Anyway I was inspired to write this story after my friend approached me and asked if I still had my Yu-gi-oh cards and I said yes. Eventually we got to dueling each other like we did when we were kids and I won. Then I went back through all the anime of Yu-gi-oh I used to watch and was inspired to write this fic.

I don't own Yu-gi-oh or Naruto…

The duo of Jaden and Syrus were seated on the airplane as they talked to Bastion. Next to Bastion was another Slifer Red who sat in the seat with his legs propped up on the seat in front of him and his eyes closed.

He had long blonde hair with red highlights in its spikey tips (since every Yu-gi-oh main character has highlights and or multi-colored hair) that fell to the nape of his neck. On his face were three whisker marks on each cheek and his eyes were blue, but with slit like pupils. His jacket was unzipped with an up-turned collar and rolled up sleeves and under the jacket was a grey mesh t-shirt. His pants were all black and tucked into a pair of black boots at the calf. His pants were held up by a leather belt with a silver belt buckle which showed the head of a bird of prey. On his leg was a leather strap with a box attached to it, presumably for his deck.

His duel disk was the most interesting part of his attire. It was all black with a wing-like design for the slots. The first one was the longest came straight out at a 180 degree angle. The second was not as long and followed a different path than the first; it was positioned at a 35 degree angle. The third went straight up at a 45 degree angle, but was shorter than the previous two. The fourth was shorter than the other three and came out at a 55 degree angle. The last one was the shortest out of all of them and shot out of the disk at a 65 degree angle.

"Hey dude, sick duel sick," Jaden said to his fellow Slifer Red.

The blonde smiled. "Yeah I made it myself. It supposed to look like a wing, but it really doesn't. I need to change the angles a bit more," he mused to himself although it was audible to the others.

Syrus looked in awe. "You made that thing? It looks dangerous…"

The blonde only shrugged, "You could say that. It supposed to represent the kind of monsters I use in battle. Anyway, my name is N Uzumaki, next King of Games!"

"No way that is totally my title!" Jaden shouted indignantly at the idea that some else had that aspiration.

This invoked N's inner fire, "Heh you're going to have to fight me for it and I won't lose. Believe it!"

The two glared at each other before breaking out into laughter. This caused Bastion and Syrus to sweatdrop at the antics of the two Slifer students.

When they stopped laughing N turned to the brunette, "So... like what's your name?"

"I'm Jaden Yuki and the little guy next to me is Syrus Truesdale. The dark haired Brit is Bastion Misawa," Jaden said and pointed to each one of his companions as he said their names.

"I remember you!" Bastion almost shouted as he pointed at the blonde, "You're the one who defeated that teacher without losing a single life point!"

The blonde gave a feral grin to the group and started to laugh, "That guy was a teacher? Maybe I shouldn't be going here if that guy was a part of their staff. He wasn't even a challenge."

"But why are you in Slifer Red? It's the lowest of all the dorms…"

"That's most likely due to the fact that I didn't fill out a single answer during the written portion of the exam."

All three screamed together a collective "WHAT!"

The blonde chuckled to himself, "I was never good with written exam so why even try?"

Everyone but Jaden sweat dropped at his response. Jaden looked extremely happy, "You are me are going to be great friends!"

The blonde adopted a look of thought then grinned and gave thumbs up in a "nice guy" pose.

The group got off at the landing pad on the docks and had to split up because they were in different dorms. The group, now minus Bastion who had gone off to the Ra Yellow Dorm, went to the north from the docks. On the way there they talked about their decks and what kind of cards they play with.

"I use my Elemental Heroes like in the match against that weird looking professor."

Syrus looked at the two and sighed, "I play with my vehicroids."

N smirked and showed them his top card which happened to have a white rim around it. "Meet the birds of the night, the Blackwings."

The other two Reds were shocked. They had heard of the Blackwing cards before, everyone had. They were made by Pegasus in correlation with the Crystal Beast cards after being found in the ruins of a North American Indian Tribe. The major difference between the two cards is that the Blackwings were a complete set while the Crystal Beasts were not.

"Whoa, how did you get those cards?" Jaden asked admiring the card that Naruto held in his hands.

"Well, you see I'm an orphan who lived on my own and one day I was walking through the streets when I helped a man who fell. It turns out that it was Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, from Industrial Illusions, even though I didn't know that then. We started to talk and he showed me several decks and said I could have one for helping him. He told me that the cards would choose the duelist and I felt a bond with the Blackwings and took the deck. He congratulated me on choosing the first in the Synchro monster series."

Syrus was entranced by the story of the blonde duelist, "Then what happened?"

"Well since I was an orphan I needed money badly. I decided to use my deck to make money in the underground. You see they play pretty rough down there. You place bets on who is going to win, but to make it more interesting they attach these electrodes to your body so that when your life points fall your nervous system takes real damage. Eventually, after two years or so of underground dueling I saved up enough money to come here."

