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"Maybe Chrysanthemum wrote it.." Johnny thought.

He started to put it away when he heard the rustling of bed sheets. He quickly shoved the book back on the shelf and turned around to see Pandora waking up. She slowly sat up, and grabbed the back of her head. As she cradled her head, she turned to find the strange angry man in her room. Instead of screaming, she quickly got under the blanket, as though he didn't just see her. Johnny heaved a heavy sigh, and walked over to the bed. With each footstep, he could see that she was curling up in a little ball underneath the blanket. What he didn't expect was for her to freak out and roll off the other side of the bed. With the loud thud, there followed a small cry and whimpering.

"Pandora, this is ridiculous. I'm not here to hurt you. Will you please get up?" Her whimpering stopped. He peered over the bed to see her still curled up. Frustrated, he crawled over the bed and ripped the blanket off her. Her head had a small cut and was bleeding. Not profusely, but she had a stream of blood running down from the top of her temple to the side of her cheek. She covered her face with her hands and continued to act childish. Johnny became fed up.

"Grr.. I've had enough of this bullshit!" He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her off the floor. Her eyes widened and she looked as if she was going to cry any second. His teeth clenched, and growling, he scared her to tears. She shut her eyes.


Before he could blink, he found himself flying out the window, and on the ground. He tried to get up, but glass was embedded in his back, and the pain made it difficult to move. He looked at the window, and saw that a dark red light was emitting from the room. The light flickered slowly, and somehow.. the glass repaired itself. A sound similar to someone exhaling permeated the air. The light flickered, and then it stopped. The curtains closed, and the light was gone.

He stood up, brushed the dirt off him and tried to pick off the glass. He was in incredible amounts of pain. He stared at the window for a few minutes, waiting for something, anything else to happen.

"What the flying fuck was that.. " He bit his lip in agony, and limped away from the house. Instead of going to his house, he decided to visit his favorite little neighbor boy. Todd, or as Johnny calls him, Squee.

Squee had spent some time in that weird mental hospital his parents tried to leave him in. However, they had sent him back to make room for other patients, much to his fathers dismay. He looked in his bedroom window to see Squee drawing in a notebook. He opened the window and poked his head in.

"Hey! Long time no see little buddy." Squee looked up and yipped. It was the creepy neighbor man.

"Listen, I don't mean to bug you this late at night, but can you help me out? I got these pieces of glass in my back and they hurt. Really bad."

Squee initially freaked out and back up against the wall.

"Eee.. you're not gonna kill me, are you?"

"Now why would I do that? You're my little buddy :D"

Squee shook and trembled, but he swallowed his fear and began to steadily dig out the glass fragments from Johnny's back.

"Heh, in case you're wondering, apparently glass breaks when you fly through it, and it can cut the human epidermis pretty bad. What I would give to have skin like a hippo right now. Heheh."

"Uhm.. Why were you trying to fly? People can't fly.. can they?"

"I've heard that some can but I've ye-OW!" Squee panicked.

"Wowzers. That sure hurt a lot.." His eye twitched, yet he still tried to smile. He looked very deranged.

After the glass was harvested from his skin, he thanked Squee for his assistance and quietly left. He resorted to hiding out in his house yet again.

"What in the ever loving fuck is going on? Now there's just some scary demon shit going and I can't make sense of any of it!" His eyes were bulging out of his skull and his fists were throbbing with anger. The confusion of it all was driving him up a wall. He started pacing back and forth, and eventually started spouting out gibberish and weird noises.

"Johnny, you're becoming unwound. Please calm down." Said Nail Bunny.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN?! MOI?! Hahaha, oh no. I have a whole new set of problems, my rotting pet. There I was, just watching her sleep, when she wakes up, and all this weird shit starts happening.

The next thing I know, I'm flung out the window like a chinese baby girl into a river. I knew she was hiding something! She's like an esper or something."

A few days had past, and he decided to head to the little cafe place to see if things had changed, but when he got there, it was closed. A sign on the door read 'Closed due to maintenance/renovations'

The windows were covered up by black construction paper and it looked like it had been done hastily. The door was locked, so he snuck around the back and broke the back door's handle with a rock.

Johnny was immediately greeted with an odd smell. It was like bittersweet smell but also had the hint of burnt candles. He walked into the main area and saw it was nearly obliterated. The tables were flipped over and broken, chairs were embedded into the wall, and the desserts were flung about the room like the aftermath of a food fight.

As he tried to move around, broken glass and porcelain from coffee cups crunched underneath his boots. He went towards the bathrooms and found that there was a light on in the women's. The inside was trashed. Toilet paper, magazines, soap, and broken off counter top fragments were tossed about. The sink was left running and it was overflowing. On the mirror, the words "YOU DON'T OWN ME" were etched in, possibly with a key.
He looked down into the sink and saw that there was a book submerged in the water. He fished it out and realized it was Pandora's diary. When opening it, Johnny discovered that the pages were dry as bone, as if a drop of water has never touched it. When he tried to skim through the pages for anything new, he heard clamor somewhere in the building.
He quickly stuffed the little book inside his backpack and ran off. Whether someone beside him was in there or not, he'll never know.