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Chapter 23: Satellite Origins- Star Lion's Wrath

The head of Team Morlocks could feel a headache throbbing in his head. What should have been a perfect plan was now unraveling between his fingers.

For three years the Morlocks had ruled the Satellite Island with an iron fist and had little trouble from the islanders. If they wanted something that someone had they made them pay a 'tax' so the locals would be left alone temporarily.

Then about a year ago other gangs popped up on the island and had seized control of Morlock turf. These Duel Gangs were created with different rules and values. But there were two things every Duel Gang had in common. It was to keep the Morlocks out of their turfs and find a way to get rid of every single member of the Morlocks.

With the appearances of Duel Gangs and the need to find new ways of 'tax' collecting the Morlocks made some changes to their tactics and their team. First, they moved their hideout to an abandoned bunker where some of it had managed to survive the earthquake. Then they laced the only way in or out with traps that were designed to keep intruders from coming to the main hideout. Second, they changed their tax collecting to nightly raids to get their hands on anything they could use. With their night raids most Duel Gangs couldn't keep them out of their turfs. Over a period of three years many Duel Gangs had formed and had fallen apart mostly because of the Morlocks.

When the outcry from the locals had gotten loud enough for Sector Security to take notice they also tried to get rid of the Morlocks. At first Security offered a huge reward for any information about the Morlocks but no one stepped forward to give information or claim the reward. Then Security went after the Morlocks when they went on their nightly raids. Those raids just made the Morlocks more cautious and made it harder for Security to grab them. Finally, Security got an anonymous tip who told them where they could find the Morlocks hideout.

"You'll find the tunnel that leads to the Morlock hideout near the old factory with the broken crane in front of the building."

The officer spoke, "Tell us your name and we will give you the reward. From the looks of things you sure could use it."

The person shook their head and said, "I don't want the reward. I just want the Morlocks gone and for them to stop their 'tax' collecting. There is nothing else on this island to give them," they stopped speaking and said in a lower voice, "Besides what you offer can't make up for what all of us have lost while we were stuck in this place with no help from the mainland."

The person walked away but before they went out the door they turned back to face the officers and said, "One more thing. The Morlocks have laced the tunnel that leads to their hideout with traps. Those traps are designed to seriously injure or kill any intruders. Make sure every officer who goes there is armed to the teeth and be on your guard at all times."

Then the person just left after they made that last comment.

Security had made an attempt to raid and arrest the Morlocks but the attempt ended in failure. Security could not get past the traps and could not figure out how the Morlocks got in and out of their hideout with ease. They also did not have enough manpower to get past the traps or weed out the Morlocks.

Then in the last few months a new Duel Gang appeared who called themselves the Enforcers. They had started taking over turfs and they were determined to protect what turfs they had gained.

The Morlocks had spied on the Enforcers and saw they were very talented duelists who were very close friends. Even though the Enforcers were just a team of four (most duel gangs had between five to seven members) they fought to protect everyone in their turfs. They never took anything from the residents in their turfs.

So when the Morlocks came to collect their taxes the Enforcers set their own traps and made the Morlocks duel for the first time in a long time. Every Morlock who dueled the Enforcers lost and they came back to the hideout empty-handed.

After four months of not being able to go tax collecting the Morlock leader found a way to keep the Enforcers from interfering. They noticed one of the members of the Enforcers looked after kids who were orphans. The Morlocks also noticed the Enforcers paid visits and looked after a woman named Martha who also looked after orphans.

He decided to grab one of the kids the Enforcers looked after and blackmail them into letting them continue their 'tax' collecting. Then make sure the tunnel was secure and every trap was correctly working. The Morlocks added new traps and a laser security system that would crush intruders like beetles. When everything was complete the Morlocks brought in new supplies for their base and went after the kids.

All seven of the Morlocks went after the kids and found two of them. They chases them into an ally and were about to take one of them when the Morlocks hit a snag.

The monster all of Satellite had been talking about appeared and placed itself in front of the kids. They had not thought the rumors were true that a monster walked the streets. When they tried to get to the kids it snarled and (to the Morlocks great surprise) shot out lightning bolts at them and forced all of them Morlocks back.

All except their leader who saw that with every lightning bolt the creature's strength left it. He also saw it appeared to be very ill and it looked like it wasn't going to stay in this world very long.

The monster finally collapsed on the ground and his crew walked over to the monster and began kicking it. They also called the monster things that would have burned the ears of anyone listening for miles. But the leader did not have time to waste on a near-death creature.