Jaden and Syrus could only think one thing, 'Hardcore…'

After a moment of awkward silence the group approached a rundown building. Syrus kept exclaiming about how dirty the place looked so Naruto told him to try living on the streets. A statement that promptly made him be quiet.

As they entered the small building, N and Jaden noticed a familiar smell and bolted into the building. "Food!" they exclaimed together as they both quickly sat down and began downing sushi and ramen respectively. Syrus sweat dropped, 'It's like watching twins…'

Their party was interrupted by a tall man with dark hair. He wore white cloths and had a large cat in his arms. "Hello everyone, my name is Professor Banner. I am the Alchemy teacher here and also the supervisor of the Red Dorm and this here is Pharaoh." His statement ended with him holding up the large beast for everyone to see. "You are most likely hungry, so eat and enjoy. However you are free to wander the school afterwards."

N and Jaden had eaten several helpings before getting up from their seats. They turned to each other with a devilish smile and ran out the door while a certain bluenette ran behind them asking them to slow down.

They ran through the woods of the island at fairly high speeds. Eventually the ran up to a yellow building, N surmised that it was the Yellow Dorm.

They soon came to a massive building that could only be described as a castle. It was painted two different shades of blue, one a light the other a dark.

"OI! You can't be here slacker!" the bi-colored hair duo turned to see three people wearing blue jackets approaching them. One had dark hair and a permanent scowl present on his face. N grimaced at the arrogance of the dark-haired Obelisk; he clearly didn't get a good impression from him.

The smirking Obelisk glared at Jaden and N, "This is the Obelisk Blue dorm. It's only for the elites and those jackets don't belong to elites. So leave slackers."

'Everywhere I go I never get respected. It's always brat, loser, and slacker. My life sucks…' N thought as he looked into the sky after taking the insult from the Obelisk, 'Well no more! It's time I got respected as a duelist on this island!'

His inner flames ignited as his vision turned from the sky to the trio of blues. "I you want me to leave, then prove yourself worthy of your jacket and face me in a duel."

The dark-haired boy with glasses standing to the left of the arrogant one gave them the most stereotypical fan-boy answer, "You better watch your words or Chazz will beat you."

N gave a feral grin, "I won't lose to trash."

"You wanna duel, blondie?" said Chazz who had become irritated with the taunts of the blonde.

"Give me a time and place. I'll be there and kick that stick outta your ass!" N shouted at the boy now known as Chazz.

"Hey wait up here! I wanna duel someone!" Jaden shouted in an irritated fashion seeing his new friend line up a sick duel.

Chazz turned to the other Slifer with a dark scowl, "Shut up slacker you aren't worth my time! I should beat you to redeem Crowler's reputation. That's all!" he turned to N and said, "Meet me at the lake shore at midnight."

"Hey man you are really lucky. You haven't even been here a day and you already got yourself a sweet duel against that Chazz guy," Jaden said to the blonde.

N grinned, "Yeah as much as he seems like an ass. There's nothing I love more than a good duel."

They then began to walk back to the Red Dorm with nothing left to do. On the road they ran into a panting Syrus. "What happened to you guys I was following you and…"

"Got into a fight with some arrogant blues, nothing big. You?" N asked the smaller blue haired boy.

"WHAAAA" Syrus screamed. Jaden and N looked at each other and sweat dropped at his rather stereotypic 'fan-boy' response.

"Chill Sy, I mean it's not like we got kicked out or anything," Jaden responded with a chilled response to the situation.

N grinned, "You better get used to it. I was born to make hell on earth."

"So N are you really going to duel that blue? 'Cause if not I really want to face him," Jaden asked the blonde as they walked back to the Red Dorm, much to Syrus' glee.

"Yeah, I want to teach him a lesson about underestimating people. So at midnight I'm going to head out there and beat him senseless. You should come though Jaden."

Jaden grinned, "You think I would miss out on a sweet duel between you and that Chazz guy? Not a chance! I've never seen your Blackwings and I really want too."

N grinned as they walked into their room. They were in Room 206 of the Slifer Red Dorm. Syrus was in Room 202 with some guy named Chumley who looked a lot like a koala.

N put his bag down. It was filled with everything he owned and since he didn't own much it was pretty light. It had his spare 'street clothes' in case they ever let him change out of the Academy uniform, his spare cards, frog wallet which held all of his money, and his smart phone. He always carried his phone with him to set up matches in the underground, but he didn't need that now. He wanted to put those days behind him. Now through Duel Academy he could be a pro and not some skilled duelist with a sadistic streak for causing pain.

Jaden set his items up, which like N wasn't much. He figured he didn't need that much here. He thought of his home and his new life at Duel Academy. This was the place for him. He had already met some great people and he couldn't wait for the duels to start rolling in.

