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The story follows the season 1 plot line. It's about Elizabeth Salvatore who is Stefan's twin sister. Without going too much into what type of person she is I am going to say that she get's along with Damon better than Stefan does.

I will try to get each episode to be a chapter. If this story goes well, I will make a sequel which would follow season 2, and then a sequel to that which would follow season 3.

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General POV

She laid on her bed with her eyes closed thinking about why they came back to Mystic Falls. Stefan said that he wanted to get to know a girl, one he says looks exactly like Katherine. Back in 1864 her and Katherine didn't get off to the best start, but they became friends before she was turned.
"Time to get up 'lizabeth." Stefan said walking into her room. She groaned and moved a pillow on top of her head.
"Just five more minutes." Stefan sat down on her bed and tried to take the pillow from her. "Stefan." She complained when he was finally able to take the pillow off her head.
"We have to get to school." Elizabeth moaned as she sat up.
"I don't like school," She said to Stefan ", and since when is it that my baby brother is telling me to go to school?"
"Only a minute." Stefan said before standing up. "You were only born a minute earlier." Elizabeth smiled as she got up and faced Stefan.
"Yeah, and that makes me a minute older." She smiled.
"I'm not even going to start." He said as Elizabeth went to her dresser.
"Yeah, because you know I'd beat you." She smiled at Stefan before turning back to her dresser and picking out some clothes.
"Come on." Stefan said to Elizabeth. "Let's get to school."
She groaned again, "Let me just take a shower first." Elizabeth said to Stefan.
"Don't take too long or I might go without you." Stefan said to her as she walked into her bathroom.
"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Elizabeth joked before she closed the door to her bathroom to take a shower.

Elizabeth and Stefan walked into the school with all eyes on them. Almost everybody that was doing something stopped and looked at the Salvatore siblings, although they didn't know who they were. To them, they were just the two new hot teens in town.

Elizabeth followed Stefan into the office of the school. Stefan handed the secretary some papers. Elizabeth watched as the secretary looked at what was written on the papers.
The secretary looked up at them.

"Your records are incomplete." She started to say as she looked between the pieces of paper that Stefan had given her. "You're missing immunization records, and we do insist on transcripts." The secretary looked up at Stefan and Elizabeth.
"Please look again. I'm sure everything you need is there." Elizabeth looked into the secretary's eyes, compelling her. The secretary looked back at the papers and then looked back up.
"Well, you're right. So it is." Elizabeth couldn't help but let a small smile appear on her face from the successful compulsion. The secretary typed something up on the computer and gave Stefan and Elizabeth their class schedules.
"Thank you." Stefan said to the secretary before walking out of the office with Elizabeth.

Stefan and Elizabeth walked down the hallway before Stefan bumped into someone. Elizabeth stopped walking and looked at her brother and the girl he had bumped into.
"Uh, pardon me." Stefan said to the girl who just came out of the bathroom. "Um... is this the men's room?" She watched Stefan as he asked the girl who had come out of the bathroom. 'She looks exactly like her' Elizabeth thought
"Yes. Um, I was just, um, I was just."
"I'll see you later brother." Elizabeth said, momentarily getting both of their attentions' before she walked away.

Elizabeth's POV

I sat in the back of the classroom, listing to the teacher drone on and on about what it was like in the early 1860's. It felt like I was reminiscing about the good old days. No matter what the teacher said, I couldn't help but think about when it was peaceful.

Without even looking, I knew that my brother was looking at her. There was no denying that she was identical to Katherine. My brother just wants to get to know her. I just hope that she won't treat him the way Katherine did.

I walked out of the classroom only to be stopped by my brother.
"I'm not going home after school." He said to me.
"Okay, don't hurt too many bunnies." I teased with a smile. He walked separately from me, seeing as we didn't have the same next class.

Before I could turn the corner a girl with blonde hair came up next to me.
"Hi you're Elizabeth, right?" I nodded my head. "I'm Caroline."
"Hi." I said as I continued to walk.
"So I heard you're new in town and I was wondering if you would like to meet with me and a couple of my friends later at the Grill."
"I would like to but,"
"Great." Caroline said with a smile as she interrupted me. "I'll see you at seven." Caroline walked away and I rolled my eyes. 'Human teenagers'I thought before going to my locker.