He broke up the kicking by saying, "Let the creature go. It can't protect the kids and from the looks of things it will die soon anyway. Take one of the kids and let's go."

So they grabbed the girl, left the note for the boy to give the Enforcers, and went back to their hideout.

That little girl proved to be a bigger pain than they thought. It would have been much better if she had just cried and had stayed quiet. But no, she didn't cry and she didn't stay quiet. She asked endless questions, she sang the most annoying songs, and she said things like, "When Crow and the others find you they will make you wish you had never been born," or, "All of you should have your mouths washed out with soap because of the bad things you said about the Star Lion."

Finally he took the girl and hid her in a secret room they had made into a storage room. There was no light and the room was four feet by six feet. There weren't any furnishings and there was only one door that led out of the room by the use of a control panel.

After shoving her in there he spoke, "Maybe being in the dark will teach you to be quiet. And don't bother screaming this room is sound proof."

All she said was, "All of the Enforcers are going to get you and your team! They will make all of the Morlocks pay for kidnapping me and make you scream for mercy when they get here!"

He simply said, "I doubt that."

Then he slammed the door shut leaving Annie alone in the dark.

Annie whispered to herself, "Crow, Kalin, Yusei, and Jack, where are you?"

For the next several hours everything was fine and the Morlocks were getting ready for 'tax' collecting when they heard a loud sound… like something roaring at the top of its lungs. Then thirty seconds later there was a sound of an explosion.

The Morlocks had sent three members to investigate what had happened but they didn't come back. What's worse was the three that had been sent were the best duelists of the Morlocks (apart from himself).

But he had a bad feeling the Enforcers had found their way past the traps and were getting ready to attack the hideout. His plan to blackmail the Enforcers into letting them do their 'tax' collecting was unraveling before his eyes.

But there were still a few things he could do to get the Enforcers to back off.

He turned to the other three members and commanded, "Keep the Enforcers busy. I need time to set up everything to get them to back off. I don't know how they got past the traps but they will not ruin anything else. If any of you tell them where the girl is you will regret it. Do I make myself clear?"

All three of them answered in unison, "Yes boss."


After their boss left they looked at each other and all of them could see sweat (made from fear) going down their faces.

One of them spoke, "How the heck did the Enforcers get past the traps? No one has ever gotten past the traps!"

Another said, "I heard one of them is a wiz with computers and electronics. Maybe that is how they got past."

"But how did they get past our laser wall. It can only be activated or deactivated from this side. It's impossible."

A new voice spoke, "Nothing is impossible when your friends are here to help you."

All three Morlocks saw Kalin walk into the room followed by Jack and Crow. Then five seconds later they saw a very strange sight walk in.

Yusei walked in with four Duel Disks strapped to his arms. Two were strapped to his upper forearms and two were strapped to the lower forearms. Yusei's functioning duel disk was on and its claw was extended around the Star Lion's neck like a leash and collar for walking a dog. The Star Lion was currently having electricity flood his body and giving him the energy needed to walk.

Yusei had rewired his friends broken Duel Disks and connected them to his Duel Disk to give an extra charge to the Star Lion. The wires were exposed but Yusei took a roll of duct tape that Crow had been carrying and insulated the exposed wires with the duct tape. Yusei had to keep his arms close together and take extra care the wires would not touch him.

After Yusei had completed his work he pulled out the claw and spoke to his friends and the Star Lion,

"If my guess is correct the extra electricity from out Duel Disks will give the Star Lion a charge that will help him walk. I can use the hook we use to fry other Duel Disks to send the electricity to his body. The hook can also act like a collar and leash so he can stay with us. But I don't how long the effects will last."

Jack spoke, "You should patent the idea. A Duel Disk that will allow you to walk your pet."

Kalin spoke, "We don't know what the electricity will do to the Star Lion's body. It might cause even more damage than before. But the two of you still want to do this?"

All of them looked on the floor at the Star Lion who was still lying on the ground and the Star Lion looked back up at them.

Luxray knew the electricity would give him a power charge and help him walk. But the electricity would be strange to his body and it would take a while to get used to it. Luxray had to help Annie and who knows what other traps could be inside.

Luxray nodded slightly and croaked out, "R…Ray"

Yusei nodded and said, "Let's do this."

Now all of the Enforcers were glaring at the three Morlocks and the Star Lion looking even more intimidating with his scar, his facial expression, and the sparks coming off his body.

The only thing that looked strange was the Star Lion moving up and down on his tiptoes, his claws were going in and out of his paws and it appeared that he was wincing a little. Luxray found the electricity to be uncomfortable and knew it would not be a good idea for anyone to pet him.

