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Naruto was seated in a comfortable chair as his fingers tapped against the fine wood of the table nervously. If one were to ask why, they would only have to look at the whiskered blonde's face and then at his company. He was currently on the much anticipated date with Reggie.

She was wearing a fine black dress with a very low cut. Not that Naruto noticed his attention was firmly placed between her breasts and because of this there wasn't much talking going on between the two.

Reggie was kind of fine with that herself. Being put on the fast track to professional dueling made her miss out on a lot of things and even more insecure about others, dating and her body where two of those things respectively. She did, however, have a job to do, "So Naruto?"

It took a few moments before his head raised itself from its downward facing position. "..Huh?"

She almost laughed this was just too much fun for her. Oh how she wished that snide bastard David was here so she could rip into him about how some people thought she was attractive. "What do you want to order?"

"Ramen." The answer was instantaneous. There was no hesitation when it came for Naruto to decide what to eat. His diet consisted of Ramen noodles, the broth inside of Ramen, water, and a variety of soft drinks such as Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. Many would consider this unhealthy choice, but to him it was a lifestyle not a choice. "And you?"

"I haven't decided yet; maybe some sushi."

There it was again, that awkward silence. Naruto had no idea if everyone's dates were like this or maybe he just sucked. That left him with two options; he could talk to her again or go back to staring at her cleavage. 'This is such an unbelievably hard choice!'

"Where did you learn to duel, Reggie?"

"Well I picked it up when I was a kid. My brother had cards lying around from when he was younger, but he was never any good. One day I picked them up and brought them to school so I could play with all the other kids who had duel monsters, but it was never any fun. I always won. Eventually some more well-known players in America caught wind of a 'prodigy' and came to see me. They didn't amount to much of a challenge for me though; in fact before my loss to you I don't think I have ever lost a duel."

Wow, she was a prodigy. That was all Naruto was really able to glean from her story. He hadn't met a lot of people who were considered to be prodigies apart from Zane and maybe Bastion. He wouldn't even call his own skill at the game to be prodigious; it was more reflexive. He didn't have any set moves or strategies he just played as he went along.

He smiled at the pale blonde in front of him, "That's really impressive. I don't think I know anyone personally I could call a prodigy." Naruto's eyes closed and his smile turned into a wide grin. "I'm really glad I got to meet you, Reggie."

Luckily for the aforementioned American girl, Naruto's eyes were closed and could not see the blush stain her cheeks. She didn't even know why. It wasn't like that statement was anything special- she actually thought it was pretty corny- and it wasn't like she was unfamiliar with high praise from other duelist, but his stupid smile and sentiment made her feel all hot.

"Hey are you sick? You look like you might have a fever." Naruto's blue eyes were painted with worry as his head was tilted to the side.

"I'm fine just a little hungry." Ah thank god he was dumb otherwise this may have been really awkward for her.

Naruto nodded, "It is taking a long time for it to get here." He held out his hand to her, "Want to come with me and see if there is a problem?"

There it was again. He wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, but she kept on getting all flustered around this guy. 'What the hell is happening to me?' she thought as she smiled back, albeit weakly as her brain was a little overwhelmed right now, and took his hand. Damn this boy and damn this mission! It's like she was turning into a totally different person. She didn't want that did she?


Chancellor Sheppard was staring rather blankly at his computer monitor. Upon it were the profiles of three of the Academy's top rookies. The issue: only two of them were eligible to duel against the North Academy students. Apparently they had gotten quite a lot of good talent this year and wanted to have two rookies fight it out for the annual duel between the schools .That was fine with the Duel Academy chancellor as he too had a lot of talent this year.

But the question still remained who, out of Naruto Uzumaki, Bastion Misawa, and Jaden Yuki, would best represent them and bring them a victory?

Naruto was a very skilled duelist as he was able to work his opponents into bad situations and himself out of them depending on the scenario. Jaden was a duelist who tackled problems by believing in himself and his abilities. Bastion could be considered the smartest man on their island as his analytical skills were top notch.

There was almost no reason to pick one over the other. Their styles could all match up together rather nicely and they all got along rather well too so there were no reasons to leave one behind due to incompatibility between their personalities.

Then it struck him, a three-way duel. That could work.

