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Big Time No. 9

It Begins: Number One

"You've met a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Carlos stood in the middle of a windy field. The grass he stood on was brown and dry, and dead blades drifted around in the wind.

Surrounding him was fog, and he couldn't see much past a few feet.

The wind was weak and quiet, producing not much but a small whistle that could hardly be heard.

Yet there was another sound. One Carlos couldn't quite put his finger on. At first he thought it sounded like a child crying. But soon he realized it was an ominous giggling, coming from somewhere unseen.

"Who's there?" Carlos asked, not out of fear but out of curiosity.

There was no response except for a low humming that began to grow in volume. Soon there was a loud, deep moan that shook the ground he was standing on.

"What is that noise?" Carlos asked no one in particular.

The noise continued to get louder, to the point where Carlos had to cover his ears and squeeze his eyes shut to ignore it, hoping that it would end soon.

And that it did. As soon as Carlos took his hands off his ears, it was gone.

Now he stood in eerie silence, not even the wind making noise.

Carlos began to grow nervous at the lack of noise, backing up slowly.

"Hello?" he asked. Or he might've not. He couldn't know for sure because he couldn't even hear his own voice.

Suddenly to his left Carlos heard a small, unidentifiable whisper.

"What?" he asked.

"IT'S BEGUN!" a loud, high pitched voice screeched, and Carlos covered his ears at the sudden, painful noise.

And then the world was nothing but black.

Carlos's eyes slowly opened, squinting at the fierce beams of light protruding his view. As he slowly adjusted, he remembered where he was, and sat up with a stretch.

"Hey, sleeping beauty. Glad you finally decided to wake up." James said sarcastically from somewhere behind him.

Carlos just yawned loudly and stretched, not bothering to respond to James.

"How far is it until we get there?" Carlos asked.

"Still about five hours." Kelly said from the passenger seat in front of him.

"Ughh…why did we have to drive to France anyways? And why in such a small car?" Carlos whined.

"Because, dog, it is cheaper. Now unless you want to pay for transportation, don't complain." Gustavo snapped back.

"Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Carlos mumbled.

"I wish I had slept in a bed, Carlos, but instead I've been up all night driving four whiney, yappy dogs across Europe."

Carlos simply rolled his eyes, then looked at the clock. It was apparently twenty minutes until noon, meaning he had slept almost fifteen hours.

"Where are we, anyways?" Carlos asked.

"I dunno, somewhere in the Alps. " Kelly responded, seemingly tired already of the small boy's many questions.

Carlos looked out the window and was greeted by a brilliant white sight. All around them was sparkling snow, dusted over the high, winding mountain paths. The beautiful snow reminded him of Minnesota, and soon he was feeling pretty home sick.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Logan asked from the seat next to him. Carlos smiled warmly and nodded in agreement.

A few minutes passed by, with Carlos looking at the clock every few seconds, before he started fidgeting impatiently.

He was pretty uncomfortable seeing as how they were in a small SUV, packed with them and all of their luggage. At least it had pilot seats.

"Carlos, stop fidgeting!" James whined from the back seat, and Carlos just stuck his tongue out at the younger boy.

After a while, Carlos's eyes started to drag, staring at the plain white landscape. Even though he had just slept for a long time, the small boy soon found himself drifting off once again, however, this time, he couldn't remember his dream.

The next time Carlos awoke it was even brighter out, and he checked the clock again.

Great, I only slept for thirty minutes he thought to himself.

He heard munching and looked over to see everyone else was chewing on sandwiches, each wrapped up in their own various activities.

Carlos grabbed himself a sandwich, then put his earbuds in and started listening to music. He smiled as some Beatles came on and he thought back to the concert in London and the whole ordeal about world domination. He could hardly believed that that had actually happened, it was almost like his life was an epic spy movie.

Suddenly a song Carlos didn't know came on, and he frowned. He looked at the screen of his Ipod, and it read, "Revolution Number Nine." He tried to remember when he downloaded this song, but couldn't remember. He thought it was alittle bit strange, but he decided to listen.

It couldn't hurt, right?

The song started out repeating the words, "Number nine," over and over again. Then suddenly unnerving music started to play that reminded Carlos of death and made him want to kill someone.

And the strange thing was, he couldn't stop listening to it.

