State of Certain Death

Steve: Hello, is this State Farm?

Operator: Yes sir it is, how may I help you?

Steve: I need to report an accident claim.

Operator: Alright, what is the nature of your accident?

Steve: I ran through a guard-rail.

Operator: Were you the only one in the vehicle sir?

Steve: Yes ma'am I am.

Operator: Can I ask where you are?

Steve: I am on a cliff over-looking a 400 foot drop.

Operator: Are you still in the vehicle sir?

*Operator hears a very loud pop*

Steve: Yes ma'am I am.

Operator: I'm going to have to ask you to leave the vehicle sir.

*Operator hears a loud crack, a rush of wind, and a loud metallic crash followed by complete silence*

Operator: Sir? Are you okay? Sir? Are you there? Sir!

*Operator checks listings*

Operator: Oh well, he shouldn't have dropped us last month. We could have saved him an average of $150 a year on car insurance.

*Cut scene showing Steve at the bottom of the cliff*

Steve: I'm okay!

*Brief pause*

Steve: But I can't find my phone!

*Even shorter pause*

Steve: And I can't feel my legs!