I went to the Grill early. Stefan said he was going to watch Elena again, making sure she is okay.
"Hey." I heard Caroline say as she came up to me. "Come over here." She grabbed my hand and started to pull me towards someone. "Bonnie this is Elizabeth." I gave Bonnie an awkward smile.
"Caroline, you didn't have to drag her over here."
"It's okay." I said to Bonnie. I could see Caroline smile.
"Tell us about yourself." Caroline said as the three of us sat at a table. I know what not to tell humans about myself what I'm allowed to tell them.
"Well, I recently moved back with my brother Stefan."
"Your brother is Stefan Salvatore?" I gave a little nod.
"Tell us about him." Caroline said which earned a glare from Bonnie.
"I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to talk about her brother."
"It's okay." I said to Bonnie before turning my head to Caroline. "What do you want to know?"
"Everything." I chuckled a little. 'I'll only tell her the basics' I thought before telling Bonnie and Caroline about my brother.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw that my brother had walked in with Elena.
"Hey bro." I said as I walked up behind Stefan.
"Hey lizzy." I squinted my eyes at him but smiled. "This is Elena." I turned to Elena, surprised on how much she looked like Katherine.
"Hi. I'm Elizabeth, Stefan's twin sister." Elena gave a small smile before turning her head towards Bonnie.
"There's Bonnie." I followed Elena and my brother over to where Bonnie was sitting.

Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, and my brother were all sitting at the table. I had taken a chair from another table and sat next to Stefan.

"So, you were born in Mystic Falls?" Caroline asked us.
"Yeah and we moved when were still young." Stefan answered Caroline. 'Youngish.' I answered in my head.
"Parents?" Bonnie asked.
"Our parents passed away." I felt a ping of sadness, thinking back to what actually happened back in 1864. That time has passed. It wasn't the time to go down memory lane.
"I'm sorry." Elena said looking at my brother. "Any siblings?"
"None that he talks to." I said, nodding my head towards Stefan. 'I'm the only one he still talks to' I thought.
"We live with our uncle." Stefan said to Elena. 'Our uncle who is younger than us.'
"So if you're new, then you don't know about the party tomorrow." Caroline said to us.
"It's a back to school thing at the falls." Bonnie said. I looked at Stefan, his eyes were on Elena.
"Are you going?"
"Of course she is." Bonnie said before Elena could answer. Elena gave a small smile.

I followed Stefan up to his room just for the heck of it.
"You know that Caroline talks way too much."
"You didn't have to be there." My bro told me as he changed shirts.
"I know, but she basically dragged me there." Stefan turned to me. "She can't stop talking about you." I couldn't help but say with a smirk.

I turned my head to the door as Zach started walking in with something in his hands.
"You two promised." Zach handed me the paper. It read 'Bodies found mutilated by animal.'
"This was an animal attack." I said before handing the paper to Stefan.
"Don't give me that. I know the game. You tear them up enough and they will always suspect an animal attack." Zach turned his head towards Stefan. "You said you had it under control."
"And he does." I said to Zach. 'Stefan is the one with diet issues' I thought.
"Please, Uncle Stefan, Aunt Elizabeth," Zach looked at me before looking back to Stefan. ", Mystic Falls is a different place now. It's been quiet for years, but there are people who still remember. And you being here, it's just going to stir things up."
"That's not our intention." Stefan said.
"Then what is? Why did you come back? Why now, after all this time?"
"We don't have to explain ourselves." I said to Zach.
"I know that you can't change what you are." Zach looked between us again. "But you don't belong here anymore."
"Then where do we belong?" Stefan asked.
"I can't tell you what to do. But coming back here was a mistake." I watched as Zach walked out of Stefan's room.

I took a deep breath. "Well, that was enlightening." I said to Stefan before turning to him. "I'm gonna go to bed." I said before giving my baby bro a pat on the back.