He was awakened from his musings by N. "Hey it's almost time for the duel. If you want to come, we should leave now." Jaden nodded and they headed out the door and into the wilds of the Academy.

They reached the lake ten minutes after midnight because N said that no matter what happened he would always be late.

"Well look here, I thought you were going to back out loser. Looks like I was wrong about your intelligence after all," Chazz's jeers held no weight with N. He was used to much worse in the underground. This was nothing but cheap talk to him.

N was ready. While he was normally a loud and rash person he dueled for it was a matter of life and death in the matches he was used to. His face turned serious and his grin fell. The slots on his duel disk shot out making it appear as if a wing was snapped open in the wind. "Shut up and duel me."

Their disks registered that they both had 4000 life points and they drew five cards. "I'll go first." Chazz drew again and took a card from his hand and placed in on the slot. "I summon my Reborn Zombie in defense mode."

A red skeletal like creature with its arms crossed over its chest appeared on the field. The numbers 1000 and 1600 flashed for attack and defense respectively.

He placed tow cards face down on the field and ended his turn.

N drew his card. "I summon my Blackwing- Shura the Blue Flame in attack mode," a bipedal bird creature with two arms appeared on N's field it had 1800 attack points and 1200 defense points. "I'm not done yet though. Since I have a Blackwing monster on my side of the field, I can special summon Black- Bora the Spear in attack mode." Another bird like monster appeared to N's aid. Bora had a large drill-like spear in its hand and an eagle headdress.

"Bora attack his Reborn Zombie." The monster flew forward and stabbed the zombie which dealt 100 (4000-100= 3900) points of damage to Chazz.

"How? My monster was in defense mode. You shouldn't be able to damage me."

N smirked, "It's Bora's effect. When he attacks a monster in defense the difference between that monsters defense point and his attacks points are dealt to you as damage. Now Shura, attack him directly!" The blue and black creature flew over the field and hit Chazz with an attack, dropping his life points down to 2100 (3900-1800= 2100).

Chazz drew another turn as N's turn ended. He was pissed that some upstart slacker was beating him. "I summon my Chthonian Soldier in defense mode. I then activate my Infernal Reckless Summon Spell Card. This allows me to pull every Chthonian Soldier from my deck to my field." The three monsters appeared on his field in defense mode. "I play one more card in defense mode and end my turn."

N drew another card from his deck. "I summon Blackwing – Elphin the Raven by activating its effect. Since I have a Blackwing monster on the field, I can normal Summon him without tributing and I activate its effect to change the position of one of your soldiers. Now then I think I will activate the Spell Card Black Whirlwind. This allows me to add one Blackwing monster with less attack than the monster I just summoned. I choose the Tuner monster, Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North."

'What the hell is a tuner monster? I've never heard of that?'

"Anyway Bora attack his Chthonian Soldier-" N's command was cut off as Chazz activated his face-down trap card.

"Negate Attack stops your battle phase."

N frowned. "Fine. I place one card face down and end my turn."

Chazz drew another card. "I play the spell card Chthonian Alliance. This card allows me to power up one of my monsters by 800 points for each card with the same name as it on the field. I choose my Chthonian Soldier." The monster's attack went from 1200 to 2800 as it became enveloped in a black cloak. "Now attack his Blackwing – Bora the Spear." The monster rushed with its axe at the Blackwing and destroyed it. N's life points dropped to 2900 (4000 – (2800-1700) 1100 = 2900).

N then drew his card from his deck. "This is the Beginning of the End, Chazz. I summon the card I drew last turn, Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North. Now behold the future of Duel Monsters, I Synchro Summon Blackwing- Armed Wing with Blizzard the Far North and Shura the Blue Flame." The two monsters disappeared only for them to merge together and create a larger monster. It had a bird-like headdress on like the other Blackwings and it held an edged weapon in its hands the numbers 2300 and 1000 were present for its attack and defense points. "Now Armed Wing attack his Chthonian Soldier in Defense Mode."

The monster fired its weapon at the soldier which caused it to explode. Chazz's life points fell again (2100 – (2800-1400) 1400= 700). "You see Chazz, my Armed Wing has two effects. They both activate whenever he attacks a defense position monster. He gains 500 attack points and deals the difference in points to the user of the card as damage."

"My Chthonian Soldier also has an effect. You take the same damage I did." Chazz was furious on the inside, his monster had been destroyed which weakened his Soldier that was equipped with Chthonian Alliance. (2900-1400= 1500).

Now my Elphin the Raven will attack your Chthonian Soldier, the one not equipped with Chthonian Alliance (it's also the one that Elphin used its effect on if you are wondering why it's in attack mode). The black raven like monster sped forward and destroyed the soldier (2200-1200=1000). Chazz's life points fell for the final time (700-1000= well 0 since it doesn't go any lower). The match was over.

The reds bumped fists and walked back to their dorms leaving an emotionally broken Obelisk blue with his two fan boys attempting to make him feel better.