McKinley Halls

By Klainer0801

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Shoving his books lazily back into his locker, Kurt heard a tremendous roar coming from outside the front gates of McKinley high. Looking around and seeing the confused looks he knew others must have heard it too.

Suddenly a scream shot out and everyone ran to see what the commotion was about, Kurt slowly tagging along behind.

When he stepped foot outside it was clear where the roaring noise had come from. A brand new motorbike was parked up outside the school. Kurt new it was illegal for the bike to be where it was parked but thought nothing of it.

The bike was a glossy black with gleaming silver wheels and handles. Kurt never took much interest in bikes or cars which was strange considering his dad was a mechanic but even he could tell this was something special.

He looked around for a sign of the owner but couldn't see a thing. That is, until he noticed a flash of a leather jacket emerging from a crowd of giggling excited girls.

Screams, swoons and sighs were emitted as the boy clad in leather parted the group with a cheeky wink to the girls. Kurt could see why the girls were going crazy.

This new boy carried an air of 'Bad boy' with him and if that wasn't enough his looks certainly gave him away. His leather jacket hung loosely around his shoulders just enough to see the tight fitting t-shirt he was wearing underneath.

Kurt gasped as he saw how ripped the guys muscles were. Bringing a hand up to his mouth he carried on observing the boy.

His jeans were tight enough to exaggerate his asset but still loose enough to leave some mystery. Kurt snapped back into reality and tried to focus up to his head instead.

That wasn't any better. The boy's dark curly hair fell over his forehead messily and almost as if the boy knew Kurt was watching him he ran his fingers through the front of his hair, making Kurt sigh once more.

He started towards the boy instinctively, taking in all his masculine features and noting how much he loved triangle eyebrows now. He was close enough to smell the boys enticing cologne when the boy looked up at Kurt.

Kurt had to bring his hand up again to stop his jaw from hitting the ground. His EYES…

Beautiful, hazel eyes stared back at him. The most gorgeous eyes he'd ever seen. The glimmer in the new boy's eyes almost dared Kurt to come closer but as he started to move, the eyes flickered away from his direction.

A sly smirk grew on the handsome boys face and with one last sexy glance at Kurt he walked away.

Kurt was left there in shock as he suddenly realised what he was doing. He quickly retreated back through the school doors but as he did so he felt a hand creeping down on his lower back.

"I'm Blaine by the way. Remember it; you'll be screaming it later." Was whispered to his ear and Kurt felt a shiver move all the way down his spine.

As Blaine walked away he didn't even look back once, leaving Kurt standing alone with bag in hand once more. 'Did he actually just hit on me?' Kurt thought, 'Surely he can't be gay.'

As the bell rang for first lesson, Kurt stumbled past the football team which all threw insults and jeers his way. He ignored these and walked into his history class with his head held high.

He didn't bother looking around the rest of the classroom when he moved over to sit in his usual seat near the back of the classroom. He soon regretted that decision when he felt a hard boot kick the back of the chair.

"FINN, don't ki-" Kurt started but with great disbelief, realised it was the new boy, Blaine, who had chosen the seat directly behind him.

"You can yell my name like that any day." Blaine said with that familiar smirk creeping up his face, leaning back in his chair.

"In your dreams, maybe if we travel back to the Grease days I might be more interested." Kurt retorted motioning towards Blaine's gelled hair and leather jacket.

Blaine's boot collided with the chair in front of him harder this time and Kurt was sent flying off his chair to land on all fours on the floor. Kurt could feel the anger rising up inside of him. Bullies he could put up with but not something like this!

"That's right, on your knees Hummel" Blaine shouted loud enough for the rest of the class to hear – including the teacher. Mr Field immediately swatted down the classes gasps and laughter and told the boys off with a quick "Get out."

Stepping outside the classroom, Kurt had to dig his nails into his palms, hidden under his crossed arms, to stop himself from lashing out on the boy opposite him.

"How do you even know my name! Are you some kind of stalker now?" Kurt spat out at Blaine.

