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An amused giggle escaped Kurt's lips as he felt his husband's callused hands trailing their way up his thighs from behind. He kept walking through the car park and shook his head before turning around to playfully punch Blaine's arm.

Blaine faked a look of shock and moved in front of Kurt, grabbing his ass cheeks as they reached their car, effectively blocking Kurt from getting in. Raising an eyebrow, Kurt tried to push the curly haired man out of the way but failed miserably.

"Blaine move!" Kurt shouted, an enormous smile erupting on his face, "Honestly, all the years we've been together and you still act like this in public!"

"Look, we've had our nice romantic cinema date; the kids are with Burt and Carole for the whole weekend and we have an empty backseat in this car which looks rather inviting… how about we have a little fun?"

Laughing at the ridiculous way Blaine wiggled his eyebrows up at the taller man; Kurt lifted both his hands to his husband's cheeks and pressed a teasingly slow kiss to his lips. Blaine returned the kiss lightly until he couldn't take it any longer and grabbed onto Kurt's hips, switching them and slamming his boyfriend into the car with their lips still attached.

"Thank you!" Kurt chirped, pulling away and reaching down to open the door handle and climb inside, motioning for Blaine to move round and do the same.

"You can be a right little bitch when you want to be! My cock was getting hard just thinking of what we could do and then you go and pull a stunt like that!" Blaine joked, throwing his hands up in defeat and slumping against his chair on the passenger's side.

Kurt leant over to clip in Blaine's seatbelt patronisingly; brushing his fingertips down the other mans folded arms. Blaine smirked in his direction before rolling his eyes away. Kurt laughed to himself; of course he wasn't going to let an evening alone together go to waste! He turned the ignition before placing his lips next to Blaine's ear and resting a hand on his husbands thigh, "When we get home, you'll be grateful for the stunts I'm thinking of pulling."

Just like that, Kurt returned to his composed self and took to the wheel, reversing out of their parking space.

They drove in complete silence for only 5 minutes, the air around them thick with lust and desire. Blaine unclipped his seatbelt suddenly, shuffling so he was sat on his knees, leaning over the car to kiss down Kurt's neck.

"Blaine! As good a-as that feels, I'm -fuck- I'm driving honey!" Kurt moaned, trying to keep his focus on the road in front as Blaine's fingers started fumbling with the button on his jeans.

"Don't care. Can't wait." Blaine replied shortly in between kisses, lifting Kurt's shirt and biting and sucking all the way down, leaving small purple hickeys beginning to form, until he reached the waistband of his husband's boxers.

Kurt's vision started to go blurry as he felt a tongue licking a long stripe on the underside of his fully hard cock. He quickly shook himself out of it, leaning forward slightly, willing himself to drive home as swiftly as possible. One of his hands shot down of their own accord and knotted itself into Blaine's curls, pushing his face further as he bobbed up and down with his mouth around Kurt's length.

Steadying himself with his arms on Kurt's thighs, Blaine hummed around the head of Kurt's cock at his husband's enthusiasm, sending a spark of vibrations through Kurt and evicting a deep groan of pleasure from the man driving.

Blaine worked Kurt hard, sucking and licking just the way he knew his husband liked it and Kurt was grateful when he pulled up into their drive, feeling that heated pooling sensation in the pit of his stomach.

"Bla- god Blaine. Y-you need to – need to stop. Gonna-"

Blaine gave one last swirl of his tongue around the head before tucking Kurt's cock back into his incredibly tight jeans. Kurt winced at the throbbing pain but jumped out the car as fast as he could; pulling Blaine along by the hand towards their house, ignoring the proud look on the smaller man's face as he turned around to lock the car.

"Fuck Kurt. You're s-so beautiful. Baby fuck!" Blaine screamed out in a low husky voice after his 2nd orgasm of the night already, watching Kurt sit back and wipe his mouth quickly. After a few short breaths, the bad boy sat upright on the bed and crawled over to Kurt, "I wanna fuck you – make you come so hard."

Kurt's dick twitched in longing, but his mind had other ideas. He had been thinking about it for a while, but was never brave enough to bring it up. He thought he would always be happy as a bottom, after all it is Blaine on top and by god does he know how to please… but after a good 7 years together Kurt was ready to try something new.

"I-I uh … I wanna fuck you tonight." Kurt whispered, his eyes going wide at his own words and he worried his lips between his teeth.

Hazel eyes blinked down at him, "Sorry?"

"Ignore me! I – I was just s-saying urm, y-you know… What I-I was thinking-" Kurt stuttered, his face glowing red as he tried to wriggle away from underneath Blaine.

Blaine pressed a palm strongly to his husband's chest, efficiently keeping him still on the bed underneath him, "Remember our policy about 100% honesty… well, I'm glad you've told me that honey because I've been… well, I've been thinking about that for a while now too."

