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Chapter Three: You've got some explaining to do, my girl.

"I….he….umm….." I looked desperately towards Hallam who was giving me a pointed look, reaching across to grasp my hand firmly in his.

"I think it's time we told her, sweetheart." He told me calmly, as if he wasn't just going to wreck his own life for somebody who didn't deserve it.

Agnes eyed our clasped hands with something close to fear as well as suspicion marring her flawless face.

"Told me what?" She asked and her voice quaked.

Hallam turned towards his wife, keeping his hand firmly on mine even as I tried to subtly shake him off.

"Agnes, there has been something I've been meaning to tell you for quite a while now." He told her coldly. "And, really, the fact of the matter is things can't go on as they have been doing."

I stared at him, angry as hell, desperately trying to think of a way to stop this from happening. Why I kept trying to save this madman his life when my life would be so much easier if he just did what he wanted I didn't know.

"The truth is, Agnes, that Persie and I have been-"

"Hiding something from you!" I interrupted him suddenly, almost yelling, causing both of them to look at me like I should've been sent to Bedlam a long time ago. Then, as Hallam's face became encouraging and approving, I suddenly realized what had come out of my mouth.

Drat. I thought vengeful. That's exactly what we've been doing. Blast, bugger and drat. I hate that man.

To prove that I did indeed hate the man I loved, I glared at him, which only served to confuse him.

Agnes raised an eyebrow inquisitively at me, seeming just as baffled as Hallam.

"Oh? Have you now? And what, pray tell, have you been hiding from me?"

I stared at her, my mouth half open.

"Hiding from you? Umm….ah…..well, you see….we've been hiding from you…."

What had happened too my confident, easy going, couldn't-care-less attitude?

I glared at Hallam again. He'd probably stolen it from me whilst we were kissing, the damned devil.

Hallam seemed to see that I was struggling and jumped in to help me, which just made me angrier. I was trying to prevent him from saying the things he was about to say in the first place!

"Persie and I have been trying to fight it, Agnes." Hallam told her, almost contritely, but the way he was squeezing my hand told me that he was relived to finally be getting this off his chest.

Agnes now looked terrified.

"Fight what?"

"Fight our-"

"Brilliance!" I broke in again and this time Hallam flashed me an annoyed look. Well, I wasn't going to let him ruin his life that easily. If he wanted to ruin his life he would have to work for it.

Now Agnes looked uncertain.


I nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes! But we can't fight it anymore, can we Hallam, darling?" I barely spared a glance for the love of my life, keeping my eyes trained on the sister I was betraying. "We are just too clever for our own good."

"Persie, dearest, what are you talking about?" Hallam asked with forced civility.

I patted his knee lightly.

"Oh, you know darling. About the….thing."

Ok, I may have been a slut and a wrong-un, but I was utterly horrible at lying.

Now Hallam was going red.

"The thing?" He asked stiffly.

"Yes! The thing….with the bit…about Lord Dexter!"

Ah ha! Brilliance had finally struck!

Agnes now beamed, a fully fledged beam.

"Really? What about Lord Dexter? Do I hear wedding bells?" She asked excitedly.


I thought for a moment before opening my mouth to speak.

"I think s-"

"No, definitely no wedding bells." This time Hallam cut across me.

He then stood up and pulled me roughly to my feet, keeping a firm hold on my hand.

"You know what, Agnes? I think Persie and I have to speak about this a little while longer." He told Agnes (Practically hissed, if I was honest).

He then started to lead me out of the room.

"Come along darling." He emphasised with a gleam in his eye. "Let's go and talk about this some more."

He closed the door on a confused Agnes, the gleam in his eye more prominent then I'd ever see it before. He started to pull me down the corridor, around and through doors until we got to my room.

Before I could think, my room door was shut, locked and I was on the bed with Hallam's knees between my thighs.

"What the-?"

I didn't get another word out as Hallam crushed his lips to mine in a bruising kiss, no tenderness this time as he took his anger out on me in my favourite way, pushing his knee hard against the top of my thighs, at the juncture where they met.

"Ugh…" Was all I could say before I started to grind down on his knees, arching and lowering as I tried to create more friction between us. "Ahhh…"

Hallam stopped for a moment, breathing heavily as he looked down on me and rested his forehead against mine.

"One day you will unman me, Persephone Towyn." He told me certainly.

I ground a little harder, breathing just as heavily as him.

"I hope so." I grinned.

But he wasn't finished.

"But you won't whilst I'm not happy with our situation. You won't whilst you're not my wife and can escape me at any point."

I frowned up at him, panic fluttering in the bottom of my stomach.

"What do you mean?" I asked uncertainly and Hallam grinned wickedly.

He pressed his thigh right at my core, so I could feel my own wetness in my under things. Momentarily, I was side tracked as he pressed harder, then softer, harder, then softer.

That's why I didn't notice when he rapidly hopped off the bed and left the room, locking me in it before I could do anything.

I jumped up and ran to the door, twisting the door knob in fear and banging on the door.

"Hallam, let me out!" I yelled frantically. "Hallam please!"

I heard his footsteps on the other side of the door.

"I told you I wanted to be with you Persie, and I told you I wouldn't be with you if you weren't my wife. I'm not committing bigamy. So I'm solving our problems."

He sounded like he was moving away again and I started to sob, sliding down my door with my fists still clenched against it.

"No, please, Hallam, come back." I sobbed. "Please don't do this, Hallam! Hallam!"

But we was already gone and I could only sob my heart out at what I'd done.

Five minutes later, I heard my sisters agonized scream.