So this is my first fan fic. I have seen pictures on Deviant Art comparing the Pokémon Luxray to Yugioh 5ds Yusei Fudo, and thought it would be interesting to have both of them together in the same story. This is an alternate reality story in where the Luxray called Satellite has been with Yusei since the Enforcers/ Team Satisfaction, and has fought alongside Yusei during the Dark Signer story arc. No one knows what creature Satellite is but everyone on Team 5Ds has gotten used to him and his unusual abilities, and Satellite is very loyal to Yusei, and the rest of the team. This story covers multiple points of view including Satellite's, so that is a reminder. During the story I will touch on key points that help the reader understand how the story is running. So please sit back and enjoy: Satellite.

I do not own Yugioh 5d's or Pokémon.

Chapter One: Headlines

Fifth Art Conservator hit by Art Arsonist in Two Months!

Three rescue workers and one Security Officer

Critically Wounded!

Neo-Domino Art Museum fears Art Arsonist Attack!

Crow sighed and put down today's paper. All of Neo Domino City for two months had feared the attacks of the Art Arsonist. Last night while he had been doing deliveries, he saw a column of smoke and followed the smoke trail to a building that was a blazing inferno with fire department and security trying to keep the blaze under control. Now that building was just a twisted and charred metal ruin. So far no one had died this time, but there had been a total of three deaths from the attacks, all of them had been rescue workers.

Crow sighed again, and a voice said behind him, "What do you keep sighing about? You sound like you have just said goodbye to the love of your life."

Turning around Crow saw Jack Atlas walking through the front door of their garage and heading down to the garage floor.

Crow shook his head. "Have you seen today's paper Jack? That insane Art Arsonist has set another fire. I saw the inferno last night while doing deliveries, and the ambulances take four badly burned people away. I also saw the victims, and I think they might die from the wounds they received. I don't know what his guy's problem is with art conservators, it's just like he has to set fire to anything related to paintings."

Jack had a worried look in his eye. "I've seen the paper, and Carly told me at the cafe she was there last night. She said before the wounded passed out they said they saw something that resembled living flames. I don't like the fact she was there, I could smell a faint trace of smoke from her."

Crow spoke, "I knew you liked her Jack, I knew you… Wait you were at the café across the street buying coffee with our hard earned money? Jack what is wrong with you, why do you not get a job and help me and Yusei with paying for the basic necessities like food and rent! And what the heck is wrong with drinking instant that we can afford!"

Jack shrugged "Carly agreed to pay for both of us, and besides instant coffee doesn't make you feel like a million."

Crow launched himself at Jack and started wrestling with him, and roaring about how irresponsible and what an egotistical blockhead Jack was. While wrestling neither of those two didn't notice Akiza, Leo, Luna, and Bruno coming in through the door. All four of them just stared at the fighting match, and were trying to decide wither to intervene or just continue watching the match.

Finally Akiza roared, "Stop it! You two are acting like bratty three year olds."

Both wrestlers stopped and looked at each other with angry glares and both were heavily panting. Akiza, Leo, Luna, and Bruno quickly reached the ground floor and stared at them.

Leo said "Wow Crow, can you teach me to put someone in a headlock like that? And Jack can you teach me how to pull punches like that?"

Luna stared at her twin like he had lost it. "Leo, we don't want them to fight and I don't want you to pick fights with other people."

Leo stared at his sister, "But Luna I wouldn't pick fights with other people, I just want to learn how to defend myself."

Before anyone could talk, the group heard a car pull up and a few seconds later a knock on the door. Looking up, it was Trudge and Mina from Sector Security who both smelled strongly of smoke. With them was an evidence bag with what looked like a bulge inside the bag.

Mina looked at Crow and Jack and shook her head, "Have you two been fighting again?"

Jack snorted "Only because Crow launched himself at me."

Crow shot Jack a dirty look, "Because you act irresponsible and have ego problems."

For a second it looked like they would fight again, but Bruno stepped in between the two stopping a second round of wrestling.

Bruno spoke "You two need to stop this, we have guests from Security. Mina, Trudge what is it you need? And where you at the fire last night, you smell like smoke."

Mina looked uncomfortable, "Yes, we were both at the fire last night and the blaze was so bad the fire crews couldn't put the blaze out until five a.m. this morning. When the ashes of the building cooled evidence crews went in to see if anything could identify anything about the Art Arsonist, and the crews found something, it's in the bag. We didn't have time to change into anything, that's why both of us smell like smoke."

Trudge looked around, "Where is Yusei? We need his help in examining the object we found, it has similarities to the object he uses to carry Satellite around."

Jack glared at the both of them. "Are you saying that Yusei and Satellite started the fires? I admit Satellite is not a normal animal, bears a resemblance to a lion and can do things other animals cannot do, but Yusei would not do something that would put other people in danger. Besides he was here all of last night doing repairs on our Duel Runners until one a.m. and I was watching him."

Trudge quickly spoke, "We're not saying that, we just want to know where Yusei is so he can examine this device."

Bruno spoke up, "Yusei usually takes Satellite to the park about this time to give him some exercise. They usually spend about an hour and a half at park, I will call Yusei on his phone and see if I can get him to come right now."

Mina nodded, "Yes, the sooner the better.

So here is the first chapter. The next chapter covers the basic description of what Satellite looks like from the view point of someone who has never seen something like him before, and what some of his attacks might be. Please Read and Review, and I don't accept flames.