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Second Chance- Chapter Ten: Epilogue: Welcome to Euphoria

Rosalia Rossellini-Fleming sat in one of the many offices in the Palm City courthouse. She was in between her guardians, Vince and Jamie, as they both worked on the set of adoption papers that would legally make Rose their adopted daughter. It had been a little over a year and a half since Peter had been put in prison; since that year, a lot had happened. The formerly framed cop and his wife had gotten their divorce, which led into his proposal and eventual marriage with Orwell. From there, the couple had found a steady home and tried their best to provide for the little blonde.

Now the eight-year-old was as nervous as could be. Not even the brunette's soft hand clasped on her knee was doing much. Rose smiled as her mother-to-be stroked a thumb against it very gingerly in hopes to calm her down; she could only wish that that much would calm her down. Everything was passing through her mind at once. The little blonde had no doubt in her mind that she wanted these two as her parents, she was just a little… wary about getting used to a new routine. No matter what, there would always be that little nagging thought in the back of her mind that she would be taken back to the orphanage.

Vince shot a glance down at his soon-to-be adopted daughter and noticed that she was looking pretty nervous. He couldn't blame her though. After all that this little girl had been through, it was a wonder how she was even willing to accept them adopting her. He sent her an easy smile as their eyes met before he went back to work. And, while it wasn't much, it meant something, just as Orwell's gentle touch did.

After a while, though, the adoption process was complete. Just like Orwell was now a Faraday, so was Rosalia. As the eight-year-old was led out of the courthouse by her parents, she felt the happiest she had ever been in quite some time. The nervous jitters had subsided, which told her that these two parents would be the ones that she would have for the rest of her life.


Ever since then, things were coming around nicely. Orwell had gained control of ARK, where she was still trying to make amends for all of the crap that her father had done during the year that the business had been running. Vince had become her head of security, most likely so that they could be all kissy-face when no one was around, according to their daughter.

Rosalia had gotten used to the way of the Faraday-Fleming family fairly quickly. Of course, her parents were coming up with it as they went along as well, so it all worked out. Every Friday they went over to the Raoul- Thompson home and every other Friday Trip would come home with them for his visit with his father. The little blonde didn't mind being in a blended family. Dana treated her like another child, just as her husband Dominic did. And Trip treated her like the little sister that she was, even though she could have lived without getting noogied every time she saw her older brother…

Pretty soon, she started attending the public school system that Trip was in. Her parents felt that she would be better off going there with Trip to look after her. Up until that point, she had a private tutor courtesy of ARK Corporation. It ended up working out for the best, all in all. Rose got to be a child, one that didn't have to worry about getting her family and friends sick.


Birthdays were important holidays to the Faradays. Even in Vince's previous marriage, birthdays were sacred. It was all about that one person and celebrating how old they were, even if they hated the fact. When April 21st came around, Rosalia didn't think that it was a big deal. She was now nine years old, but she didn't expect a big to do about it. This was because all of her other parents, apart from Peter, either forgot about her birthday or didn't do much for the occasion.

The little blonde woke up at that morning, early as usual, to watch her favorite cartoons. She plopped down on the couch a little groggily and turned on the TV. For quite a few minutes, she was in her own little world as she watched Looney Tunes. But she was soon interrupted by her mother coming into the room. Orwell had a shiny silver bag hanging off of her fingers, which she handed over to the birthday girl as she sat next to her.

"What's this?" Rosalia asked, looking up at her mother with curious pink eyes.

"It's your birthday present, sweetie," the brunette replied a little worriedly, "Please tell me you've gotten a present before."

"Oh! I have," the nine-year-old spared her a tiny smile. "I just wasn't sure that you remembered. Not many of my parents remembered my birthday, or got the chance to…"

Orwell set the bag aside and took her daughter into her arms. "Rose, haven't we been telling you that everything was different now? We're not going to drop you off at an orphanage. You are our daughter and," the blogger paused, pressing a kiss on the top of her head, "you are going to remain that way forever."