Staring up in shock, Kurt felt excitement run up his body in little shivers and he could literally hear the enthusiasm and curiosity in his husband's voice. He lifted one of his hands to brush a loose call from Blaine's eyes, "You'd be up for it?"

Blaine raised an eyebrow, "Would I be up for your cock in my ass?... You do know it's me you're talking to, right?"

Laughing out loud, Kurt spanked his husband hard, causing him to shuffle out of the way. He leant over to retrieve the lube from his bedside drawer, (they'd given up on using condoms now they'd been married for so long) and turned back around to see his Blaine, lay out invitingly on his bed.

Kurt knelt in between Blaine's thighs, pushing them apart with one hand while the other warmed lube across his fingers. He bent forwards, connecting lips with his boyfriend and moving in such a sweet and passionate way that he lets out a little hum of surprise.

"You sure you're ready for this honey?" Blaine said, breaking their kiss for a split second before diving back in with his tongue.

Kurt hummed an answer, nodding his head and locking eye contact with Blaine, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Kissing his way down Blaine's stomach, Kurt thought through in his head everything that Blaine did before he entered Kurt. He moved two fingers down to circle Blaine's entrance as he sucked tender hickeys into his thighs. Blaine responded by bucking his hips up and grasping at the sheets – oh yes he was going to enjoy this.

"Shhh. I'm gonna make you feel so good." Kurt cooed, stroking his long fingers up Blaine's stomach, while the ones on his other hand continued to pump in and out of Blaine, stretching him as he added another finger.

Blaine groaned loudly and threw his head back in ecstasy, "K-Kurt please… ready… promise."

A shot of arousal flooded through Kurt as he saw Blaine lay in front of him, flustered and begging for him. He didn't want to hurt his husband the first time they did it this way, so added a forth finger and pumped a few more times before removing them suddenly.

Blaine hissed at the cold emptiness that filled him, his hips bucking involuntary, wanting to find Kurt's fingers again. Kurt pushed Blaine's curly hair away that was now sticking to his sweat covered forehead, laughing slightly and placing a small kiss. He quickly grabbed for the lube bottle and covered his whole length, thrusting into his palm a few times before moving back to position himself above Blaine.

Receiving an encouraging look, he entered his husband slowly, loving the way Blaine's eyes rolled to the back of his head at the sensation. He stilled for a minute, allowing both of them to get used to the new feelings. The warm tightness around his cock was almost too much to handle and when he reminded himself that it was Blaine's ass he was buried in, he had to start moving before he came there and then.

Moving in and out slowly, Kurt reached down to cup his husband's cheek, finally seeing his pleasure filled eyes staring up at him. Their free hands intertwined as their breathing got heavier and heavier. Blaine could feel the slow drag of Kurt's long thick penis as it moved in deeper, hitting his prostate perfectly and oh man did he love it, "W-why haven't… god … h-havent we tried t-this before?!

"D-don't know! We should – oh fuck Blaine, this is … this is." Kurt trailed off as he began to pick up pace, leaning down to press their foreheads together.

"Amazing?" Blaine answered for his husband, finding Kurt's mouth a pulling him in for a deep kiss as the swirling heat in his stomach grew stronger.

Kurt hummed approval into Blaine's mouth and wound his fingers into his dark curls, panting as he too grew closer to his climax, hearing the familiar sound of skin slapping against skin. He grabbed Blaine's hips, just like Blaine had done to him many times, and saw the shorter boy smirk up at him with that devilish grin, knowing Kurt was enjoying this just as much as he was.

Rolling his hips forward, Kurt felt Blaine begin to suck and lick at his chest, scattering hickeys before moving down to his nipple. Blaine pinched the nub hard between his teeth, eliciting a scream of pleasure from Kurt, making him thrust even harder.

"Kurt, I love you so much. Come with me baby." Blaine growled with a hoarse voice, knotting his hands into the bed sheets.

That was all Kurt could take. His hips stuttered forward as hit bit down on Blaine's shoulder. The other man's hands flew up to grab his biceps, hips struggling to buck upwards against the force of Kurt's final thrust.

"Fuck K-Kurt… I need… oh god… This" Blaine stammered; sweat dripping from his chin as he felt Kurt's come filling him up and his own come covering his chest.

"Hey hey, I got you." Kurt whispered as he petted Blaine's hair, coming down from his orgasm. He chuckled to himself as he realised the state they were in, "It's so weird us being like this, it's usually the other way round."

"I think I like both. You're perfect either way." Blaine whispered back as his vision came back to normal, stroking his husband's cheek and leaning in for one last chaste kiss.

Kurt waited; he knew what usually happened next and was waiting to see whether Blaine was still his usual badass self after he's just been pounded into by his husband. Sure enough, after a few minutes came a sharp slap to his ass and Blaine sat up to pull him off the bed, whispering in his ear, "Come on. Let's get cleared up so we can start on round 2."

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