Eight minutes later, he had listened to the entire thing, and wiped the tears off his cheeks, hoping no one would notice; that was the creepiest song he had ever heard.

He wouldn't have to worry about anyone noticing, however, because the car started to slow down. Carlos looked out the window in excitement, hoping they had reached their destination, but was confused when he saw they were still in the Swiss Alps.

He pulled his earbuds out and asked, "Why are we stopping Gustavo?"

All he said, though, was, "I don't know…"

Soon they were completely halted in the middle of a mountain road, and they all got out to investigate the problem.

"Maybe we have a flat tire?" Logan suggested.

"No, I would've felt that…" Gustavo said.

"Hey guys, listen." Kendall said, and everyone fell quiet.

Sure enough they all soon heard a faint whining sound.

"What is that?" James asked curiously.

Carlos stuck his ear to the car and could've sworn he heard…..no, it couldn't be.

His thoughts were interrupted when Gustavo suddenly said forcefully, "Everyone back away from the car quickly!"

They all started slowly backing away from the car, eventually breaking into a sprint. After they had run agood distance away, they all started to question Gustavo on why he had told them to run, but soon enough they saw for themselves.

In contrast to the blank, white mountaintops, and roaring red flame exploded out of the car, roaring deafeningly. Black smoke floated out from the flames and rose to the sky in thick billows. An intense heat wave reached them all, causing them to sweat.

They all watched in shock as their car exploded.

An hour or so later, they were walking along the trails of the mountain, starting to worry about their safety. All of their luggage had been in the car, and they were not dressed for the intense cold presented to them. And to make matters worse, the sun was starting to set, brushing the sky with a calm pink and serene orange color, although that was far from how they were feeling.

They walked in silence, for they did not know what to say. This couldn't possibly be the end. They would find shelter somewhere, right?

An hour later, it was nearly pitch black outside, and the sky was littered with the slight twinkle of the evening stars.

Most of the wandering group couldn't feel anything in their bodies anymore, and the only sound to be heard was the harsh pant of frigidness, and the small clatter of chattering teeth.

They were still walking the winding mountain roads, praying for something to ease their pain.

Kendall spoke for the first time in hours, his voice but a mere whisper due to the freezing climate.

"What?" James mumbled in response, as no one knew what the blond boy had said.

"I said, what is that?" Kendall said, pointing in the distance, and then he coughed from pushing his voice too much.

Everyone looked to where Kendall was pointing his finger, and saw a soft glow in the middle of the wall of the mountain in the distance.

Everyone started walking faster to get to the mysterious location, and soon the light started to grow brighter and brighter.

Eventually they reached the indent in the mountain where the light was coming from, and they all turned the corner gasping….

In relief. For, around the corner sat a fairly large four story building, with light coming from the windows and a large, bright sign at the top.

"Hôtel des âmes perdues éclatant" the sign read in big, fancy letters.

"Hmm, that's strange, a hotel in the middle of the mountain?" Kelly noted, but no one cared. They all rushed inside faster than humanely possible, desperate to get inside.

Inside the lobby was warm and everyone heaved a sigh of relief as the feeling started to creep through their limbs once again.

The laobby was large and round, with bright, white walls and a blood red carpet. OVer the entire room hung a giant chandelier with thousands of sparkly crystals.

Directly across from the entrance was a grand staircase, leading up to a pair of doors with the words "Le premier étage" painted above them. Then to the left and right of that platform were more staircases, leading up to another platform with another door directly above the first one, leading to the third floor, and so on.

To their left sat a warm, crackling fireplace and a few old fashioned chairs.

And to their right was the front desk, which at the moment, was vacant.

Gustavo went to wait at the front desk to talk to the manager, while everyone else wne tand sat down in the waiting area. It was extremely cozy with the warmth of the fireplace and the beckoning of the soft, comfortable chairs. Above the fireplace was an old painting of some lady, although Carlos didn't know who it was.

The comfort of the area beckoned Carlos to slowly close his eyes once again, and he started to drift off once again.

The last sounds he heard were the quiet words spoken between Gustavo and the hotel's staff, and the ever-repeating "Number nine" still stuck in his head from earlier.

Number nine.

Number nine.

Number Nine.

And then Carlos was asleep.

Number Nine.



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