Rosalia wrapped her tiny arms around her mother and hugged her back as tightly as she could. With her eyes clenched shut, she replied a murmured "thank you".

Vince came into the living room with a mug of coffee and a tall glass of orange juice. When he saw his girls in the midst of their mother-daughter moment, he just grinned, placed the drinks down and went back to the kitchen to get his coffee. Once he returned, both girls were drinking their drinks as if their lives depended on it.

"Morning, dad!" Rosalia greeted quite cheerfully. Orange juice to her was like coffee to the hacker. It brought out the best in her.

The vigilante chuckled as he plopped down on the other side of his daughter. "Morning, birthday girl."

Orwell sent a smile over to her husband as she put her coffee mug down. "Speaking of, she was getting ready to open her birthday bag." She handed the silver bag over to her child again, who took it very gingerly.

Rose dug into the bag thoughtfully, and pulled out a box that was neatly wrapped in birthday paper. In under a minute, the box was unwrapped, shredded paper sprinkled all over her lap. Her parents watched as her eyes sparkled down at the box, which contained a lime green touch screen camera.

"There's more, you know," the brunette added as she settled onto her husband's lap with a tiny grin.

The nine-year-old ducked her head a bit to look into the bag. There were two more wrapped packages in there, as well as a card. She blushed as she noticed the card. "Sorry. I got carried away with the big box first," she sheepishly added.

Vince wrapped his arm around Orwell's waist and chuckled heartily in her ear. "That's how kids are period. Big boxes stand out in their minds first," he whispered down to her.

Rose opened up the middle sized box first, which turned out to be a moving picture frame. Courtesy of the tech savvy mother, the pictures that were taken from the camera could be uploaded onto the picture frame, via a micro SD card. This was a very handy and well organized present, according to most. The last box turned out to be a case for her camera. With the card forgotten, the birthday girl jumped on her parents and hugged them for all it was worth.

"You've still got a card, silly," the brunette laughed as she hugged the little girl back.

The blonde child pulled away, a blush on her face once again, accompanied by a sheepish grin. "Well, I'm thanking you guys ahead of time!"

Vince shared a look with his wife, who then burst into laughter right alongside him. There wasn't a dull moment with a kid around; that was for sure. And it was even worse with two kids around instead of one. God knew how crazy it would be around the Faraday home when more kids were added into the equation.

Rosalia looked back at her parents, more than a little confused at their sudden laughter. "What? What did I say?"


A little later on that day, Orwell and Vince invited over Dana, Scales, and Trip for the actual birthday party. The blogger would be spending hours on end in the kitchen, as she loved to do. It was always nice to have the public defender, who turned out to be her best friend, over so that she had someone to help out for big meals like these.

And, while he didn't really want to, the curly haired blonde's job was to put up with his ex-wife's new husband as he bullied him about anything and everything. Vince knew that he was just joking around, but still. He still put on the cape for Palm City and it just annoyed him to no end that now two known criminals were in his family. With that being said, though, he still wouldn't ask for a different life.

Rosalia and Trip left out the backdoor to play with her new camera. Mostly this was just the two of them being silly and trying to take pictures of them doing handstands and other crazy stunts, with the sincere hope that one of them would fall flat on their face while doing it.

"Well, I believe that the kids are enjoying themselves," Dana began as she looked out the kitchen window. She was in the midst of washing her hands so that she could help her friend with the birthday cake she was making.

Orwell chuckled to herself as she looked out the back door. "Oh yeah," she sighed as she went back to mixing up the cake batter, "at least Rose is putting her camera to good use."

"Trip needed a little sister, even though he tried to claim that he'd rather have a dog," the public defender smiled rather fondly as she came back over to the blogger.

"Would you like to have another kid someday?" the brunette asked, handing the mixing bowl over to Dana. As she picked up on the mixing, Orwell went over to preheat the oven.

"I've been thinking about it, sure. In fact… Dom and I are actually considering it now that we've moved into an actual house, versus an apartment," the strawberry blonde added, looking over her shoulder at the younger woman. "Why? Would you?"