The Morlocks gaped at the odd sight and one of them spoke, "How is that thing moving!? When we last saw it it was too sick to move! Why is it with you!?"

Kalin gave off a quiet laugh and said, "Our newest member of the Enforcers wanted to see you Morlock scum squirm and he wanted payback because the lot of you kicked him."

Luxray gave off a deep growl and bared his teeth. Luxray knew Kalin was just trying to scare the Morlocks into submission.

Jack spoke in an icy voice, "We'll make you an offer. The one who tells us where Annie is located we will let go without punching their lights out. This offer is only good for one of you and our time and patience is short. What will it be?"

One of the Morlocks spoke, "What makes you Enforcers think the kid is here?"

Crow spat out, "Don't insult my intellect! One of your members who your boss sent to investigate the explosion told us Annie was here. You Morlocks keep your stolen goods in your hideout and none of you thought anyone could get past the traps! We promised the informant we wouldn't give away their name for telling us she was here."

Yusei spoke, "So what will it be; will one of you speak up or do we have to start a fight to find out where she is."

The Morlocks knew what their boss would do to them would be even worse than what the Enforcers would do to them right now. So all three of them roared and ran toward Kalin, Jack and Crow with their fists raised.

As soon as the Morlocks got to the Enforcers Kalin, Jack and Crow started fighting them. All six brawlers traded punches, kicks, and jabs.

Before Yusei and the Star Lion could move into the fight to help Kalin called out to Yusei,

"Yusei! Star Lion! We'll take care of the Morlocks! The both of you go see if you can find Annie and the Morlocks boss. The sooner the two of you find her the sooner we can leave."

Yusei shouted back, "Alright Kalin. We'll both go looking for Annie!"


The two of the walked quickly past the fight and started looking for Annie. The reason they couldn't run past the fight was because the cable that connected the Star Lion to the Duel Disks would break if there was too much stress. If the cable broke the Star Lion would lose his source of energy and would collapse on the ground.

Yusei and the Star Lion searched the different rooms and found rooms filled with old furniture, leftover food that needed to go into the garbage, and that badly needed cleaning. Yusei and the Star Lion searched the rooms carefully but didn't find Annie or the leader of the Morlocks.

While searching the hallways and rooms Yusei noticed something odd about the Star Lion. There were times when the Star Lion would stand still and slowly look at the walls, ceilings, and floors. Yusei would be ready to go into the next room and ask the Star Lion if he was ready but the Star Lion wouldn't move until he finished gazing at everything.

That's strange, Yusei thought, it's like the Star Lion in searching past the walls for a hidden space. Could it be the Star Lion has the power to see though walls? A month ago I wouldn't have believed such a power was possible… But with everything I've seen the Star Lion do I would believe he has the power.

Yusei waited for the Star Lion to finish looking around and walked with him when the Star Lion was ready to move into another room.

After fifteen minutes of looking Yusei and the Star Lion saw Kalin, Jack, and Crow running toward them. All three of them had cuts, bruises, and were panting heavily. But all three of them looked real proud of themselves for dealing with the Morlocks.

Before Yusei could talk Kalin asked, "Did the both of you find Annie?"

Luxray shook his head and Yusei said, "We've searched these rooms and we haven't found Annie or the leader. By the way, are the three of you alright?"

Crow spoke, "We're fine. What will make us feel better is having Annie safe with us."

Jack said quietly, "I must admit those three put up a real fight. But they didn't tell us where she is or where their leader hid himself. If the rumors about their leader are true then every Morlock must be really afraid of him."

Kalin hissed, "He's a real coward. He lets his underlings do the dirty work and when things get rough he hides where others can't find him."

Yusei quickly spoke, "Let's split up; we can cover more ground that way. If we find anything just yell."

Kalin looked down at the Star Lion and asked, "How are you holding up?"

Luxray was still moving up and down on his tiptoes, his claws were going in and out of his paws and his wincing had become more visible.

"Yusei, it looks like the Star Lion is in horrible pain," Jack said with some concern in his voice, "Don't you think we need to find a nice quiet place for him to lie down and turn off the power until we can leave."

Luxray answered that question by pulling forward and walking quickly past the Enforcers. Yusei quickly went with him and shouted back to his friends, "That's a big N-O! Let's find Annie as fast as we can!"

Luxray grumbled beneath his breath. He knew Jack was just trying to help but lying down and turning off the power would not help them find Annie. Luxray had no intention of being still while Annie needed help.

All of the Enforcers searched the rooms and hallways for Annie. Each of them called out to see if Annie would respond.






