I got bored when I wrote this, so it's kinda crackish in a way. I might make it a story, or just leave it as a crackfic. Enjoy!

"How the heck did this happen?"

"I don't know! I just woke up and there he was!"


Well, this situation was pretty interesting. How?

There was two Yuseis.

The one they were looking at was the normal Yusei they know and love. The other looked exactly like Yusei, except it's outfit had a theme similiar to a familiar dragon. This Yusei had yellow irises and neon green cat-like pupils, a long, bladed tail, and stared at everyone with a confused look. Everyone turned to the second Yusei.

"So... Who are you and why do you look like Yusei?" Luna asked the look-a-like. He simply gave Luna a 'what' look. "I don't think he understands me!"

"Maybe he's foreign, and coincidently resembles Yusei." Akiza suggested. 'Yusei' slapped his forehead. He looked at Yusei's deck and pointed at the card on the very top: Stardust Dragon, then pointed at himself.

"Hmm? My Stardust Dragon card?" Yusei said, picking it up. 'Yusei' nodded and grinned, his fangs showing. Yusei looked at his counterpart, then at the card. Two and two were put together and...

"... You're Stardust aren't you?"

'Yusei' smiled and nodded. Jack then laughed.

"Really? If you're the actual Stardust Dragon, then prove it!" He demanded. 'Yusei' seemed to think for a moment, then got an idea. He ran out the door, and motioned for everyone to follow. He waited there until everyone was out. Jack gave the Yusei look-a-like a questioning look. Before he could answer, the male in front crossed his arms over his chest, and the minute he uncrossed them, a pair of magnificent wings arose out of nowhere, lifting him up into the air. Leo and Luna shrieked, Akiza gasped, Jack and Crow's jaws dropped, and Yusei?

He was shocked beyond belief. "...He really is Stardust..."


"ACK!" Yusei fell back. Stardust smiled and flapped once, sending some particles into the air.

"He whacked me with his tail!"

Stardust chuckled. He swooped down and grabbed Yusei into a hug. "Yusei!" he said, voice a bit deeper than his master's.

"Aw... He likes you!" Akiza joked, making Leo, Luna and Crow laugh. Jack rolled his eyes.

"I don't think he likes Yusei. He's crushing him..."

It was true. Stardust realized this and let his master go, slightly blushing at his own blunder. Yusei managed to catch his breath. "Ok, now I'm sure this is Stardust... That was a death hug..." Said dragon now human blushed again and landed near the group. He bowed his head in what looked like to be shame.

"I think he's upset." Luna said. She went over to Stardust and hugged him. "It's ok! You're just beginning to learn!" Stardust didn't reply. He just stood there. Luna backed away.

"Uh... It's alright?" Yusei said, breaking the silence. Stardust looked up and grinned. Before Yusei knew it, he was tackled to the ground and hugged again, this time without any pressure. Everyone but Jack laughed. He only pouted and looked away. Then he realized something. He turned around with a glare in his eyes.

"How come Stardust gets a human form, and Red Dragon Archfiend doesn't?" He snapped. Stardust shrieked and hid behind Yusei as he got up. His tail wrapped around the Signer's leg and tightened in grip. Yusei winced, but shrugged it off. He turned to Stardust. "Something wrong?"

The gijinka dragon pointed at Jack and did a cut-throat manuever with his clawed hand. As Jack was about to comment, Stardust hissed at him. Crow laughed.

"HA! He hates Jack!"


"Why? It's funny!"

"I think he's referring to Archfiend."

Stardust nodded his head. "And why is that?" Jack said, getting in his face.

"JACK! Leave him alone!" Akiza decided to join in the conversation. She went up to Stardust. "Can you speak our language?"

Stardust nodded 'no'.

"Then how were you able to say Yusei's name?"

Stardust looked at her and cocked his head. "Master." he said in response.

"Ah! I see. You only know because you're his ace monster. ...Hey! We should teach him English!"

"I thought we were Japanese?"

"I blame 4kids."

A cracking sound is heard.


"Nice going, Leo! You broke the fourth wall!" Luna snapped at her brother. Another crack was heard. Luna slammed her hands over her mouth.

"HA! Now you broke the fourth wall!" Leo laughed. The crack was heard again. Luna and Leo both groaned in annoyance.

"Will you stop talking about the Fourth Wall?" Akiza said.

The crack got louder. Akiza slapped her forehead in annoyance. Crow laughed.

"This is too good!"

Jack groaned. "Why do I get in situations like this?"

Yusei shrugged as Stardust flew around trying to find the cracked wall. "Annoyance?"

"Riiiiight... Let's just go and start teaching whatever the hell Stardust is to speak our language." Jack said. Nobody disagreed, and they all proceeded to leave the area.

Again, very crackish. If I'm in a good mood, I might make another chapter. For now, review!