Disclaimer: Magical Starsign is by Brownie Brown.


I remember it clear as crystal. First day of school, I saw her reading a book. She was the smart and aloof Sorbet, and when I laid eyes on her, a light version of Dazzle Darts hit me.

I was in love!

Whenever I had the chance, I'd try and help her out with anything she was doing. She was usually the one who ended up helping me, though. If I told her what I felt about her, I'm not sure if she would be able to comprehend it. So I waited for the right moment.

I kept on waiting and waiting during my journey across the Baklava Solar System. That opportunity was shot when Pico took the initiative to rescue Sorbet on Gren. I first brushed off the negative feelings that were coming afterwards. I later learned that it was a bad idea when you wield something hailing from pure evil.

Then the Star Festival came along. Sorbet and Pico were getting closer (well, as close as they can get if she's paying attention), and then Lassi called me over to tell me something. It was that she loved me as more than just a friend.

I did not respond. Confusion and heartbreak boiled over, and when it mixed in with the darkness I wield, the results are deadly.

After taming the beast that was a combination of my anger, depression, and Dark Magic (and learning Zero Joker while I was at it), I decided to stay single. I'll take a break from it for a moment to focus on my magic and helping others on different planets.

Hey, Lassi! I just want to say this before you go to follow your dream. Enjoy your future! I hope to see you again as a successful rabbit woman.