He hit the small button on his desk next to him, "Miss Asama, could you please make an announcement to bring Jaden Yuki, Bastion Misawa, and Naruto Uzumaki to my office please? I have something to tell them."

It didn't take long for the three of them to enter his spacious office. Jaden came first, practically running through the door, followed by an exasperated Bastion clearly trying to keep up with his fellow student from the Slifer dorm. Naruto was the last to come with his hands tucked firmly into his pockets and his Obelisk Blue uniform untucked and unzipped as usual.

"As you may know," Sheppard decided to start out with a powerful presenting posture to those standing before him, "our school is going to participate in the annual Academy duel with North Academy very soon and this year they have offered a two-on-two match. I have agreed and since only rookie duelists can participate I have selected you three to be the candidates."

"If we need two, then why are there three of us here?" Naruto asked as he pulled his hands from his pockets and gestured to the others beside him, "Do we get a substitute or something?"

The chancellor nodded his head as a negative, "No. Since I have been unable to decide which two of you should participate I thought a demonstration of your skills be necessary not only for the students but for each other."

"What do you mean by demonstration? I'm still lost. Do you want us to have a two-on-two match against other people in the school?" This time the question was Jaden's.

Bastion leveled his eyes to the ground in understanding, "You want the three of us to fight each other, correct, in a three-way duel and the first person whose life points drop to zero would be the one who wouldn't be on the team for the battle with North Academy?"

"Very good Bastion, those were my exact thoughts." He turned to the other two students in the room, "You understand don't you? You must battle for positions on the team however don't fall into the idea that you have to win by bringing both of your opponents down to zero. Instead, you must bring one of your opponent's life points to zero while not letting your own fall. It's more of a survival match than a duel since the object isn't to be the last man standing, but instead to hold out before one of the others fall."

He smiled at them before giving a hearty laugh, "I guess I will see you boys at noon tomorrow. Don't be late."

'Survival huh? I like how this sounds,' Naruto thought to himself before walking out of the office. Shooting one last look at his opponents for tomorrow he wondered who would cave first.


Naruto sat in his room with Gaara. "Do you think you can win this?"

Gaara's question was simple. Naruto turned to look from his bed to his red-haired friend seated at his room's table. "Yes. Honestly out of the three of us I think it's going to be Jaden who won't make it. The way I see it he won't be able to switch gears to save himself and attack two opponents."

"You have a plan?" the surprise was almost evident in Gaara's voice and if he were to be honest it really pissed him off that Gaara thought so little of his mental capacities.

"My general plan when dueling is to hit hard and fast so I win the duel before my opponent can start his strategies. I do this by flooding the field with my monsters. This strategy isn't as easy to use in this kind of duel, but the principle is the same. If I flood the field first then I can use my monsters both as a shield to defend my life points and a spear to attack one opponent because the way I see it if I do enough damage to one of them then the other will vulture of the weaker one's remaining life even if I don't get them in one shot."

Gaara nodded. It was a very sound plan, but it had one potential flaw, "What if you end up being the one with the lowest points?

"That I don't know, Gaara. We'll have to see and hope that doesn't happen because if it does and they both attack me together I'm sure I'll lose. I'm not good enough to handle both of them together."

"There is also the chance of one of them taking complete control of the match. If that were to happen, who do you think they would choose?". Naruto's main strategy was heavily focused on getting out his monsters through special summoning and Jaden's playing style was very similar with his fusion summoning. Someone smart like Bastion had probably noticed this and was sure to include something to stop special summoning. "If Jaden makes it to the point where he is in complete control he will hit both of you as equally as he can so that we could decide the winner between yourselves and I feel as if Bastion would finish off whoever's life points are lower."

Naruto grinned, "See? This is why I needed you around; you're like my war-time consigliere."


Jaden looked at the cards on the floor of his room with Chumley and Syrus behind him.

"I'm so psyched for this duel tomorrow!" Jaden's exuberance was uncontainable as he seemed to bounce up and down. All night he had been talking about what cards to put into his deck only to claim that they wouldn't work against someone like Bastion or Naruto. Then he would claim how happy he was to duel against the two strongest out of their class.

No one had seen him this happy since he went up against Zane and if trends were to continue he would lose to these two just like he lost to Zane.

