After the war Draco became distant from everyone, he thought no one would expect him for who or what he has become. The person that he loved and needed most of all hated him and that was Hermione Jean Granger 1/3 of the golden trio and a know it all bookworm.

He was going back to Hogwarts to complete his finale year at Hogwarts to 1) complete his education 2) to make amends and 3) the most important one make Hermione his mate.

Draco had been bitten by Remus when he had transformed by accident and up until the last year Remus had been helping Draco with the transformation. Remus had known that Draco was good person and that Hermione was his destined mate. His finale words to Hermione were "Draco is a werewolf and you are his mate".

Hermione was pissed off with Ron and his pig headed attitude and sexes attitude so she had ended things with him really even before it had gotten started. Hermione watched in happiness that Ginny and Harry's love blossom after voldemort had been killed; she had never seen him so happy than when he is with Ginny. She had told Ginny about Remus's lasts words to her and Ginny joked about and teased Hermione about it, but Ginny told her that if she did like Draco and if they got together that she would support her the whole way. Hermione knew that Draco had to approach her and no the other way round, Draco had to feel in control so all she had to do was wait. Draco was the Beta the pack, while Bill was Alpha. Draco was not the only one to turn blaise Zabini, Theo Nott and several others had been changed to and it was only a matter of time until they claimed their had become a professor at Hogwarts to help those in his pack.

Draco was a werewolf

Hermione is his mate

7th year was going to be interesting