Blaine didn't move a muscle. "I have my ways."

Kurt gave up and threw his arms in the air, "what the hell!"

"Well, I did come here from Dalton Reform Academy…Heard of it?" Blaine walked off without another word, shoving his hands into his front pockets. Now he realised where Blaine had won his Bad boy status.

Kurt was getting fed up with Blaine leaving him alone like this at REALLY inappropriate times. He wanted to shout after him but, realising the so called 'Bad boy' would be getting into trouble because of walking away from the classroom, thought better of it.

Kurt was literally fuming from the ears as he strode across the school yard at lunch to where Blaine stood. The way he stood without a care, one foot against the wall, cigarette in hand just made Kurt want to punch him even more.

"Just who do you think you are Anderson!" Kurt bellowed out.

"You surprise me, you've lasted longer than most but I knew you'd come running to me soon enough." Blaine hissed as he chucked his cigarette to the floor.

"How the hell did you get into my locker?" said Kurt as he waved the piece of paper he found in his locker. It had a phone number on with 'Blaine' signed underneath.

"I have my ways."

Kurt was just about to scream when Mercedes walked up behind him. "What's going on Kurt?" she said, concerned by how angry Kurt was looking.

"Do you reckon I'll make a good locksmith when I'm older baby?" Blaine directed at Kurt with a saucy wink.

"A good asshole more like!" Kurt shouted in return as Mercedes steered him away. He realised his mistake as soon as the words had left his mouth.

"You can check mine out any time you want!" called Blaine's voice from behind him but he forced himself not to turn back around.

As soon as Kurt got home that night, he threw himself down onto the bed. He was so confused with feelings that he literally couldn't keep his eyes open a second longer and fell into a deep sleep.

He had the strangest of vivid dreams. Hands roaming all over his body, lips pressed down on his neck. The amazing cold sensation of metal being pushed against his back which he didn't quite understand.

Kurt could feel the heat and tension even in the dream and just as things were getting exciting he caught a glimpse of a smirk he knew all too well.

Kurt woke with a start and sat bolt upright. "Oh my god…" he whispered to himself, realising who the dream had been about. He tapped his alarm clock to see the time 3:15am shining back at him.

Shutting his eyes against the bright light he let out a frustrated groan and fell back down onto the bed. He had to power through to get back to sleep but not back to those dreams however tempting it might be.

The first thing Kurt saw as he walked into school was the black gleaming motorbike in the same spot as the day before. He sighed deeply before walking through McKinley Highs doors to face the day ahead.

He managed to push through the first 3 lessons without seeing Blaine at all and Kurt was feeling quite relieved. After the dream he had last night he wasn't sure he could do so much as look at him without blushing to the colour of beetroot.

Too late. Kurt had been so lost in thought that he'd didn't notice that he'd wondered down a deserted corridor. It just so happened that Blaine was waiting there for him.

"Oh gosh! I'm so sorry!" Kurt spluttered as he bumped into a masculine figure.

"No problem gorgeous." Blaine said smirking slyly.

Kurt's face was instantly an intense shade of red and it looked like Blaine had noticed. He let out a small laugh as Kurt stood there motionless not knowing what to say.

All of a sudden he felt two muscular arms push him backwards and the shatteringly cold metal lockers made contact with his back. "No" Kurt blurted out instinctively as he realised what was happening but could not make to push the bigger boy off of him.

Soft, wet lips hit his own, searching hungrily for permission to enter. Kurt's body tensed but after a split second he relaxed into the kiss. He flung his arms around the other boy's neck and gave the silent agreement for Blaine's tongue to enter his mouth.

The kiss was rushed and desperate and Blaine's hands were taking in every part of Kurt's body possible. A small moan escaped Kurt's mouth as Blaine bit down on his lower lip.

Blaine moved his mouth down to the crease in Kurt's neck and began kissing and sucking the sensitive spot. The new sensation sent Kurt's hand up to Blaine's curls at back of his head. He pulled on the locks as Blaine increased the pressure he was using against Kurt's neck. Kurt's head flew back to rest on the lockers behind as he let out another dangerously loud groan.