"Do you have any real plan for tomorrow?" Chumley said between his mouthfuls of food, "I mean both of these guys are pretty good right?"

Jaden snorted as he jumped into a standing position, "I've beaten Naruto almost as many times as he has beaten me and I've seen Bastion duel twice but each time he used a different deck. So I have no idea what to do about Bastion and I don't have cards that stop Synchro cards like Naruto uses. Even if I did I wouldn't use them 'cause where would all the fun of dueling go?"

"You should take this more seriously Jaden. If you lose you will have to watch with the rest of us as Naruto and Bastion duel against the North Academy rookies and I won't hear any of your pouting!"

"Come on Syrus! How often does anybody get to have a three way fight between the best of the best here? I can totally do this as long as I stay pumped."

The blue-haired boy looked down. He wasn't really sure if Jaden could win. He knew that Jaden was really good, much better than most of the blues- the elite- of the school were, but he still felt that he wouldn't be able to take on Naruto and Bastion in this kind of battle. Frankly he wasn't sure if he could take on Naruto and win more than he would lose if they were to battle more than once.

"Jaden," he looked into the eyes of the student here he came to idolize, "promise me that no matter what you will win. Okay?" Syrus didn't know why but there was a small amount of tears in his eyes as his watched Jaden laugh and agree.


Bastion was locked in a dark room surrounded by thousands of equations. He would win. He had watched Naruto and Jaden duel several times each and they had only seen two of his decks one time each.

Even then, his normal elemental themed decks wouldn't do here, not against skilled opponents like Jaden or Naruto. No he would build a new deck. The ultimate deck designed to stop all the algorithms that Naruto or Jaden could employ.

Stop. That one word was going to be the basis of this deck. Jaden's deck relied on his fusion summoning his stronger Elemental Heroes to win the battle and Naruto's strategy was built upon flooding the field and then, if he needed, Synchro summoning those monsters into a much stronger monster with crippling effects.

He needed cards that would stop all of that special summoning and high level monsters. Wait! Cards like that were weak on their own as they could be destroyed through spell cards like mystical Space Typhoon and Dust Tornado. He needed more back-up for them. He needed cards to stop their destruction.

He would have to calculate ever algorithm and potential threat anyone could throw at him not just Naruto and Jaden because they too could change their decks. However, no amount of changing when it came to their decks would be able to defend them from their profiles. He had extensive knowledge on how they thought and no matter what they could not escape their psyche.

It would be elementary for him to calculate every single variable and develop a counter strategy to neutralize every threat their infantile minds could conjure up. He would need every minute of this night though. There was too much on the line if he lost because he didn't think of an option available to them.

The deck would consist of cards designed to completely whittle down and run his opponents out of options. The ultimate walling defense strategy and with it neither Jaden nor Naruto would stand much of a chance.

"I will not lose to either of you. I know that I can beat both of you at once if I am given all of the options. I just need to think."


The noise of the crowd perforated the stadium and into the campus of the building. They were allowed to be noisy though. Not only was it a big event, the duel to decide who would battle it out against North Academy, but it had three competitors which had never happened before. As a bonus all three of the competitors had come from different dorms so the Ra Yellows as well as the Slifer Reds were extremely excited seeing as they had never before had representation.

The three competitors stood on the modified duel field without making a noise. Naruto was grinning and looking at the crowd clearly pleased with the turnout as well as being placed at the focus of said turnout. Jaden was a bundle of energy as he looked between Naruto and then to Bastion while his almost manic-looking smile seemed to grow larger each time. Bastion was shuffling through his deck only to, every once in a while, writing something down with his pencil in a notebook.

Alexis was seated next to Zane who was quiet as he observed the contestants. "Who do you think will win, Zane?" the dark-haired young man remained reticent as he continued to observe those on the center stage.

Gaara broke his taciturn silence as he spoke to Alexis from his seat a row above them, "Naruto won't lose. We spent almost all of last night going over strategy and as we all know he lacks strategy going in to his matches and develops it as he goes. While this makes him unpredictable as he has no set strategy we came up with a one just this once since the rules are different."

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" the crowd began to quiet as their eyes fell upon the rather hefty man in a maroon coat with a microphone, "We have gathered here to watch these champions of their dorms compete for a title given to one every year. This year things will be different; two will have Duel Academy's highest honor and face our hated rivals North Academy."