Suddenly Crow called out, "Guys I've found something!"

Kalin and Jack ran to where they had heard Crow's voice while Yusei and the Star Lion quickly walked to the same location.

They found Crow in a giant room filled with the stolen goods the Morlocks had taken from the Islanders. There were clothes, electronics, Duel Monster cards, furniture, and all sorts of odds and ends that had been stolen.

Kalin had gone into shock seeing all this stuff but he spoke, "This is how much the Morlocks have taken?"

Crow spoke in a normal tone, "I found four other rooms filled with goods like this one. They have been busy 'tax' collecting from the locals for three years and when I saw this room I thought the amount was too small. The amount in this room and the other four should make up the amount of goods stolen during a three year time frame."

"Did you see anything like a computer or a filing cabinet in the other rooms?" Jack asked, "It could help us locate the owners."

Crow shook his head, "I gave each room a quick going over and I didn't see anything that looked like the Morlocks kept records on what they stole or who they took the stuff from. The Morlocks don't appear to be the kind who keep records concerning their goods."

Kalin suddenly asked, "Where is Yusei and the Star Lion?! They were standing here a second ago!"

Jack and Crow quickly looked around and they saw that both of them were gone.

Then Yusei's voice called out, "We're in the fifth room down the hall. I think I found something that will help us."

Kalin, Jack, and Crow ran into the fifth room down the hall and found the last room filled with stolen goods. They also found Yusei and the Star Lion standing just inside the door frame.

As soon as the other three Enforcers got there Kalin hissed, "Yusei, why did you wander off like that! We thought the head Morlock had grabbed you!"

Yusei flinched a little and said, "I'm sorry I scared all of you but when Crow started talking about four other rooms the Star Lion and I left to search them. The other four didn't have what we were looking for, but we found a chain of Flash Drives on the table. These drives look like they have been used recently but I want your opinion Crow."

Crow walked around Yusei and the Star Lion and saw the Flash Drives. Crow knew from looking at them they had been used recently. A glance told him the dust around the Flash Drives had been disturbed recently. With a closer examination the drives had also been used recently.

Crow spoke, "The Flash Drives have been used recently. This could be what the Morlocks have been using to keep records of the stuff they have stolen."

Jack spoke, "But it could also be a trap set by the Morlocks. For all we know those Flash Drives could be rigged to explode or set a virus loose if it was inserted into a computer."

Everyone was quiet for a few seconds then Yusei spoke, "Let's just take them with us. We can examine them with a computer that isn't connected to the internet. I can even take the Flash Drives apart when I get back to my place. But let's keep looking for Annie. We have searched most of the rooms and we haven't found her."

Two minutes later the Enforcers and the Star Lion left the room. They split up in order to keep looking for Annie. Jack had the Flash Drives in his vest pocket.

Several more minutes of searching and the Enforcers still had not found Annie. With every minute that passed the Enforcers hearts sank deeper. They were beginning to think they would never find Annie in this wretched place.

Yusei and the Star Lion had entered into a medium sized room not far from the entrance. Yusei had barely opened his mouth to call Annie when the Star Lion went crazy.


Luxray had used his x-ray vision and found Annie stuck in a small hidden room. It looked like she had been crying and her movements were sluggish. Luxray recognized she was running out of air in that room and if she didn't get out now she would die!

Still roaring at the top of his lungs, Luxray lunged toward the door, stood on his hind legs, and with his paws began digging his nails deep into the door to see if he could break though the material.


Yusei was very surprised the Star Lion was acting like this. But when the Star Lion went to a certain part of the wall and began scratching the wall with his claws Yusei knew the Star Lion had found Annie.


Yusei's voice had the same volume as the Star Lion's voice.

The other three Enforcers had just made it into the room when Luxray got back down on all four feet and began smashing the door with his Iron Tail move. The first few swings made dents in the metal but the next few swings made a hole in the door. Several more swings made the five inch hole into a foot long hole.

All of the Enforcers were momentarily stunned at the growing hole and the raw power used to smash the metal door. They could see the look of determination etched into the Star Lion's face and a fierceness in the eyes that said he would protect what he cared about.

Then Yusei noticed the cable on his Duel Disk was going to rip in half if the attacks continued.

Yusei called out, "Stop! The cable is going to snap if you keep attacking!"

Luxray didn't hear him. He just kept attacking the door trying to give Annie enough air and enlarge the hole so she could get out.

Yusei quickly ran over to the Star Lion and placed his hands on the creature's back. Yusei felt his fingers get painfully zapped but he kept them on the Star Lion's fur.

