For all those that had something happen in their life that destroyed their sense of safety.


Caida, my homeworld, was a peaceful place, until the Cardassians came. They tore Caida apart and devastated it.

My parents tried not to show their fear but I could tell that they were.

Then, one day, I left our village to gather some plants. After I was done I chose to pick some flowers in a meadow. While I was there the ground shook and I fell.

The ground shook for a long time before it stopped.

I waited where I was like was taught before standing and walking back to my home. The sight that met my eyes brought me to a halt. My village was gone; a smoking ruin.

I stood rooted to the ground, unable to comprehend what had happened.

Finally I ran through the rubble screaming the names of my family and friends. Hoping against hope that someone would answer me.

No one did.

A few days later I was picked up with a few other survivors and brought to a planet in the Federation. I couldn't stop crying for my family and friends.

I can't understand why this was done.