Lumiere is singing! What was the line we hop out on again? Carolyn presses against me nervously as I wait for the right moment to leap out. Me and Victoria have to lead the way out onto the table, or stage as Lumiere referred to it as. "Don't believe me ask the dishes!" Lumiere sings, and at that exact moment we burst out of those cabinets. It all happens so fast, I don't even remember jumping down onto the table. The lights are on us!

I can see the girl, and what a pretty girl she is! Soft brown eyes that are sparkling with wonder and curiosity, chocolate brown hair tied back neatly in a cute little bow, and just a sweet face in general. She looks so excited, and her excitment causes me and the others to become excited.

As soon as we're done and we jump off the table and roll into the kitchen, hopping onto the counter. Suddenly Mrs. Potts comes bustling through the kitchen, singing upbeat. Me and the other plates all bounce excitedly as she hops with the teacups and the napkins. This is actually, so much fun! I wanna sing! So we will sing! We roll out onto the table once more for the finale, and though we can't do the chorus line kick like some of the other objects we still sway back and forth excitedly.

The energy is so high I fear I might crack or break at any moment. And the girl looks so happy! She's even dancing along with us in her seat! I don't want it to end! But eventually, the song does end, and after her enthusiastic applause we roll excitedly back into the kitchen to socialize with the other objects. The rush from what we just did feels amazing and the objects can't stop talking to each other as we gather in the kitchen.

Sophie, a girl who'd been turned into a salt shaker, is still spinning and dancing with Saphire, who is a pepper shaker. The short girl turned rug is doing cartwheels through the kitchen! Chip looks up at Mrs. Potts with gleaming eyes "Mama that was so fun! Can we do it again? PLEASE?" he asks. Mrs. Potts chuckles "Not tonight son. Now into the cupboard with you, it's time for bed" she tells him. He yawns "But I don't wanna go to bed! I can't sleep now!".

Most of the staff agree with Chip, how can anyone sleep on this night? And therefore, we stay up late and talk. There's laughter, tears, some objects are reunited with others that they haven't seen in years. Oh if only this reunion were because we'd become human again. But there seems to be hope! "Do you think the girl will break the spell?" One of the napkins asks excitedly.

Kylie coughs "What... spell?" she asks, confused. The room falls into silence as all the objects turn and face us, their faces shocked. "You mean you, don't know?" Mrs. Potts asks. We all sit in silence and finally someone let's out a sigh "Don't you wonder why you have been transformed into plates? Don't you ask yourselves if there's a way to be human again?" they question.

I narrow my eyes and find the one who asked the question, it's one of the knives "Do we wonder? Of course we wondered! Why wouldn't we?" I snap at him "But everytime we wondered, everytime we asked questions of why and how, you know what we were met with? SILENCE! Nobody would answer our questions! Nobody would come up and simply tell us what had happened! We've been living in that cupboard not knowing anything of the outside world! And yet you, who were too busy with your own life, have the nerve to ask us how we could not possibly know about this, this, spell!".

The words leave me before I can stop and think about them. The entire staff is in stunned silence, and I can hear some of the plates sniffling behind me. Finally Mrs. Potts hops up to us, comforting us as we begin to cry. How could we not have known? About a spell? Something as lifechanging as this spell and we didn't know? What was the spell about? Who cast it? My questions are answered by Mrs. Potts, who softly begins explaining this curse to us.

Now I understand everything! The girl is the one who can make us human again! Of course! And then we'll be human again, HUMAN AGAIN! I tremble excitedly just at the thought of that, after all this time thinking I'd be this way for ever and then a miracle girl comes, and the chance is presented. To be human again, all the things I can do when I turn human again! I can look at my face in the mirror, I can walk and run, I can pick things up, I can be with Brendan!

Brendan? Where is he? Is he here? Before I get a chance to look around and try to find him, Lumiere and Cogsworth burst into the kitchen, their eyes wide. "Belle! She has run off!". There are gasps of horror and Mrs. Potts hops up onto the counter, looking down at them "What do you mean the girl's run off? In THIS weather?" she questions. Lumiere looks down, but nods "The master, he scared her off".

Chaos errupts right there and then. As quickly as we'd been overjoyed by this girl coming, we've been crushed by her leaving. "Where is the master now?" Mrs. Potts asks, Cogsworth clears his throat "He... He ah, well you see, actually, he um..." Lumiere rolls his eyes "He ran out after her!". Babette leans against him, her eyes wide "Lumiere what should we do?" she asks. It doesn't take a genius to realize, he doesn't know, and neither does Cogsworth.

"Hello? Mrs. Potts? Lumiere?" the girl calls. Everyone holds their breath as the called objects rush out to greet her. They are gone for a long, long time. So long in fact, that most of us get bored and climb back into our cupboards and drawers in order to wait for someone to inform us. Finally Babette comes back "The master has saved the girl from those monsterous wolves!" she announces.

