Okay people, yes this story is bases on X-men evolution, but there are several noticeable differences.

Jean and Scott are a lot older than the other kids, they are both twenty-two.

Emma Frost is also in this story, she's also twenty-two.

I think that's about it, I'll let you know if more come to mind. Read on!

Logan leaned back in the chair in front of Professor Xavier, sizing him up in one glance, and then chewing on the end of his cigar thoughtfully. "You wanna try and get your son back, I can understand that."

Logan pulled the cigar out, looking at him with a sterner gaze, "But we both know, even if you do get through to David, if you somehow get past Ian and Lucas, if David comes here, leaves his mother, the only parent he's ever known, he'll always have the risk of Lucas taking back over, no matter what you do."

Professor X nodded solemnly, "I realize this, however, he is my son Logan, and I must try. I hope, in time, he'll learn to fight off Lucas on his own, control his dark corners within his mind."

"Right, I get it I guess." Logan said, sighing, "So you want me to go chase down this Lucas guy, gently ram my fist into his face and bring him back here, so you can try to find David in there. Right?"

"Yes." Charles said, a smile playing in his lips, "However, you won't be going alone."

Logan growled, "I know you're not about to dump one of these kids on me."

"If you mean by these kids, the children living at the mansion, then no. However, she is a mutant, and you should remember her, it's been a few months since she's visited." Charles said.

Logan's eyes widened, "You mean… her?"

"Yes Logan, and she's waiting right outside the door." Charles looked up a the door, "Come in Idris."

The door opened, and a teenage girl with a black shirt that had long bright red and black striped sleeves and jeans walked in, short ragged black and blood red hair hanging in her eyes, and brushing down her neck, not quite coming to her shoulder blades. Her black eyes might have looked happy and carefree at that moment, but Logan knew from personal experience when this girl fought, those eyes were the cruelest and most mocking the world had ever seen. He should know, he trained her, raised her in a way, and he couldn't have been happier to see her.

"Black Out, you look good." Logan said, standing up to greet her. She had grown a little since he had last seen her, half an inch. She hadn't only grown in size, but in strength too. She must have put on about a pound or two with pure muscle. He was eager to see how this new figure helped her in the danger room. He would make her stay for that.

The girl smirked, "You too, still haven't cut that hair I see."

Logan rolled his eyes, "Funny. Haven't heard from you since last month. You forget to send a postcard?"

"Nice to see you're worried." She said, crossing her arms, "No, the police have just been really tough to work around lately, not that I've been doing anything illegal."

He gaze dropped to the floor, a scowl coming onto her face. Logan seized the opportunity, "If it's gettin' to tough out there for ya, you can always come right back. Your old room's still waitin'."

"That's sweet." She said, brushing off the offer in a flat voice. Logan knew her style, she was a wanderer, unlike Jean, Kitty, or Rouge, she couldn't stomach being in one place to long. She was a roamer, not one for buckling down.

It wasn't because she couldn't commit to the team, God and all His angels knew she could commit. She had excelled in his training, quickly gaining one of the top scores in the danger room, beaten only by him. She knew Professor X would be able to beat her score, if he did danger room training.

She could have replaced Scott as the leader, if she truly wanted to, but that was her one little problem, she hated being on a team. She hated working with people, for several reasons. She'd tell you it was because she didn't like people weighing her down, but in all honesty, it was because she was terrified to be responsible for anyone but herself.

This kid had given him major headaches on occasion. But there's no doubt about it. She was goin places. If only she worked better on a team and wasn't always so self-reliant, then she could really dig into her potential. She was probably one of his favorite students. The only one other than Scott and Jean who actually paid attention to anything he had to teach them. She had made a fine addition to the team, and he was proud to call her his student. Truthfully, she was his student more than any of them, and the others knew that.

Logan has put more time into her than any of his students, not because he cared more for her, but because she wanted more training, more of a push, more of the thrill his classes provided.

She had fought for the X-men and their cause so many times with the group, and if that nearly faded bruise over her right eye was any indication, she was still fighting for them. In her own way, on her own terms, in her own playing field.

She was a lone wolf by nature, that might have been what connected Logan to the thirteen year old trouble maker who had showed up at the mansion so long ago. She had been living on the streets, tricking people with her telepathy to give her food, clothes, or whatever else she needed. Prof had worked that out of her, and now she was totally self-dependant, didn't want anyone's help. He knew she would rather fail by herself than to win with help.

Logan shook those thoughts away, "So, you ready to track down another mutant?"

"I tracked down Jubilee didn't I?" She sassed.

It was true, Idris had been the one to go to Jubilee's house and explain that she was a mutant, and offer her a place at the Xavier Mansion. As a result, Jubilee had been a bit betrayed when Idris hadn't stayed long, but they were past that, and they were now good friends once more. She had talked to several other students besides Jubilee, but none of them had really accepted the offer yet.

The bond she had with Jubilee did not begin to match her one with Logan though. Logan had been the one she gravitated to, though for the life of him he couldn't guess why she would pick him. A telepath with a feral as her main teacher didn't make much sense, but he knew part of the reason was because she had been terrified of her powers since Professor Xavier had entered her mind for the first time.

That was when Idris had decided she did not want to be a telepath at all, and put all her time and energy into her other skill, creating solid matter in any form.

She had pushed herself into Logan's training, not caring about her telepathic training the Professor made her do. The subtle fear she had gained of him and telepaths put a strain on the relationship between them.

"Suck it up and get out of here." Logan ordered Idris. She hadn't left the danger room all day, every time he would end a session, she would beg him to put on another. He had other things to do than let this kid shirk her telepathic training for whatever ridiculous reason she had

"What?" She asked, eyes widening.

"Get out, you're done." He ordered. "You were supposed to be in a mental session with the Professor half an hour ago."

She looked at the ground, "I don't want to."

"So I look like I really care?" Logan snapped. "Look, I get it, I really do. I freaked the first time Chuck got into my head too, but you need to grow up, and get over it."

She shook her head, "I don't wanna."

He growled, and she bit her lip, "I'm not going! I don't like being a telepath!"

"You think I like knives coming out of my hands?" Logan asked. "Your telepathy is part of who you are kid, denying it is like trying to convince yourself your eyes are blue instead of black."

She shivered, "I don't know…"

"Man up or you'll never do another danger room session for the rest of your life."

"Okay, okay!" She ran off, and Logan shook his head.

"That kid a one pain in the neck." Logan growled.

"You did, but kid, this one's gonna fight back, and by fight back, I mean try to kill you." Logan said.

Idris blew her ragged bangs out of her face, "Oh please, all of them do that." She left the room, heading to the X-jet.

Logan cocked his head to the side. What kind of mutants has she been tracking down?