Luxray stopped using Iron Tail and looked up at Yusei. Luxray was surprised Yusei would even touch him when his fur was full of electricity.

Yusei removed his hands and spoke gently, "You need to stop. The cable was about to break and your only source of power would have been cut off from you. You did a good job finding Annie and opening a hole in the wall. Now please let the other Enforcers get to Annie. You need a rest."

Luxray blushed under his grime laden fur. He didn't mean to not listen to Yusei. But he couldn't let Annie die. Luxray didn't want another person to die like Matt had. He had just gotten so wrapped up in getting her out that he forgot there were others here to help him.

Luxray looked into Yusei's eyes and said "Ray."

Yusei smiled and said, "That's my good boy. Now let's have Crow get Annie out."

Yusei and Luxray walked back to where the others were standing while Crow and Kalin walked to the hole.

When Crow got to the hole he knelt down and called, "Annie? Annie, are you in there?"

A second passed, then Annie's face appeared at the hole and she looked out at the Enforcers. When she saw Crow she smiled and said, "Crow! It's really you Crow!"

Crow gave off one of his crazy grins and said, "Sure it's me and the rest of the Enforcers! Come on, let's get you out of that hole."

As soon as Annie was out of that hole and safe in Crow's arms Kalin, Yusei, and Jack gathered around her. Luxray kept his distance from Crow because he knew Crow would not like Annie to get to close to him.

After each of the Enforcers had asked Annie if she was alright and if there were any injuries Jack asked her,

"Annie, did you see where the leader of the Morlocks went? We can't find him."

Annie said, "No, I don't know where he went. The last time I saw him he placed me in that room saying, 'Maybe being in the dark will teach you to be quiet. And don't bother screaming this room is sound proof.' So I told him before he shut the door, 'All of the Enforcers are going to get you and your team! They will make all of the Morlocks pay for kidnapping me and make you scream for mercy when they get here!' So I haven't seen him since then."

All of the Enforcers and Luxray were secretly pleased that Annie had the guts to say that. But Crow needed to speak to Annie about mouthing off at other people. But all of them were livid someone would lock a kid in a room with little air. Crow would have loved nothing more than ripping the Morlock leader's head off.

"Annie, you do not sass other people including people who are holding you captive," Crow said.

"But Crow I knew you and the others were coming to get me," Annie said, "I was a little worried that all of you might have been badly hurt and you might not have found me in that room. Who was it who found me?"


Annie looked down and saw the Star Lion looking back at her. The Star Lion was now visibly wincing and his whole body was starting to twitch from the electricity flooding his sick body. Annie also saw the Duel Disks on Yusei's arms giving the Star Lion power.

Annie just smiled at the Star Lion and said, "Thank you for finding me and saving my life. When you are better I'll give you a new name."

Luxray kept wincing but he managed to smile and said, "Ray."

Yusei raised an eyebrow and asked, "What's wrong with 'Star Lion?'"

Annie looked at Yusei and said, "No offense Yusei, but the name 'Star Lion' sounds silly. He deserves a better name for saving me."

Kalin spoke, "We will talk about names later. Right now let's get back to the surface. I don't want to stay in this place another minute."

They all turned to go when, from out of nowhere, two projectiles shot out at the group. One sliced through the cord connecting the Star Lion to the Duel Disks. The other projectile hit Yusei's undamaged Duel Disk and made it short circuit.

Luxray felt the power that had been helping him walk abruptly stop and he fell to the ground. Now Luxray could barely move his body and his vision was so blurry from the fever he could barely see past his nose.

Yusei saw the Duel Disk short circuiting and the other Duel Disks connected to it beginning to flicker and give off loud beeping sounds like they were going to explode. Jack and Kalin saw the Duel Disks flickering and heard the loud beeping. Both of them ran to Yusei, got the Duel Disks off of him, and shoved all four Duel Disks through the hole into the room where Annie had been held.

The four of them ran to another part of the room away from the hole with Annie still safe in Crow's arms. Luxray was away from the hole so it looked like he wasn't going to get hit.

For a moment the only thing they could hear was the loud beeping. Then came a loud explosion with thick grey smoke and some orange-red flames licking at the edge of the hole.

All of them just stared at the hole (in Luxray's case he just moved his head in the direction of the explosion and thankfully he didn't get hurt) and Yusei could feel his arms shaking. He couldn't believe the Duel Disks had been on his arms a few seconds before! What on earth had happened!?

Kalin was the first to find his voice and he asked in an uncertain voice, "Hey guys… who do we know who has a bad habit of throwing knives?"

Everyone looked where Kalin was looking and saw a long sharp knife embedded in the wall.

