Disclaimer: Magical Starsign is by Brownie Brown.


A few days into my class, I first meet him. Pico.

Tough, hot blooded, and temperamental Pico, fire wizard extraordinaire. He learned his fire magic on his own, a feat I couldn't do due to my light magic being harder to master when self-taught (hence why I received lessons). As the days went by, I grew more and more amorous. But I feared telling him about this out of embarrassment, so I kept everything hidden for him.

I kept thinking of him after I blasted off into space to go after Lassi. I thought he remained behind and was thinking of me. He didn't. He took off on a rocket after us and crashed landed onto Gren. Once we met him there, he revealed he was looking for Sorbet, who was caught by pirates.

While going to rescue her, I felt a sudden strain when we finally reunited. Pico...was in love with Sorbet. Not with me. He'd risk life and limb for her as a lover, but for me, he does it like a true friend would.

My confusion and negativity grew even worse when Mokka asked to see me in the rocky alleys of Paella. On that day...he confessed that he loved me. I was so upset by the fact that I couldn't tell Pico how I truly felt about him and now this that I cried when I left.

I did not enjoy the rest of the Star Festival after that...moment.

But I had to try and keep my chin up. I'm a Light Mage, after all. If I'm sad or depressed, I can't use my powers effectively. It's all about looking on the bright side, to put it literally. So, I got help.

It was Lassi who told me that when it comes to a thing like love, sometimes you need to follow your heart. After a moment of thinking it over, I did. For now, I remain single.

I'm not sure what's next for my future. But I look forward to seeing you again, Mokka. I wonder what doors will open when we next meet.