Some of us cheer happily, others don't know what to think or say. All we can do is hope that she'll love him in return. Isn't that the most important thing of all, that she love him? We want her so very much to love him. Not just so we can become human again, but maybe she can change him! Maybe he'll change, he'll be sweet again! The little boy we once knew before, well before his father passed away!

"We can do it this time! I know it!" I encourage as me and my 6 friends line up in the hallway. It's been almost a week since the girl ran off, but things are so much better! At first, things were very quiet in the castle, but everything changed for the better after the master showed her the library. I haven't seen the library in ages, maybe today will be the day I get to see it at last! There are so many places I'd like to see in the castle. But first, to be able to get there in one piece would be nice.

There are a crowd of objects around, waiting for us to fail once again. But we won't fail! We will roll down straight down this hallway, all of us! Once again, I'm chosen to go first, and though I'm absolutely terrified of falling down the stairs, I'm ready. Taking a deep breath, I set myself rolling down the hallway. Straight, must keep myself straight. I keep my eyes focused on a painting at the end of the hallway.

Some of the girls behind me, that I can see out of the corner of my eye, are going in zig zags down the hallway. As long as we stay away from the staircase though, we'll be safe right? I'm so focused on keeping myself straight and checking the others I don't notice the girl come down the hallway and I accidently run into her leg, flopping over. The others quickly stop themselves, circling the girl "Veronique! Are you alright?" "Are you alive?".

I chuckle, am I alive? I've never been more alive! "I'm ok!" I tell them. I try to get upright again, but find it much more difficult than I would have expected. The girl bends over, picking me up "Here, let me help you" she says, standing me up again. I look up at her "Thank you very much Mademoiselle!" I say. She smiles "You're welcome. Now, did I hear the other plates call you Veronique?" she asks. I nod "Yes, I'm afraid I don't know your name though. What is it?".

She smiles kindly "I'm Belle". Belle, she lives to her name, that's for sure. The other plates begin introducing themselves, when the last one is introduced I nudge them "Come on, back to the end of the hallway. We're trying again!". Belle stands on the staircase, and watches as we all line up once more. I start myself rolling, the others following. Straight as an arrow, I roll right past the stairs, and by leaning slightly to the right at the end of the hallway, I smoothly turn and roll down the other hallway.

"We're doing it!" Dakota cheers as we continue through the castle. There are cheers from objects as they see us rolling past. We've got this! When we reach the end of yet another hallway, I stop myself, and the others stop as well. "Now what?" Heather asks, before I can answer her Cecelia speaks up "We should go where ever we want! All of us know how to get around now! I'm not sleeping in that cupboard another minute! I say we go our seperate ways!". The others quickly agree, and I can't help but agree too, I want to go see Brendan!

As the days pass into months, things look better and better for us! I haven't seen any of the plates in quite some time. Occationally I'll hear one in a room as I'm passing by, or I'll hear gossip about them, but other than that, I have not seen one. And I actually miss them! I wish I could find Brendan, I've been searching all this time, but for whatever reason my beloved tuba is nowhere to be found.

Everyone in the castle is practically waltzing through their everyday chores. Those who can clean the castle, do, and sing while doing it. What they're singing about? Being human again I believe, for what else could they be singing so happily about? Even those who can't sing are singing about how excited they are to be human again! And all because of this girl!

Apparently tonight is the most important of nights, for the master is going to try to tell her he loves her. If she loves him in return, then we shall be human again! If she doesn't love him back, then we are doomed forever. Has that much time passed already since the girl has been here? I'm worse at keeping track of the time when I'm out of the cupboard then when I was in it!

Suddenly I'm cut off by accidently rolling into someone. I need to stop doing this! I look up and I'm overjoyed to see who it is, it's Brendan! "Sorry!" he blurts out, attempting to help me. It takes me a few tries, but eventually I'm able to right myself up again "Brendan! It's me! Veronique!" I tell him. His eyes widen "Veronique?" he asks "I haven't seen you in... a long time" he stammers. I giggle "You haven't changed a bit" I tell him, he smiles "Neither have you".

I lean against him and he whispers "I'm actually glad you finally ran into me, I've been, wanting to tell you something". I look up at him "What?" I ask, he hushes me "Not here, not now. Meet me in the foyer tonight, while the master is with Belle at dinner. The other servants will be so focused on them, they won't notice us. And I can tell you what I need to say then" he explains. I nod "I'll be there".

The rest of the day waiting is practically torture, but finally I'm tipped off by Babette that the Master and Belle have started their dinner. I quickly roll myself to the foyer, where Brendan is waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase. He swallows nervously as I roll up to him "What were you going to tell me?" I ask. He sighs "Veronique, I think the spell will be broken tonight. And when it is, that means, well, we'll be human again".