Annie croaked, "There's another one on the floor."

She was right. On the floor was another knife that wasn't the same style as the one on the wall. But it was just as sharp as the one in the wall.

"So you found a way to get past my traps. I'm guessing that freak helped you get down here."

Everyone turned to see the leader of the Morlocks looking back at them with sheer malice in his eyes.

The head of the Morlocks looked like he had come straight out of a tomb and he had never let the sun touch his skin. He was gaunt with his skin pulled tightly over his bones and his skin color was several shades away from being bleach white. His long shaggy dark hair looked like it had never had a brush go through it. His fingernails looked like claws from a wild beast's and his lips were withered and shrunken. He was dressed in nothing but grey and it gave the illusion he had more muscle on his body.

But everyone saw the eight inch knife in his hand. Seeing that knife made Crow put Annie down and gesture to her to stay behind him. Annie obeyed and stayed behind the Enforcers.

The Enforcers gave the leader of the Morlocks menacing looks of their own and would have loved nothing more than to tear him apart.

Kalin was the first to find his voice and hissed, "So, you're the one who's been behind the trouble the Morlocks have been causing."

A quiet reply came from the cadaver in front of him, "Yes I am that individual. You upstart Duelists have been giving me nothing but trouble with my plans."

Crow choked in rage, "You took Annie and left her in a closet to die. Not to mention your thugs hurt our newest teammate. You've been stealing from everyone and hurting those who could not pay your 'tax.'

"You're tunnel has seriously hurt everyone who tried to fight back," Jack spoke in a voice that would have made anyone tremble and grovel, "Your traps have killed people who wanted to stop you or got to close on accident. You should burn for all the harm you have caused."

The cadaver took no notice of Jack's tone but a new thought came into his head.

The Enforcers had guts but they also had some brains to go with their heads. Everyone in the Morlocks (except him) seemed to be all brawn and no brain.

The head of the Morlocks spoke, "I can see you are all talented in the area of dueling. What I want to know is where you get your strength."

None of the Enforcers spoke. Each one of them was suspicious about where this was going.

"You're talents are going to waste here on this island. Why stay here when you can go to the mainland and become much more. I have contacts with the mainland and you could become powerful men."

None of the Enforcers moved and sheer hate lined their faces. They knew this had a catch none of them were going to like.

"All I ask is that you join my team the Morlocks and work for me. This will be your ticket to getting off this island. My offer is a generous one I only give to the best."

Yusei spoke in his quiet tone, "And if we refuse you?"

The cadaver moved the knife hilt between his fingers and said, "Then I can't let you leave this place in one piece."

The knife had an ugly gleam to it.

It was a stalemate between the Enforcers and the leader of the Morlocks. None of the Enforcers could move forward with that knife in the leader's hand and the leader could not take them all on with just his knife. The Enforcers could not leave the room and get Annie to safety. They also couldn't get the Star Lion out. But at this point they couldn't tell if the Star Lion was even breathing. Annie thought the Star Lion was dead.

"What is it going to be?" the cadaver asked, "Will you do as I say or will you keep refusing me. I can keep this up for a while."

What am I going to do? Yusei thought, What is going to end this stalemate without having my friends getting hurt.

The cadaverous leader of the Morlocks took a step in Yusei's direction and closer to the Star Lion.

Suddenly the whole room was flooded with bright light so intense everyone had to shut their eyes or risk losing their sight. Coming from that light was a deep hate filled snarling.

Then the leader of the Morlocks felt a set of teeth sink deep into his arm with the knife. The pain was beyond horrible and he dropped the knife onto the floor where it couldn't hurt anyone else (and leader couldn't pick it up anyway due to the pain).


The light snapped off and the when the others got their sight back they saw the Star Lion on all four of his feet, sinking his teeth deep into the arm of their aggressor. The Star Lion's hate filled growls pierced the ears of the Enforcers and Annie.

While the leader and the Enforcers had been threatening each other Luxray had been lying on the floor playing possum. He knew if the Enforcers and Annie were to get out uninjured he had to fake being unconscious. When the stalemate happened Luxray used his Flash move and made himself impossible to see. Then Luxray lunged in the direction of the fiend's voice and sank his teeth deep into the leader's arm.


The leader of the Morlocks tried to get his arm from out of the creature's mouth. But Luxray's jaws were like the Vice Grip Attack and refused to let go. He would not let go until this psychopath had no more fight left in him.

What powered Luxray was pure rage mixed with the desire to protect Yusei and his friends. This gave Luxray an adrenaline rush. But Luxray didn't know how long he could keep his Crunch attack going.

