Myth Lords: A Doctor Who and Mythbusters Crossover

Why? Because secretly, you've always wondered. And that's why I'm here. Oh, yes. I'm going to be trying to write this chapter from Adam's point of view. Be ready for a lot of random tangents.

And just saying: a good portion of these chapters from now on will be based on Hot Pink Butterfly's 120 Things I Learned from Mythbusters. Because they're amusing and help give me a prompt to work off of.

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Chapter 3: in which we learn that Adam is horrible at accents



Adam followed the Doctor and the build team down the path back to his car and the truck which had held the materials for the shack. The Doctor seemed very quiet, but Adam could tell that he was a kind of kindred spirit- that, if given a bit of time to settle in, he could become a very valuable Mythbusters. Something about him told Adam that he knew a lot more than he was letting on, and he survived as C4 blast.

As Adam stowed the Segway in the back of his car, the build team got in the truck. The Doctor started to follow him, but Adam grabbed the back of his jacket. "There's not enough room in the Build Team's truck for you. You'll be coming back with me, ok?"

The Doctor shrugged. "Alright. Under one condition."

Adam looked at the Doctor slightly worriedly. "And that is…"

Grinning madly, the Doctor continued, "I get to ride the Segway sometime soon."

Chuckling, Adam nodded. "Alright. You get to ride the Segway after you meet Jamie. I can just imagine what he'll be like once he meets you. Probably like-" he paused, putting his fingers over his mouth as a mustache and deepening his voice. "Uh… who are you? Why were you near the bomb site? And what's with the bowtie?"

The Doctor chuckled in return. "Who is this 'Jamie?' I've heard you and… Tory, was it? Mimic him quite a bit."

Adam snorted. "He's my co-host. A good friend. Just a bit…" He waved his hand through the air slightly as the Doctor climbed into the passenger's seat of the car, getting tripped up slightly because he forgot it was American. "A bit serious. And a bit fun to mock."

"I could tell that." The Doctor laughed slightly. "Is he an Ood or something?"

"A what?"

"An Ood!" the Doctor mimicked the wiggling of fingers over his mouth. "You know, like bald head, big eyes, wiggly bits over the mouth." He wiggled his fingers again, and Adam laughed loudly.

"Bald, maybe. But this-" he took one hand off of the wheel and made the wiggly-fingers gesture- "is meant to mock his mustache. And he has… normal sized eyes for a person. And I'm fairly sure he's human not that we don't joke about him being an android occasionally." He paused, then continued. "And what's an Ood, anyway? Sounds a bit… odd."

The Doctor shrugged. "Nice enough blokes when their eyes aren't red. Aliens."

There was dead silence in the car, Adam wasn't looking at the Doctor. In fact, he seemed slightly nervous. "Aliens?"

"Yeah, aliens. I know that you live on the west coast, but you seriously haven't heard anything about aliens in the past few years? Spaceship crashed into Big Ben? American president assassinated by globe-y aliens? Planets in the sky? None of that?"

Adam shrugged. "This is San Francisco. Weird stuff happens all the time here."

"Still, I would have thought that you guys would have noticed, being the Mythbusters and all." He looked over at Adam. "Are you sure that you don't remember any of this?"

With a shake of his head, Adam replied. "Nope. I remember some odd stories from some of the Mythterns about that sort of thing, but nothing lately. And I don't remember any of this stuff."

The Doctor looked at him, really looked at him. Adam felt slightly uncomfortable under the suddenly ancient look. The Doctor opened his mouth as if to say something, but Adam cut him off. "Here we are! M5. Jamie will love to meet you."

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