"The Battle of Willow Creek took place right at the end of the war in our very own Mystic Falls." The teacher told the class. 'That was so long ago' I thought. "How many casualties resulted in this battle? Ms. Bennett?" I looked at Bonnie. 'Bennett?' I asked myself. 'Maybe relation to Emily?'
"Um...a lot?" I smirked. "I'm not sure. Like a whole lot." Bonnie answered the teacher.
"Cute becomes dumb in an instant, Ms. Bennett." I rolled my eyes at what he said. "Mr. Donovan? Would you like to take this opportunity to overcome your embedded jock stereotype?"
"It's ok, Mr Tanner, I'm cool with it." I couldn't help but slightly chuckle as I turned my head to him. He had blonde hair and I could make out his blue eyes.
"Hmm. Elena?" I turned my head towards Elena. "Surely you can enlighten us about one of the town's most significantly historical events?"
"I'm sorry, I… I don't know."
"I was willing to be lenient last year for obvious reasons, Elena. But the personal excuses ended with summer break." 'Dude, you are one mean teacher.' I thought about him.
"There were 346 casualties. Unless you're counting local civilians." I turned my head to my brother.
"That's correct. Mister...?"
"Salvatore." My baby bro said.
"Salvatore. Any relation to the original settlers here at Mystic Falls?"
"Well, very good. Except, of course, there were no civilian casualties in this battle." 'My time to shine' I thought before opening my mouth.
"Actually, there were 27, sir." I said which made Tanner look at me. "Confederate soldiers, they fired on the church, believing it to be housing weapons. They were wrong. It was a night of great loss."
"Thank you, miss?"
"Salvatore." I said with a smile.

I walked with Stefan to the party.
"I can't believe you are dragging me here." I said with a smirk.
"You didn't have to come." Stefan said to me.
"I know." I took a deep breath. "You know how I like parties though." I looked at him with a smirk on my face.

"Hey! You made it!" I heard as Caroline came up to us.
"We did." I said to her.
"Well, let's get you a drink." Caroline grabbed my hand.
"Well, I'm," I didn't get a chance to finish.
"Oh, come on." Caroline started to drag me away from Stefan. I looked back towards him to see that he has a smirk on his face. I just rolled my eyes and turned my head back to Caroline.

I eventually was to break away from Caroline to find my brother. Caroline talks way too much for me to keep up with. Don't get me wrong I can talk a lot, just not as much as she talks about Stefan. It was easy to avoid Caroline with my vampire hearing.

"Stefan." I said when I saw him. He turned to me with a slight smile before it dropped. The smell went up my nose. 'Blood' I thought. 'Human blood' I turned my head and saw that Elena and somebody were carrying a body.

"Somebody help!" Elena yelled. Stefan and I just stood there, watching them.
"Vicki?" I heard Matt say when he saw her. 'That must be Vicki' I thought. "Vicki, what the hell?"
"What happened to her?" Another boy franticly rushed up to her body. 'It's coming from her' I thought.
"Somebody, call an ambulance!" Matt said momentarily looking up from Vicki before looking back at her.
"Everybody back up, give her some space!" The other boy pushed people away from her.
"It's her neck. Something bit her." I looked up to Stefan with a worried look. "She's losing a lot of blood."
"Stefan." I whispered to him. He looked at me and slightly nodded his head, knowing what I meant. I looked back only to see Matt staring at us with confusion before I turned around and followed my brother.

Stefan and I rushed back to the house.
"You know this only means one thing, right?" I asked him as we entered the house.
"What's going on?" Zach asked us as we hurried.
"Someone was attacked tonight, Zach, and it wasn't us." I stopped and said to him with a serious face before following Stefan.

I walked into Stefan's room to see him looking at his balcony. There he stood after so long.
"Damon." I said before stepping up next to Stefan.
"Hello, siblings." Damon said with a smirk.
"Crow's a bit much, don't you think?" Stefan said to Damon.
"Wait till you see what I can do with the fog." Damon said with a smirk after taking a couple of steps into the room.
"When did you get here?"
"Well, I couldn't miss your first day at school." Damon turned his head towards me. "Did our little bro change his hair?"
"It's been 15 years, Damon." Stefan said to Damon.
"Thank God. I couldn't take another day of the nineties. That horrible grunge look? Did not suit you Stefan." Damon turned his head to me. "Although, you looked hot in it little sis." He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes with a smirk
"Why are you here this time?" I asked him.
"I miss my little brother and sister."
"You hate small towns. It's boring. There's nothing for you to do." Stefan said to Damon.
"I've managed to keep myself busy." Damon said with a smirk.
"You left Vicki alive tonight. That's very clumsy of you." I said.
"That can be a problem," Damon turned his head towards Stefan ", for you."
"Why are you here now?" Stefan asked Damon.
"I could ask you the same question." Damon started to take a couple of steps in front of Stefan and me. "However, I'm fairly certain your answer can be summed up all into one little word... Elena."