"Since Jaden entered my office first when I summoned them," the chancellor's attempt at humor drew nothing but chirps from crickets and sweatdrops from the crowd, "he will go first. Bastion arrived second so he will go second. Naruto came last and so he will play his hand after the others have made their moves but to stop unfair attacks until each of them have had their first attacks no one may attack another."

"All right!" Jaden's cheer was echoed by the Slifer Red class, "I draw and summon my Wroughtweiler in defense mode." The small grey colored robotic dog crouched before its master. "Then I play one face down card."

It was Bastion's turn and the Ra Yellow couldn't be happier, "You fell right into my plan Jaden! You see I was hoping for you to start out in the defensive as it only allows me to prosper. I start out by activating Black Illusion Ritual with the Horus the Black Flame Dragon LVL 4 from my hand. This allows me to bring Relinquished to the field."

"Oh God, that's Pegasus' main card how the hell did Bastion get his hands on one?" Naruto said aloud.

"I equip your Wroughtweiler to my Relinquished." Despite Jaden's shout of, 'Hey!', when he saw his monster being stolen from his field, the small grey dog appeared in the mirror stomach of Relinquished. "I know all about your plan to have one of us destroy your monster so that you can gain access to one of you Elemental Heroes and a Polymerization, but with it attached to my Relinquished it is all for not. Not to mention the stat boosts."

Bastion was right indeed. His monster had adopted the 800 attack points of Wroughtweiler. He waved his hand after playing two face downs to signify the end of his turn.

'This is bad. Even if I try to destroy that thing I won't do any damage because it will only be bounced back at me not to mention the fact that it won't even be destroyed. Dammit Bastion you just made Jaden my only target. Was that your plan?'

"I start out by special summoning Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn with his effect!" the five starred bird fluttered to Naruto's field sporting its 2000 attack points proudly.

Zane's eyes widened in the stands, "That effect is the same as my Cyber Dragon's!" only Sirocco was a little bit less impressive in terms of stats, but certainly made up for it with its special ability.

Naruto wasn't done just yet, "Since that was just a special summon I can normal summon Blackwing Shura the Blue Flame in attack mode. I finish with two cards face down ending my turn."

"You see, Alexis, Zane? This is what Naruto and I worked on, a strategy to ensure his ability to stay in this match; the ultimate shield and sword through flooding the field with monsters." Gaara said. Alexis noted the devotion in his voice. It wasn't just a friend bragging about someone he knew he truly believed with all his heart that Naruto could win this duel.

Jaden knew that he was in serious trouble. He would be the first person to get the attack, but right now he had no monsters to attack or sacrifice. 'It all comes down to this draw'. His hand touched his deck and he closed his eyes. His hand slid to reveal the card E-Emergency Call. He smirked; just what he needed.

"First of I activate the spell card E- Emergency Call to bring Elemental Hero Sparkman from my deck to my hand and with that I can fuse him with my Elemental Hero Wingman and Elemental Hero Bubbleman to make Elemental Hero Tempest."

"I activate the quick play trap card The Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell! So I discard the spell card Premature Burial so that I can destroy your Polymerization."

Naruto blinked, 'Premature Burial is probably one of his best cards and even better if Relinquished were to be destroyed. Would it be worth it to stop this one fusion?'

"Oh no," Zane started, "He can beat Jaden now. That card's effect prevents all spell cards by the same name from being used for the rest of the duel. Jaden cannot use his fusions."

Various cheers rose up from the crowd. Boos from the Reds and cheers from the Yellows and Blues since Bastion had all but assured their dorm mates victory over the Slifer Red.

Jaden was shocked. He couldn't… fuse. That really stopped his momentum and to make matters worse Bastion's monster still had his; right now his back was to the wall. "I summon Elemental Hero Sparkman in attack mode! Attack Relinquished!" (1600-800=800 /4000-800=3200)

Jaden watched with now small amount of happiness as he watched Bastion cringe with the loss of his life points only to feel that familiar tingle as well. "What my life points… They fell?" His eyes went to Bastion as if demanding an answer from the Englishman.

