Summary: A year and a half after returning home from the Capitol, Katniss and Peeta begin growing back together. Everything seems perfect until they get a call from the President herself. Someone wants the pair dead and will stop at nothing to achieve this.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger Games, only copies of the books.

My name is Katniss Everdeen… I'm nineteen years old… My home is District Twelve… I've survived the Hunger Games twice… I was the Mockingjay…

They will never let me stop being the Mockingjay…

I rocked lightly, hugging my legs close, trying to make myself as tiny as possible… Maybe I would shrink away.

The Mockingjay took everything away from me…

I heard stirring downstairs, most likely Greasy Sae making sure I eat. As if I was drawn by an invisible hand attached to strings at my limbs I hoisted myself off the ground.

A puppet… Everyone's puppet.

I stared at the stranger in the mirror. Her once long brown hair was still missing in a few patches, and her patchwork skin made her look like a doll my mother sewed for me when I was a child which she stuffed with hay. I inhaled deeply remembering it's scent, maybe if I tried hard enough I would open my eyes and all this would been a story my father had told Prim and I. As the thought of her name goes through my head I shiver while a wave of agony flows through my veins, I feel as though someone is push wood tough them. I crouch on the ground before I feel it ripple through me, a loud distraught moan mixed with a hate-filled scream. I pound my fists on the floor, "After everything I did, after everything I gave up!" I shouted, between each word was another hit to the beautiful wood floor, "Why did you have to die!" I ignore the throbbing pain as now guilt takes over.

I fall the rest of the way to the ground, smacking my nose into the floor. I lay in an almost child's pose for what seems like hours before the pain hits me. I ignore it, I need it.

Lost in my own world I don't hear the footsteps running up the stairs. At this point I'm frozen in position, I hear Haymitch call it "Catatonic"

"They really don't think she can just stay here alone do they?" Sae asks, at least I think it's Sae

Across my affixed stair I see the same patchwork skin that the stranger in the mirror wears… That I wear, except it's lighter, "Peeta…" I try to get out though the word's won't find their mouth. The voices become garbled and I realize I'm being moved. The patchwork arms have me and for the first time since returning home I feel safe.

"Sae, you can go home, I'll take care of her," I will my head to move, to see the voice, though I feel too weak. I'm left sitting up, the only way I can tell this is because I have a direct view of my window and the sun as it finally sets. Peeta comes and goes throughout the evening, attempts to feed me.

I'm not hungry, can't you tell? Over and over I try and will him to leave, just let me live out the rest of my days trapped in my body which I have no control over, no will to even move it.

Just let me waste away…

Fatigue finally gets the best of Peeta and I feel the bed shift next to me as he climbs in next to me, but far enough so we don't make contact. I remember the games.

Games… Games are things children play for fun… Not games Gamemakers play with children's lives.

Child… I was just a child…

I know I'm a shell of the person I was before the games, even before the Revolution. Now I just sit limp propped up like a puppet without its puppeteer. That's what I was, wasn't I? First Snow's then Coin's… Now that both are dead I've lost my puppeteers.

At some point my mind lets me sleep because when I open my eyes the sun is up. I turn my head finding I can now control my body. I move my stiff joints until I'm standing as I shrug off the loose pajama bottoms and ratty t-shirt I was wearing. Everything I owned was ill fitting and either fell off or looked like a sack on me. I shivered as my feet touched the cold marble of my bathroom floor immediately rushing to the shower. I find the water too warm and go to adjust it when it hits me. The shower was on before I got in. I turned around slowly only to meet the equally shocked blue eyes of Peeta, only he didn't let out a scream that could probably break glass.