Myth Lords: A Doctor Who and Mythbusters Crossover

Why? Because secretly, you've always wondered. And that's why I'm here.



Amy was sitting on the couch in the TARDIS, looking up at the Doctor expectantly. "Well? I'm tired of ice planets, Doctor. You promised me someplace warm. So where are we going?" When the Doctor didn't answer, she walked up behind him, trying to make sense of the swirling symbols on the screen he was staring at. "Doctor?"

He jumped slightly, as if he had forgotten she was there. "Right you are, Pond. I promised you someplace warm… And here we are!" He turned a dial, and the image changed from swirling Gallifreyan symbols to an overhead view of a large, distinctly orange suspension bridge.

"Just what planet are we on the people paint a bridge orange?" asked Amy, flabbergasted that any species would do anything so utterly ridiculous.

"Yours!" laughed the Doctor, spinning off to another section of the control panel and beginning their descent. "Seriously, though. This is San Francisco, California in the good ol' USA."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Right. They're Americans. Of course. But is it warm?"

The Doctor shrugged. "I think. But hey, adventure, right?"

Amy rolled her eyes again, then lost her jovial expression as the Doctor continued "You'll get warm enough by running, anyway."


The TARDIS set down in the middle of a large, dirt field. The Doctor shielded his eyes, looking around, but there was no one in sight. He cupped his hands around his mouth "Hello?" The sound echoed slightly off of a small, rather rickety looking wooden shack set a few feet away from them.

"not a very friendly lot, then…" Amy said, looking around. The area seemed to be utterly deserted. "I thought you said that this was a city."

"I did." The Doctor looked around again, a low, thin whine starting in the air and getting louder.

"Doctor, what's that?"

"I don't know." He inspected the shack again, running his screwdriver over it. He turned back to Amy. "Run!"


"This house is a bomb! I can defuse it, but you need to get out of here. I can come back, you wouldn't survive a blast like this!" Amy looked like she was going to stay, but the Doctor shoved her back to the TARDIS. "Go!"

As soon as Amy was safely in the TARDIS, he once again pulled out his screwdriver. First, he locked the TARDIS door. No need for Amy to go blundering into dangerous situations. Then he turned back to the house. It was a simple enough explosive- just a packet of C4 sitting on a table. What's going on?

He quickly sonicked it, then jumped slightly as a countdown began.

"Exploding Shack, test one. Three."

"Crap!" the Doctor got up, kicked down the door, and started running.


He knew he wouldn't get out of the bomb radius fast enough. He tripped over the threshold, and fell to the ground.


"I'm sorry, Amy…"