"That's what happens when someone attack Relinquished. The equipped monster is destroyed instead and both players suffer the damage, Jaden. Your attack hurts both of us." Bastion really had the Elemental duelist in a bind by stopping his fusion and dealing direct damage from a monster that can steal other's monsters as well as being almost invincible.

"I draw!" Bastion's fire was not dying down as he continued to steamroll the competition, "I play the spell card Fiend's Sanctuary to get the Metal Fiend token in defense mode. Then I activate this," the second face down Bastion played in the first turns activates to reveal Cost Down, "by using Cost Down I am able to discard one card from my hand and lower the level of one of my monsters in my hand. I choose Jinzo."

"I summon Jinzo to the field." Bastion noted both Naruto and Jaden look at their face down cards. They were both traps how helpful. "I also use the effect of Relinquished to take Naruto's Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn."


"Now Jinzo attack Shura!" Naruto flinched as his life points went from 4000 to 3400 (2400-1800=600). "Relinquished destroy Jaden's Sparkman (2000-1600=400 /3200-400=2800)!"

Naruto drew. He was beyond pissed at this point. Bastion had been playing them this whole time; he knew how to handle all of their weaknesses. Screw strategy he was gonna hit that British bastard right in the life points.

"I play the spell card Monster Reborn in order to revive Shura the Blue Flame in attack mode. I discard Kalut the Moon Shadow from my hand to increase his attack by 1400 points for this turn. Now Shura the Blue Flame attack Jinzo ((1800+1400=3200)-2400=800/ 3200-800=2400) and you have to know about his special ability right Bastion? It allows me to special summon one Blackwing with less than 1500 attack like the tuner monster Breeze the Zephyr. Now I can Synchro Summon, through the set trap card Battle Tuning, the Blackwing Armor Master in attack mode. Blackwing Armor Master attack Relinquished!"

"That will do you little good, Naruto. You know that you will only take battle damage." Bastion's retort was clearly built upon a forgetful nature of his monster's effects.

"Once again you are forgetting about Armor Master's abilities. He doesn't take any battle damage when he battles." It was his only defense against Relinquished. He had seen the monster tons of times when he was just messing around with Pegasus when he was younger. He knew that Armor Master was the only true way to counter the thing. Even if it didn't destroy it; Armor Master always left a nasty surprise from when it battles. (2500-1800=700/ 2800-700=2100)

'Good as long as I control at least one Blackwing like Armor Master I can keep using Delta Crow Anti-Reverse. That will keep me in the running for sure.'

"I got to admit Bastion it was a really nice try to keep me from bringing out my fusions with your trap card but it only stops cards with the name Polymerization right? Sadly for you I have a spell card with the same ability but a different name. Now watch closely guys."

"I start with the spell card Lightning Vortex on Bastion's monsters so by discarding one card to the grave-"

Bastion was a little bit faster, "I play my other trap card. Go Dust Tornado!"

Dust tornado was able to successfully stop the effects of Lightning Vortex from destroying his monsters, but Jaden predicted that. He actually needed the card he put in the graveyard from Lightning Vortex's effect. "Now I can activate Miracle Fusion. This allows me to fuse to monsters, which are Elemental Heroes, and are in the graveyard. Take my Sparkman and Clayman for instance; I can now make Elemental Hero Thunder Giant."

Jaden grinned as he got his second chance. It was all over for Bastion. "I start out by activating Giant's effect. Once per turn, I can destroy one monster by discarding one card. I choose your token." A flash was all that was necessary for the metal doll to disappear from the field. Fear was written in Bastion eyes; he knew that he was finished. Without Jinzo and with Relinquished hit with the Blackwing Armor Master's token, he had no way to defend against this last attack.

"Go Thunder Giant!" (2400-2100=0) No one heard the attack. The crowd was howling with excitement as the lightning bolts fell upon the best of the Ra Yellows. Bastion's knees gave out in disappointment and shock while Naruto ran to the crowd and Jaden stated jumping around. It was over.

"That is it! Jaden finishes Bastion off after being set up by Naruto's Blackwing Armor Master! We couldn't ask for a better team; something we hope to see repeated in the following week's duel against North Academy!" The amplified voice of the chancellor agreed with the thoughts of many in the room. Naruto and Jaden deserved to win since they won together. Something a real team would need against the two from North Academy.

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