"She took my breath away. Elena. She's a dead ringer for Katherine." 'He's got that right' I thought "Is it working, Stefan? Being around her, being in her world? Does it make you feel alive?" Damon took a step closer to Stefan.
"She's not Katherine." Stefan said adamantly.
"Well, let's hope not. We both know how that ended. Tell me something, when's the last time you had something stronger than a squirrel?"
"It's not gonna work Damon." I said to him. He looked at me before looking at Stefan.
"Don't you crave a little?" Damon stepped closer to Stefan. He hit Stefan on the arm. "Let's do it, together." Stefan got away from Damon. "I saw a couple girls out there. Or just, let's just cut to the chase. Let's just go straight for Elena!"
"Stop it!" Stefan yelled to Damon.
"Imagine what her blood tastes like!" I didn't take my eyes off of Stefan. "I can."
"I said stop!" Stefan turned his head towards Damon. In a blink of an eye, he went towards Damon, shoving him through the window. I rushed next to the window to see Stefan on the ground. I jumped out of the window and landed next to Stefan.

I helped Stefan as he got up, even though he didn't need it.
"I was impressed." I turned my head to see Damon. "I give it a six. Missing style, but I was pleasantly surprised." I stood up, facing Damon. "Very good with the whole face thing. It was good." Damon said with a chuckle to Stefan.
"Really?" I asked Damon with slight disbelief in what he did.
"It's all fun and games, Damon, huh? But wherever you go, people die." Stefan took a couple of steps closer to Damon.
"That's a give in."
"Not here." I said to Damon.
"I take that as an invitation." He smirked.
"Damon, please. After all these years, can't we just give it a rest?" Stefan said to Damon.
"I promised you an eternity of misery, so I'm just keeping my word." Damon looked towards me. "Although I wish little sis no harm." He looked back at Stefan.
"Just stay away from Elena."
"Where's your ring? The Sun is coming up in a couple of hours and poof, ashes to ashes." I stepped up to Stefan. He looked at his hand and then looked back to Damon. "Relax." Damon reached into his pocket. "It's right here." Stefan carefully took it from Damon's hand before putting it back onto his finger. I watched in slight shock when Damon took Stefan's neck and threw him against the garage. I rushed next to Stefan at the same speed as Damon did.
"You should know better than to think you're stronger than me. You lost that fight when you stopped feeding on people." Damon said, standing over our brother, in a threatening tone. "I wouldn't try it again." I looked at Damon.
"If you try anything, you know what will happen." I said to Damon. "You know I'm stronger than you." I said with a slight smirk. I looked behind Damon, because I heard a noise. "I think you woke Zach up." I said before looking at Damon.
"Sorry, Zach." He said before walking back in the house.

"You should check on Elena." I said to Stefan as he stood. "I can talk to our big bad brother." Stefan gave a nod before I went into the house.

"Why do you always have to shake him up?" I asked Damon after I found him in his room. He turned to me after tossing his leather jacket on his bed.
"Because little sis, it's just what I have to do."
"You don't have to do it, you want to. You know there's a difference."
"Not to me." I rolled my eyes.
"Can you maybe stop the big bad brother act for two seconds Damon?" I took a step closer to him. "You are my big brother and Stefan is our little brother. At least you could do is try and get along with him this time. I know you don't always listen, but at least try." I looked at Damon and gave him my best puppy eyes. "For your baby sister?" I said like a baby. Damon looked at me with a straight face. He gave a slight nod. "Good." I said with a slight smile. "We both know I could take you down if you didn't." I turned around to leave.
"Are you sure?"
"Don't tempt me." I jokingly said to him before walking out of his room.

As you can tell, Elizabeth was born before Stefan. She actually turned into a vampire the same day as her brothers, but at an earlier time. That makes her stronger than Damon. Elizabeth shares Damon's diet, but some of Stefan's ethics.

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