Chapter One - The begining of the end

Hi my name is Carly Leona. I am only 17 and this is my first and last diary , the police will be doing an investagation on me soon so i hope that by the end of my

diary you'll all understand why i did what i did. It all started the day my boyfriend Nick and I decided to take it all the way. When him and i first started dating

he was everything i ever loved, everything i ever believed in, he was my e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. He told me he loved me and that he adored everyday we spent

together. About one month after he took my innocence i found out i was pregnant. I told him right away expecting to hear the most heart warming response.

Only to find out i was dissapointed. He begged me consistently to get an abortion. I could never do something like that and i wasn't planning too. He dumped

me a day later. I felt so useless without him and took him up on his offer and got rid of my baby just for him. I walked down to his house December 18th

around midnight. I climbed up his small latter he hid in the back. I managed to slide open his window and enter his room. The second i lifted my heady i saw

curly blonde hair spread across Nick's lap and the head movement just kept moving back and forth. Nick was moaning so loud he didn't even notice my

existence. I have no reason why but i screamed and he qucikly turned to look at me and the blonde girl didn't even bother turning her face it was full of


" Carly! What the fuck are you doing here?" i was speechless, i didn't even bother responding and i turned back around but i didn't realize that i was still on

the window sil. The last thing i remember was being dragged across a hallway with a bunch of people in whit coats and blue masks. At the corner of my eye i

saw Nick, he was too ashamed to look at me. I was in the hospital for three days, Nick was there eachtime and he didn't bother speaking to me at all. When i

was finally leaving he decided to speak " Carly, wait i just want to know why you came to see me" i managed to respond " Does it really matter now?" there

was a moment of silence then he said something again " Look Carly i'm sorry but i'm just not ready to be a dad" I yelled at him without even realizing it "

Well does it look like i'm ready to be a fucking mom? It won't matter anyways because i already had an aborotion! So i hope your happy now nick!" i burst

into tears and ran towards my car and managed to open the door and go inside and sit there and bawl my eyes out.