Title: Doc in Shining Armor

Chapter 1: Doc Soto muses about his partner while they wait in a crowded ER after "The Ames Brothers."

Characters: Doc and Rebecca, no pairing.

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I don't own the Alcatraz TV show. I make no financial profit from this story.

A/N: Based on a true story, oddly enough. The part about the drunk guy, I mean. :P

1. A Night in the ER

Doc Soto leaned back in his hard plastic seat and tried to ignore his throbbing head.

"I wonder where he went," Doc mused, mainly to distract himself.

Rebecca glanced over at him tiredly, eyebrows raised.

"Hauser," Doc clarified. "I mean, he just ordered us to go the ER and then took off with Donovan."

"He always takes off with the prisoners once we catch them," Rebecca pointed out. "I wonder where he takes them? He went to all the trouble of having Jack Sylvane brought to Alcatraz, just to get out of telling me what prison he was in." She closed her eyes.

"Yeah, but Hauser was shot! Why didn't he come to the ER with us? Do you think he has some kind of crazy powers of regeneration?"

"Maybe he just knows of a less crowded ER than this one and didn't want to share."

The waiting area was indeed packed, and uncomfortably warm, and noisy. There was hardly an empty seat in the place. Doc didn't mind sharing his wait with the young family in the corner, the elderly man with what looked to be his middle-aged son, or the couple sitting quietly by the entrance. He could have done without the half-dozen men who looked like they'd had some sort of bar brawl. They were loud, drunk, and extremely obnoxious.

Doc sighed and looked at his watch. They'd been through triage over three hours ago, and there was no sign they'd be seen any time soon.

Rebecca shifted in her seat, and Doc studied her in concern. Dark bruises marred her pale face and ringed her neck. He knew he probably didn't look any better, but the sight made Doc a little sick. He didn't like knowing how close she'd come to being strangled on the cold floor of a prison, by a murderous thug who had supposedly died before she was born.

Doc thought, not for the first time, that Rebecca was incredibly brave, to be going after the most dangerous criminals in the country with nothing but her gun and her wits. Kind of like Batman, in a way—one of the few superheroes without superpowers. Except Batman was a big strong guy, and Rebecca was tiny. Tiny and delicate. Also absurdly young, and she looked even younger than she was. She probably wouldn't look out of place among his parents' undergraduate students, which surely couldn't make it any easier when she needed the bad guys—or other cops—to take her seriously. But she obviously had a lot of guts, and plain old perseverance. And she had earned Doc's admiration and respect a dozen times over.

Rebecca shifted again, and winced. Doc hoped they would be seen soon. Rebecca and Hauser had both thought Doc might have a concussion, but he was just as worried about her, mainly because she wasn't the type to speak up. And he'd seen part of what she'd been through tonight; she could have cracked ribs and who knows what else. He couldn't help but feel protective of Rebecca, and yet he was the useless one when it came to taking down the thugs.

But he had saved her life tonight, which was awesome. Terrifying, but awesome. Maybe her superhero vibes were rubbing off on him.

Perhaps sensing his attention, Rebecca glanced over. "Feeling okay, Doc?"

"I'd probably feel better at home, in my nice quiet bed," he shrugged.

One corner of Rebecca's mouth quirked up. "I know. Just our luck to have to come here on a Saturday night. And I could wish the a/c was working right." She grimaced as she shrugged out of her jacket and folded it over the back of her chair.

Doc scowled; her arms were covered in bruises. "That's gotta hurt," was all he said, knowing she wouldn't like it if he made a fuss.

"A rough night for all of us," she countered.

"Yeah." They lapsed into silence again. Doc closed his eyes, but there was no way he could sleep in all this commotion. After awhile he felt a gentle pressure on his shoulder. He looked over in surprise to see that Rebecca, apparently better able than he to sleep in these conditions, had listed to the side until her head came to rest on his upper arm.

It was good to be needed, even if only as a pillow. Doc smiled and watched her for a minute, until he realized he wasn't the only one. On Rebecca's other side was one of the drunk guys from the bar fight. He had a nasty cut over one eye and had apparently finished the conversation he'd been having with his friend, both of them shouting at the top of their lungs. Now his eyes were running over Rebecca's body in a way that Doc definitely didn't like. He liked the man's lecherous grin even less.

Doc glared until the man looked at him.

"Wha's happened, you rough 'er up?" the man slurred.

"No!" Doc said, appalled at the idea. "And keep your eyes to yourself."

"Hey man, sh's a pretty girl, I'm jus' admiring the goods," the man said, raising his hands in a placating gesture.

Doc scowled harder until the man, 'Drunky' as Doc had mentally christened him, looked away. He tried to relax, wondering if this miserable night would ever end. He must have dozed off at some point, because the next thing Doc noticed was a slight jerk in the gentle pressure on his shoulder. He looked down to see what had disturbed Rebecca and was outraged to see that Drunky had his filthy hand on her thigh!

"What's the matter with you?" Doc demanded of the drunk man indignantly. "Get your hand off her." Apparently his raised voice was enough to fully awaken his partner, because she shifted against him again and finally opened bleary blue eyes.

Drunky withdrew his wandering hand but gave Doc a sly grin. "Why doncha let her decide, dough boy?"

"What the—" Rebecca muttered and sat up. Drunky had stopped groping her but it didn't take a detective to figure out what had happened. "Keep your hands to yourself or I'll break them off!" she told him angrily.

"Hey baby, wasn' me!" Drunky protested. "That guy y'r with, he's th' one feelin' you up."

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "Doc here is a gentleman, you moron. I only see one scumbag pervert next to me, and it isn't him."

"Yer the mos' beautiful girl I ever seen," Drunky garbled obliviously. "I mus' a been meant to come to this ER, jus' to meet you."

"You're so drunk you won't even remember this tomorrow, pal," Doc couldn't resist pointing out.

Drunky frowned at him, then turned back to an incredulous Rebecca. "So what do ya say, gorgeous, will ya go out with me?" he leered.

"Not happening," Rebecca said, in what Doc had come to think of as her 'tough guy' voice. "And we have had a really bad day so leave us alone and keep your hands to yourself, or I'll arrest you." She rummaged in her jacket, finally coming up with her police badge.

Drunky's eyes widened comically. "Whoa, baby, I don't want no trouble," he slurred, and turned away to talk to his friend.

Rebecca put away her badge. "Thanks, Doc. I'm glad one of us is on the ball," she said quietly.

"Yeah," Doc agreed. He looked around, wondering what to do. Rebecca looked ready to fall back asleep any minute, handsy pervert or no, and Doc didn't think he could stay alert enough to keep an eye on things for very long. "Hey, Rebecca," he said, lurching to his feet. "Switch seats with me?"

"Uh, okay," Rebecca said, agreeably enough. She slid over and Doc sat down.

"You can go back to sleep, I mean, if you want," he told her. She was now sitting between Doc and the rather tacky cloth fichus tree at the end of the row.

Rebecca looked at him curiously before following his gaze to the ugly little tree. She smiled. "Thanks, Doc."

"Anytime," Doc said. The bad guys had been caught, Rebecca was safe at his side, and a lousy night in the ER couldn't last forever. The throbbing in his skull even seemed a little muted as Rebecca made herself comfortable, leaning against his shoulder.

"My Doc in shining armor," Rebecca murmured. He felt her smile against his upper arm.

"Damn straight," Doc nodded. Yup, the superhero vibes were definitely rubbing off on him.


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