The Leader of the Morlocks pulled his free fist back to punch the monster's head when Yusei's own fist made contact with the cadaver's head.

Luxray heard the sound of knuckles meeting something hard and tried to see what it was but his vision was so bad he couldn't even make out bright colors anymore.

Then Luxray felt a hand touch him gently on his head and Yusei's voice quietly said,

"Let him go. He can't threaten us anymore because we have his knife and your bite has taken the fight out of him."

Luxray let go of his opponent's arm and sank to the ground totally exhausted and in unbearable pain. Now he couldn't move at all; he couldn't even move his head or twitch his ears.

Yusei, Kalin and Jack gathered menacingly around the Leader of the Morlocks with their hands clenched into fists. Crow was behind him with Annie right behind him. Crow had the same menacing look that his friends had.

The leader of the Morlocks looked up at the Enforcers and he saw his arm. The monster's teeth left large deep imprints in his arm. Lucky for him the teeth didn't draw any blood or pierce the bone.

Yusei spoke in an icy sharp voice, "You've lost. If you ever come near us again, threaten those we care about, or even rebuild the Morlocks, we will hunt you down without mercy and make you wish you were dead."

The leader quickly got up and ran out of the hideout. He was halfway up the tunnel when he encountered a new problem that shouted through a loudspeaker,


Back in the hideout Yusei knelt next to the Star Lion and gently placed the creature's head in his lap. Yusei could see the Star Lion had given everything he had into helping the Enforcers rescue Annie. Now Yusei knew the Star Lion could not go on anymore.

Jack, Kalin, Crow, and Annie gathered around the Star Lion and saw there was little they could do. The creature could barely move and they could almost see the heat waves coming off of him due to the fever.

All of them knew they owed the Star Lion their lives. The Enforcers couldn't have survived the tunnel without him. They couldn't have gotten past the laser trap without his lightning bolts frying the control panel. They couldn't have found Annie in time without him, and Yusei knew he would have died from the trap set by Team Vike without him.

It wasn't fair that death would be the Star Lion's reward for helping them. It just wasn't fair!

Yusei gently removed the grappling hook from the Star Lion's neck and placed it on the floor. The Star Lion opened his eyes and moved them in Yusei's direction. Luxray couldn't see Yusei just a big blur with blurry blond streaks.

None of the Enforcers moved and no one said anything. Yusei's face was the face of heartbreak and Annie was trying to hold back her sobs.

Jack suddenly heard something in the tunnel and quickly left the room.

Kalin and Crow had just mumbled something about Jack being too proud to shed tears in public when Jack ran back into the room and said in a panic laced voice, "Sector Security is in the tunnel and they will reach the hideout in less than a minute!"

Everyone but Yusei and the Star Lion looked up at Jack when this startling information was released.

"How did Security get this far into the tunnel!?" Crow almost screamed, "They couldn't get past the traps the first time!"

Jack calmly replied, "They must have placed surveillance equipment near the entrance to the hideout to see who was coming and going from the entrance."

"Then that means they know the Star Lion is here," Kalin replied with agitation in his voice, "If Security finds him they will kill him or lock him up in a testing lab for who knows what awful testing."

"We can't hide him and we can't sneak him past Security," Jack spoke with less agitation in his voice than Kalin, "Even if he could walk there is no way we could get him out of here without being seen."

"Crow, please don't let the Star Lion get captured by Security!" Annie wailed at the top of her lungs. Now she was crying in full force.

For a second everything looked grim and the silence was interrupted by Annie's crying.

"Do you want your ball back?"

Everyone turned toward Yusei who had just spoken to the Star Lion. Annie quieted her sobs a little.


Yusei took the mechanical ball from his pocket and placed it next to the Star Lion's head. Luxray gave Yusei's blurry form an irritated look with his eyes and eyebrows. Yusei asked again,

"Do you want your ball enlarged?"


Everyone had crowded around Yusei and the Star Lion to watch what would happen next. Yusei touched the center button and the ball grew.

He had just placed it next to the Star Lion when to everyone's surprise and Luxray's great relief a red laser beam shot out of the ball and hit the Star Lion. The Star Lion's form became the same shade of red and he vanished into the ball.

Inside the familiar walls of the Poke Ball Luxray gave a sigh of relief. Now he hoped Yusei would not open the ball until they were out of the Morlocks hideout and out of Sector Security's line of sight.

All of the Enforcers and Annie just gaped at what had happened. One minute the Star Lion was lying on the floor and the next minute he was gone. What was that thing Yusei had in his hand?!

