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"Oh Timmy!" Timmy's mum and dad called. "Guess what! Vicky has disappeared in a freak accident and your mother and I are leaving for a weeks' vacation tomorrow so we got you a NEW babysitter!" said Timmy's dad.

"Oh Boy" cheered Timmy. He hated Vicky. She caused him nothing but trouble and pain whenever she babysat him. Even though he was ten and thought he was too old for a babysitter, at least this time it's not Vicky. Running up to his room he had to share the good news with his god parents.

"Guys, this is the best day ever!" he stated with glee.

"Why is that Timmy? Oh my god, did Philip return?" Cosmo asked with so much hope in his eyes.

"Err no" Timmy deadpanned.

"PHILLIP!" Cosmo yelled.

"So sport, what is so great about today?" Wanda asked shaking her head at her husband.

"Mum and dad just told me that Vicky has disappeared in a freak accident and that I have a new babysitter! I hope they are cool and the complete opposite from Vicky. Maybe I should make a wish?" Timmy asked his god parents. Cosmo, wand ready to make the wish was stopped by Wanda.

"Maybe you shouldn't. See what they are like first and then you can judge. For all you know they could be worse than Vicky or better. Also the last time Vicky was nice it was too weird" Wanda stated.

"Yea, with the animals cleaning the house and the vase breaking, I was lucky it didn't end worse." Timmy said remember that day long ago.

"Exactly. Now why don't you go to bed and you can meet your new babysitter in the morning." Wanda said using her magic to tuck him in. "Goodnight Timmy" Wanda said grabbing the still crying Cosmo and poofed into the fish bowl"

"Night guys" Timmy said before he fell asleep.

Next morning

Cosmo awoke that morning full of energy. Not wanting to wake his wife before she was ready to get up (he learnt that the hard way), he made his way out of the castle and out to Timmy's bedroom where he say his godchild sleeping peacefully.

"Hmm I wonder what would happen if I did this" Cosmo thought to himself. He poofed a feather into his hand and went up to Timmy's bed. Slowly making his way down to the bottom of his bed, he lifted the quilt and saw his target.

"ATTACK!" Cosmo yelled as he started tickling Timmy's feet with the feather.

"AHH-C-Cosmo- ahaha-St-Stop Cosmo- hahaa" Timmy managed to get out in between his laughter and trying to breath.

"What the magic word?" Cosmo asked only briefly pausing his tickle attack.

"Please stop?" Timmy asked looking at Cosmo hoping that was it.

"Nope that's not it" Cosmo laughed as he continued to tickle his beloved godson.

Just then they both heard a noise. Cosmo poofed to his fish bowl just as Timmy's dad came into the room.

"Oh son of mine." Timmy sung as he came into the room.

Cosmo quietly growled to himself. He was jealous of Timmy's dad. Cosmo wished Timmy was his own son a lot of the time and didn't find it fair that this man who constantly forgot about the boy was allowed to call him what he wished he could.

"Your mum and I are going on our trip, so why don't you come downstairs and say hello to the new babysitter. " Mr Turner said, "You need to show her around the house because you mum and I need to leave right now, or were going to be late!" he said while walking out Timmy's bedroom door.

"Bye Tommy!" Both his parents shouted to him as they left the house.

"*Sigh* I suppose I should go and meet this new baby sitter shouldn't I?" Timmy asked his Godparents

"Might be an idea sport" Wanda advised. Herself and Cosmo poofed into dogs and headed off downstairs.

They stood by the staircase watching the babysitter. Curly black/brown hair, caramel coloured skin dressed in jeans and a…Call of Duty top?

"Timmy, do you see the top she's wearing?" Cosmo gasped.

"That can't be right" Timmy whispered.

"Right, now. Where is this kid?" the babysitter wondered out loud. As she turned around she noticed Timmy staring at her. "Hey! Your Timmy right?" Timmy nodded shyly. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Tyanah" she smiled at him.

Timmy thought this was too good to be true. At some point this girl is going to turn round and send him to his room or make him do chores or homework or anything to make him miserable. He walked into the room as Tyanah was moving her suitcase around so it was beside the sofa and not in the way. "Aww, nice dogs. Do they have names?" Tyanah said starting to pet Cosmo and Wanda.

"Errr yea, the green one is Cosmo and the pink one is Wanda." Timmy said, still a bit unsure about his new babysitter.

"Right then, do you think we should get down to business?" Tyanah said to him as she stood up. Timmy held his breath. This was it, she was going to yell, break stuff and blame him for it. Something bad was going to happen and he was just waiting for it.

"It's Saturday, it's the holidays, your 10 and you wanna have fun and I don't want to spend a week with a sulking child soo…Do you have any homework or chores to do?"

Cosmo and Wanda smiled. This babysitter was good for Timmy and this would be a fun week. Timmy however was stunned. He was waiting for something bad and yet he just gets asked a simple question. Crocker was in the mental hospital thanks to the principal and therefore had no homework and he never had to do chores so he was home free! "Nope, I don't have to do anything" Timmy said with the biggest smile on his face"

"…Alrighty then. I'll take your word for it. You hungry or anything?" Tyanah asked as she started heading towards the kitchen.

"You're asking if I'M hungry?" Timmy said surprised. Its not that his parents didn't feed him, its just that it was at a set time. He had slept through breakfast and would have to get himself something for lunch. So for someone to ask him if he wants food before lunch was a first.

Tyanah stared at him for a bit. "You don't get treated like you should here do you?" she asked with a sad smile. Timmy just looked down and shook his head. "Well then this is going to change this week. We are going to have some fun and no trouble!"

Timmy smiled and sat down at the table while Tyanah got him some food. "Guys she's really not that bad. This could be a really fun week!"

"O, O, ask her about her top! Ask her about her top!" Cosmo begged.

"What is so special about her top?" Wanda inquired with her husband.

"That top is the Call of Duty Top. This is supposed to be one of the best shooting games on the Xbox 360 and if she has the top, then she must have the game!"

"Well why doesn't Timmy just wish up the game to play himself?"

"Well one day when you were in fairy world getting your hair done, me and Timmy had a fathe – I mean Godfather to Godson conversation and decided that 1 he is way too young, and 2 if his parents came into the room he would have to wish the console away since they don't take the internet as an excuse anymore." Cosmo stated proudly. His wife beamed at him. She had never been so proud of him before now. He had really thought about the consequences without her being there. She pulled him off to the other room so she could talk to him properly. She also caught the 'father son' that Cosmo wanted to say but refrained from doing so. She knew how her husband felt. She cared for Timmy too. But for Cosmo it was a little bit different. Timmy and Cosmo were best friends as well as father and son. It was cute to watch the two of them playing together.

"Cosmo I am so proud of you. For once you actually thought the whole idea through without me being there. I know how you feel about Timmy. If you want to call it a father son talk when your around me then do. He's like a son to me too." Wanda poofed herself and Cosmo back into their normal selves and gave him the biggest hug ever. Cosmo smiled in return and wrapped his arms around his wife. With being around Timmy all the time, he didn't get to hold his wife that often during the day so he savoured the moment.

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