Suddenly Blaine whipped his hands down to hold Kurt's hips and he pushed them flush together against the locker. 'Why am I allowing this?' Kurt thought 'I hate this boy!'

Blaine began to kiss him again but this time rolled his hips against Kurt's aggressively.

Kurt slid out suddenly from underneath the boy. He couldn't do this! What was he doing!

"Kurt?" called Blaine with almost a flicker of fury and annoyance in his eyes as Kurt ran off out of the building.

Glee club's rehearsal finally arrived as the bell for the end of school rang out. Kurt could tell he was fidgety and unsettled and tried not to look any one in the eye.

Mercedes questioned him as soon as he walked into the room. "WHERE were you at lunch?"

Kurt tried to quickly think of an excuse but his mind was too confused to think straight. "I'll…I'll tell you later."

Mercedes shut up after that and never spoke another word to Kurt about the subject all rehearsal.

"Kurt, I believe it was your turn for the assignment this week. Turn a typically punk/rock song into an acoustic arrangement. The stage is yours..." announced Mr. Shue.

With everything going on Kurt had completely forgotten to prepare his piece.

"Urmmm I'm going to sing this acapella if that's all right Mr. Shue?"

"Of course, Kurt." Replied the teacher with a smile.

Kurt had about 3 seconds to think of a song to sum up his feelings and inspiration hit him like a ton of bricks.

He started to sing out into the silence.

You spurn my natural emotions
you make me feel like dirt
and I'm hurt

The other glee club members nodded in surprise at his unusual song choice but they seemed to be enjoying it.

And if I start a commotion
I run the risk of losing you
and that's worse

ever fallen in love with someone
ever fallen in love
in love with someone

Rachel's face was full of confusion as he looked at her. She knew better than anyone else that Kurt sings songs with meaning to him, full of reason.

Ever fallen in love
In love with someone
You shouldn't've fallen in love with

I can't see much of a future
Unless we find out what's to blame
What a shame
And we won't be together much longer
Unless we realize that we are the same

As he started the second chorus Sam and Puck had got up beside him playing a simple melody on their guitars for him to sing along to.

Ever fallen in love with someone
Ever fallen in love
In love with someone
Ever fallen in love
In love with someone
You shouldn't've fallen in love with

You disturb my natural emotions
You make me feel like dirt
And I'm hurt
And if I start a commotion
I'll only end up losing you
And that's worse

As Kurt sand these last few lines he realised how true the song was to how he felt. He hated Blaine but at the same time he knew there was something deeper there. Something he had to figure out. It had been an instant connection. And what about what had happened earlier? He couldn't deny, that WAS amazing.

Ever fallen in love with someone
ever fallen in love
in love with someone
ever fallen in love
in love with someone
you shouldn't've fallen in love with

The whole of Glee club stood up to congratulate Kurt on such a great performance.

The song may have cleared Kurt's head and sorted his feelings about Blaine for him but it certainly didn't make anything easier.

He could hardly concentrate for the rest of the rehearsal with so many suspicious faces glaring at him. So when Mr. Shue dismissed them, he rushed out of the choir room before anyone could catch him to ask difficult questions.

He was determined to get home as quickly as possible but what he came across next stopped him dead in his tracks.

A single silent tear fell down Kurt's face as he looked at the scene in front of him.

Blaine's lips were locked around someone else's firmly, body pressed up close. His hands had been thrust up their shirt and he was rocking his hips into the other body even more aggressively than he had with Kurt.

Kurt let out a gasp and dropped all his books when he saw who the other person was. No wonder they had been missing from the Glee rehearsal!

"WHAT THE HELL!" Kurt shouted out in disbelief.

Blaine and Santana broke apart and spun round to meet Kurt's gaze.

Kurt felt his heart shatter as he realised the look in Blaine's eyes was not one of remorse or shame but one of pride and spite. That look… accompanied by his stupid smirk.