Yusei was the first to recover from his shock. He got to his feet and faced his friends with a big smile on his face.

He spoke like a kid who had just gotten the best present ever, "That's what this is. It's a capsule of some kind meant to carry something like the Star Lion. We can get him to Dr. Schmitt and we can get him past Security."

Before anyone could respond to this new development all of them heard the sound of footsteps inside the hideout. They knew Security had arrived and they needed to get out.

Immediately, Crow picked up Annie and whispered for her to be quiet until they were out of the hideout. Yusei shrunk the ball and placed it in his vest pocket. Kalin and Jack took deep breaths to relax themselves. Then all five of them went to meet Security.

After ten minutes of questioning by the Security Officers all of them were allowed to leave. It was cut short because Annie decided to help Crow by crying and wailing about wanting to go home. The officer let them leave partly because they had nothing to hold the Enforcers and partly because he had a daughter the same age as Annie and he didn't like to see her cry.

Before the Enforcers left the officer had one more question for them,

"Did any of you see a four-legged monster in the tunnel or hideout?"

Yusei responded by saying, "What monster? I don't see a monster."

The Officer replied, "I ask you about a monster because we captured the leader of the Morlocks and he has a bite on his arm that does not come from human teeth."

Jack spoke, "I don't care what bit him. I only care that he and the other Morlocks will not torment us again. They have done enough damage already."

After the questioning was over the Enforcers quickly got out of the tunnel and past Security officers and employees. All of them were in the process of dismantling traps and using high-powered lamps to illuminate the tunnel.

It only took ten to fifteen minutes to get out of the tunnel. When everyone saw the setting sun they smiled at seeing the reds, pinks, and golds touching the sky. All of them had felt like they would never see a sunset again.

But Yusei quickly snapped back to reality and ran to Martha's. The others followed him with Crow carrying Annie in his arms. All of them knew there was one individual who might never see the sun again and he was in Yusei's vest pocket.

At Martha's house the kids were half-heartedly playing a ball game and trying not to think about the Enforcers and Annie.

Inside the house Martha was trying to make dinner but her thoughts kept going back to Yusei, Jack, Crow, Kalin, and Annie. She was so worried about them and wondered if they were alright. She didn't know if she would ever see them again. If things went wrong she knew the Morlocks would come to her doorstep demanding a 'tax.'

Martha stopped cooking for just a minute with an image off all of them inside her head and whispered, "Where are all of you?"


A chorus of little voices followed by cheers of immense joy caused Martha and Dr. Schmitt to run out of the house. They saw Yusei running toward the house as fast as he could and he was followed by Jack, Kalin and Crow who was holding Annie.

Everyone was very happy to see them. But they were puzzled by the expressions on each of their faces. Every single face had an expression on it like someone was going to die. Annie looked like she had tears going down her face.

When Yusei got to the group in front of the house he ran past them, into the house and into the room the doctor used to see patients. He immediately began to see how he could open the ball and have the Star Lion come out.

Outside Jack, Kalin, and Crow made it to the small group. It was now very plain something bad had happened. It was also obvious that Annie was crying.

"Are you all alright?" Martha said with her voice full of worry

Annie wailed, "Martha, please don't let the Star Lion die!"

Martha took the crying Annie into her arms to comfort her and asked the others, "What is going on? What is this about the Star Lion going to die?"

Jack spoke to the doctor, "Yusei's inside with the Star Lion. If the Star Lion doesn't get any treatment now he will die. Please Dr. Schmitt, can you do anything to help him?"

The group didn't know what was more surprising. That the Star Lion was inside the house or the fact that Jack had just said 'please.'

"I'll see what I can do," and with those words Dr. Schmitt quickly went back into the house.

With help from Jack, Kalin, and Crow, Martha got the children inside the house. They had barely gotten the small children into the dining room when Dr. Schmitt appeared again. His face was lined with gobs of surprise.

Crow saw the look and asked the doctor, "Doc did you just meet the Star Lion?"

He nodded and said, "I just did. In all my years of tending to the sick I have never seen anything like the Star Lion."

The kid's ears perked up and they looked at the doctor with the expectation of hearing more about the mysterious Star Lion.

Kalin asked, "Can you help him? I know you trained in veterinarian medicine before you trained to become a doctor for people."

Dr. Schmitt spoke, "I can't make any promises but I'll do what I can. First something else needs to be done before I can look at him," he stopped talking and looked in Martha's direction before asking, "Martha, how much soap do we have on hand?"

Now Annie is safely back with Crow and the others and the Morlocks have been captured.

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