Right, This is a oneshot on my Dodging Love Bullets and Fixing Bones story, But i'm so proud of it. Its on of my best pieces of work. So i decided to upload it sepratly and continue it. Well, When i say continue, I mean add a few more chapters. So hope you enjoy this and check out my new stories. :)

Valkyrie looked at her watch. It was HALF AN HOUR past 10 and the woman that had phoned said that she was going to meet her there at 10. Not 10:30. This woman probably found it amusing that she was being forced into waiting her in the freezing cold of December, Waiting for her.

She heard heels clicking against the ground and she whirled around to look at beautiful woman, Dressed in a navy blue trousered pinstrip suit and red nails. Her lips matched her nails and her black curley hair was pinned to one side, The curles stretching down to the bottom of her stomache and a gun was hidden in her suit jacket. Lilac-Grey eyes glistened when she reconized Valkyrie and she stopped. Giving Valkyrie a devilish look.

"The name is Amelia Jones." The woman said, She had a deep, Sexy voice that could lur any boy in. She held out a hand and Valkyrie shook it wairily.

"Why did you call me?" Valkyrie asked.

"I'm taking you somewhere."


"Its not the why, You should be worrying about. Valkyrie Cain." Amelia said. Walking towards her. "Its the when" She said, Touching her shoulder, Making everything go black.