"Of course I would. I love Rosalia with all my heart, but I'd like to know what it's like to carry a baby," Orwell shrugged, a tiny smile playing at her lips. "I know it's probably stupid of me to think that, but I do."

"It's not stupid, Jamie. I totally understand why you would want to do that. It's… not a walk in the park, I'll tell you that right now. But, I think that you could do it," Dana sent her a warm smile, "and your mix is all thick and ready to go."

The brunette took the mixing bowl from her friend and poured it directly into two different baking pans. "Hey, maybe we should get pregnant at the same time. Be a nightmare to our husbands at the same time," she grinned, completely joking. Well, mostly.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea, you know. Maybe we could torment them to the point where they lock us up in the same room and take turns waiting on both of us," the public defender offered, completely serious.

By that time, the men had come into the kitchen to see what they were up to. This was mostly just so they could say that they offered to help, otherwise they would get bitched at later for not pitching in.

"Torturing husbands?" Vince asked as he came in behind Scales. "Why do I not like the sound of that?"

"Because you know that we'd make your lives a living hell," Orwell smiled at her husband as he padded over to her.

"This is why I agree with everything that you say, babe," Vince grinned and pecked at her lips. "And… you've got some cake batter in your hair," he added as he swiped a finger across the top of her head, coming out with the cake batter on the finger.

The blogger smirked up at her husband, happy with his answer. "I dunno, Dana, you think they could handle us both like that at once?"

Scales and Vince shared a look, which clearly interpreted into confusion. They were a little worried that the girls were discussing a relationship between the four of them, or something as equally as scarring.

"Oh I think that they wouldn't have a choice, since we're the bosses of them, anyhow," Dana said to the brunette, a smirk just as sly on her face.

"Um, I think I'm scared now," Vince admitted, swallowing a hard lump in his throat.

"Besides, the babies would be happier if they had someone closer to their age than Trip or Rose…" Orwell considered. And actually, that plan didn't sound too bad to her.

"Vince, I t'ink the ladies 'ave made a plan without us…" the smuggler called back to the vigilante. Both men were more than a little nervous at this point.

"You're right, Dom," his wife told him, quite chipper. The younger woman popped the baking pans into the oven, snickering to herself.

"And what is this plan?" the curly blonde asked, taking his wife into his arms as she came back to him.

"Oh just that Dana and I are going to get pregnant at the same time and drive you both insane with our midnight cravings of disgusting foods," Orwell stated matter-of-factly.

Vince panicked at that thought. Dana was a nightmare when she was pregnant with Trip. All he could tell Scales to do was just smile and nod. "Well… is that what you really want? You want another kid?"

"I do," the brunette responded, smiling back at him just a little. And why should she do it alone? She and Dana could feed off of each other as they complained about the discomfort and the wacky cravings.

The formerly framed cop and the deformed smuggler shared another glance again. What could they possibly say against that? At this point, it was just best to agree. After all, the women were the bosses.

Rose and Trip ran back in the house not even a minute after that. The younger child was giggling and holding her camera close to her chest as her older brother chased after her. Clearly she got a somewhat embarrassing picture of Trip, and he would make sure that she deleted it.

"Hey! Be careful!" Orwell called after them.

"You break it you bought it, mister!" Dana added, mindful of Trip being a rambunctious ten year old.


Everything worked out for the best, in the big scheme of things. Dana and Orwell both were able to bitch and moan about the not so finer things in pregnancy, all while their men waited on them hand and foot. Okay so the girls didn't let them do everything, but it was fun as hell to make them antsy.

Dana and Scales welcomed a baby girl, who they named Elizabeth, whereas Vince and Orwell welcomed a baby boy, who they named Elijah. Liz and Eli turned out to be best friends and always hung out with each other. That meant that the Faraday and Raoul homes would always be close, no matter what.

As Orwell lay down next to her husband each night, there was that constant reminder that she couldn't have been happier. Ever since she met him, she knew that they had something. But now that she knew just what that something was, it was even more special. They were in love and that was all that mattered. Really, that was all that ever mattered to them.

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