians. Today's unfortunate victim was a girl who looked to be about maybe 17 or so, about 5'2 and rather skinny. Dressed like some goth snob, but yet, sort of hunched over like she had a secret. She looked both ways before taking a step out onto the pavement, all was clear. When she made it halfway, a jerk off in a red convertible was seen in the distance coming at great speed. It was obvious the man had complete disregard for any innocent walkers, hit and run eminent, right? Even better was that the girl just stopped and stared like the obligatory deer on the highway.

As much as Johnny wanted to just watch this unfold, he suddenly felt this urge to.. actually save a life. Of course, not without the pre-banter of realizing the ridiculous stupidity taking place. "Why doesn't that idiot just move? There's a car coming straight for her, why is she just standing there.. She can't be serious.. oh my fucking god, she is."

Suddenly, almost automatically, Johnny practically lifted off the ground in a quick dash to push this poor moron out of the way. In almost a flash, he went from one side of the street to the other, arising from the ground tasting cement and dirt. The girl was in his arms, wide-eyed and shaky. The jerk off slowed down enough to yell expletives such as "Watch where yer goin' ya emo dooosh!" and sped off, possibly victimizing other street walkers.

He stood up, dusted himself off and propped the girl up like a mannequin. He felt a warm liquid running down his forehead, he then touched it to reveal that he was bleeding.

"Awesome. Just.. fucking.. awesome."

She examined his head wound, and pulled a large bandaid out of her bat backpack. "What the hell is wrong with you? Is your skull that horrendously thick that you can't think to move when a car is obviously coming your way?" He snatched the bandaid out of her hand and tried to apply it to the injury. Despite his rudeness, the doe-eyed girl assisted him in bandaging him up.

"Watch where you're fucking going next time. If a car is coming straight at you, do this." He then hopped a couple feet to the right of him, followed by the "See?" hand gesture. She nodded understandably. Shook his hand, bowed quickly and ran off into another direction. All this time without saying a word.

With that, Johnny suddenly lost interest in even trying today and went home.

The next day wasn't different the previous, sunny, singing birds and shit. Today was nothing more than a nice day for a stroll. For some reason we'll never know, he decided to try the shopping district again. This time, entering a coffee shop which the smell of yummy bagels permeated through the windows.

Imagine his surprise when he saw the girl working behind the counter. At first he thought about leaving, and then realized the possibility of a free bagel. He saved her life after all, right?

Before he made a move, the girl spotted him and frantically waved her arm, then signaled for him to go over to her area. When he got there, she lunged over the counter for an abrasive hug. An obvious thank you for the incident the previous day. Right when he was about to pry her off, she jumped off and scurried off, only to arrive back with a fresh bagel and plenty of cream cheese, then pulled out her wallet and put the amount worth the bagel in the register. All he could do was sit there open mouthed. Nevertheless, he did get his free bagel.

While enjoying his rewards, he made glances back at her, often returned with huge smiles and waving. When he left to return home, he wondered why even then, she hadn't made a sound.

So he continued to return to the coffee house, at first only once in a blue moon, until he started showing up at least every day. And every time was greeted with a hug and a free bagel. Half the times he came back was for the free bagel, the other half was because he wanted to see if she talked.. or if her vocal chords even worked. This continued for at least 3 weeks, racking up at least $40 worth of free bagels and cream cheese.

One day, he finally decided to pipe up and say something.

"Hey." She looked up, and waved her hand frantically. "Are you free tonight?" She blushed, and shifted her eyes. She then sort of opened her mouth as if to say something, then closed it. Still no sound. She nodded nervously. Thinking nothing of it, he took a scrap of paper from his pocket, grabbed the pen for receipt signers and scribbled an address.

"I'm going to assume that your shift ends at 6 or 7, right?" She again nodded, still nervous as to what he might say, although it's obvious.

"Meet me at this point at about 9 PM." and handed her the note, and walked out.

As he walked home, many thoughts pondered through his mind, like why is he acting so strange? Is he going through the same steps he did with Devi? Why doesn't she talk?

But then, his most important question.

"What the fuck am I gonna wear?