"I haven't tried to see you in all this time, I've been avoiding you because I knew, that there would be a time for us. Being objects, that time wasn't now. But tonight, it's finally time. I, I think I love you..." I cut him off "You think?". He shakes his head "No! I'm sure! It's just that, it's so hard to tell since we've never shared a real kiss, or been able to hold each other". We merely gaze at each other in silence before I speak "Brendan, I love you too". He leans against me "When we turn human again, would you, do me the honor of, marrying me?" he asks.

Would I marry him? After everything, would I marry him? We hardly knew each other because of this stupid spell and yet, he wanted to marry me, to be with me forever and ever. I can't say I don't want to be with him forever either, I do! Before I can answer him though Belle comes down the stairs, her cloak wrapped tightly around her. "Where are you going?" I ask her as she jumps over us. She gets to the door, looking back at us "My Papa's in trouble! I have to go!". With that, she is gone.

Gone, me and Brendan look at each other for a long time before I turn and begin rolling back towards the kitchen "Veronique! Wait!" he calls. I stop and look back at him "Wait for what Brendan? That's it then! We won't be turning human again! You have your answer!". Tearfully, I turn and roll back to the kitchen where everyone is sadly climbing back into their drawers and cupboards.

That's it then, I will live the rest of my life as a china plate! To be locked away in a cupboard forever, with my friends. We'll all share the same fate, which is worse, this or death? How can we hope now? There's only 1 petal left on the rose! A single petal, and our last chance just left the castle without a backward glance! Did she know how important she was? Did she realize how much we all were starting to love her as much as the master?

I look up into the cupboard to see it's empty, where are the others? I best go look for them! Carefully hopping off the counter, I roll through the castle, gathering the plates. Cecelia and her fiance were together in the kitchen, Dakota and Kylie were in the Library, Heather was crying in the corner of her old bedroom, Victoria was rolling sadly down one of the corridors, and Carolyn was sitting on a window sill, as if watching and waiting would bring Belle back.

Once we're all gathered in the foyer, we turn to head towards the kitchen when suddenly a herd of objects enters the foyer. "What's going on?" I ask, Babette passes by us "We're under attack!" she informs us before hopping to the top of a pile in front of the door. Suddenly there's a loud bang, and the objects who are in front of it shudder. Not thinking about anything else, I press myself against the door also, so do the others. We may only be china plates, but every little bit must help!

"Lumiere! What should we do?" Babette asks from the top of the pile. We can feel the intruders pounding harder and harder "I've got it!" Lumiere announces. Quickly he informs us of his plan, we are to line the foyer and freeze, looking like ordinary furniture. Then, when the timing is right, we'll spring out and attack! We get into position as quickly as we can, and just in time, for as the last object freezes, the doors burst open.

There are many men standing there, holding torches, pitchforks, and any other weapon they could find. There is, however, no sign of Belle. We may be doomed then, but at least we'll go down fighting won't we? A short man moves over to Lumiere and picks him up, I hear Dakota gasp next to me "Lefou?" she whimpers. A group of men who were standing near us turn sharply and Lumiere cries out "NOW!".

Hell breaks loose right there and then. Books fly off the shelves at the men, the coat-rack was using some poor man's face as a punching bag! Before we have a moment to think something flies and hits me, causing me to fall from the table we'd been sitting on. "Veronique!" one of the other plates cry, I right myself and the others gasp "YOU HAVE A CRACK!".

Cracked? I was cracked? What would happen to me? Would I die? Panic began to rise and Cecelia nudged me "Get to the kitchen! It's safe!". Faster than we'd ever gone before, we rolled ourselves through the mess of a foyer, weaving under objects and between people's legs until we made it to the kitchen. The knives and Chef Bouche looked at us in confusion "What is going on out there?" the chef asks, to which we can barely blurt out that we're under attack.

Something hits the doors and suddenly Sultan is charging through the kitchen with someone's shoe. 3 men come in after him and we all cower in the corner, terrified. Would they smash us? Carolyn, Heather, Kylie, and Victoria all begin to cry in fear, while Dakota watches wide eyed as her boyfriend appraches Sultan with a threatening look in his eyes. With a pop of the drawers, every man who'd been turned into a knife springs out of their drawers, gleaming in the light. Chef Bouche ignites himself, laughing at the looks on the men's faces as they run out the kitchen screaming.

"LEFOU!" Dakota cries, trying to get his attention, but he's already long gone, and so is everyone else who'd been a part of that attack. I can hear them cheering outside in the foyer. All I can think, is that we might have won this battle, but in the end we still lose. Belle isn't here, so we'll all be objects forever. Cecelia's fiance hops down from the shelves and she rolls to him, leaning against him.

Dakota and Kylie roll themselves over to the counter and hop up. I believe their intention was to go into the cupboard, but the doors were closed, and there was nobody here to open them for us. Me, Heather, and Victoria all sigh and wait for someone to come into the kitchen and tell us the last petal has fallen. Maybe I should have known, who could have ever learned to love, a beast?