Running on Nonsensium

Day 2: A challenger Appears!

It was a quiet morning. The birds were singing, the sun was shining bright. What better way to start of the day-


…Never mind.

Yusei ran outside and immediately, Stardust was hiding behind him, a frightened look on his face. Yusei turned to his clone. "What's gotten into you?"

"Hey Yusei! Have you met my friend?"

Jack stood there with a smug grin. Next to him was a man who looked exactly like him, except had the color scheme and properties of a certain dragon associated with Burning Soul.

Also known as Red Dragon Archfiend.

Yusei raised a brow. "You too?"

"I ain't complaining. Neither is he." Jack stated bluntly. Archfiend grinned and shot a taunting glare at Stardust. The dragon meeped and hid behind Yusei.



Archfiend rubbed his head and turned to face the person who hit him. He paled and backed away.

"Hey guys. You're not alone." Akiza stood there with a sheepish grin. Next to her was a girl wearing a gorgeous red and black rose petal dress with the occasional thorn necklace or bracelet. She looked exactly like Akiza; save for the all yellow eyes, black thorny tails and rose petal wings. She didn't look too happy and was pouting.

Great. Black Rose Dragon was human too.

"How is this happening?" Yusei inquired. Duel Monsters becoming gijinkas? Was it some new enemy's plan to take over Neo Domino? It was WAY too confusing.

"I don't know. But it's just weird. How did they even get here? And who?" Akiza said. Rose shrugged and skipped over to Stardust, kissing him on the cheek. Said dragon blushed madly.

"How charming. It seems Black Rose is enjoying her new body."



Yusei was tackled to the ground by two green blurs. He laughed as Leo and Luna looked up at him. "Little less tackling next time, alright?"

"Aww! Ruin our fun, why don't you?" Leo whined. Luna rolled her eyes and moved off of Yusei.

"Hey Fairy, do you know what's going on?" A girl about Luna's age walked up wearing regal garments and armor. Perfect resemblance to Luna as well.

"It seems we have been given these new forms as a test by the Crimson Dragon. Probably due to Life Stream's constant bragging on how he would fare better than the rest of us."

"THAT IS A LIE, AND YOU KNOW IT!" A boy ran up, and huffed. As you guess it, clone to Leo, except Life Stream Dragon scheme and properties. Yusei blinked and let out a sigh.

"Why me…"

"Alright, count off. Stardust?"










Yusei frowned. There were 5 Signer Dragons here at the moment. Where was Black Feather Dragon? Speaking of Black Feather, where was Crow?

That question would answer itself once Rose started laughing and pointing behind Yusei. He turned around and was face to face with two upside down Crows, both grinning like idiots. "Check it out! Black Feather is human!" Crow said happily, jumping off Feather. Feather had…. You get the idea.

Akiza frowned a bit. "So… What are we going to do? We got six humanized dragons that could possibly kill us AND destroy Neo Domino easily if they wanted too. How are we going to keep them hidden?" Rose mimicked Akiza's movements, then giggling a bit.

"A better question would be how long are me and my companions going to be in your world in human bodies." Fairy stated calmly. Stream sunk and hid himself. Archfiend growled and kicked him.


Fairy ignored him. "Anyways… I should tell you a few things. Stardust is hyper-active, but just as serious as Yusei, Rose is a prankster and a clown, Archfiend is Jack squared, but is a lot calmer, Feather is like Crow, Stream is an ego-maniac and I'm the only sane one out of the bunch." She explained.

Akiza looked at Rose, who had an innocent look on her face. "I doubt Rose would prank people." She stated calmly. Rose had a devious glint in her eye.

Crow and Feather fist bumped happily. "Sweet! I gotta twin!"

Jack and Archfiend stared at each other, and then turned away with kingly grunts.

Ruka and Fairy smiled at each other, Fairy's wings twitching and letting fairy dust fall.

Rua laughed at Stream. "HA! Ego-maniac!" Stream glared at him.


Yusei looked at Stardust, who looked distant, his tail slowly swinging side to side. His twin looked like he was in deep thought. A question then came to mind. Turning to Fairy, he asked, "Can the others speak our language?"

"They can speak a little, but not much. But you can teach them more if you like. Yusei, you might have the most trouble due to Stardust's hyper-activity." Stardust snapped out of his trance and growled. Fairy backed away. Yusei sighed again.

"I don't get paid enough to do this…"

It was midday, and the group was bored out of their minds. Except for Rose, who had been plotting her next prank. She was giggling like mad, and her tails swinging happily. 'This plan cannot fail… For it is the best plan ever….' She thought. Her wings spread and she flew from her perch atop Yusei's home and set her sights for Archfiend, who was sipping coffee with Jack at the café.

"Enjoy it?" Jack asked the red clad dragon/man. Archfiend nodded proudly. Coffee tasted great! He heated it up with a small flame and took another sip. Burning hot was how he enjoyed it. Jack smiled. He now had a coffee buddy!

"Razor Leaf!"

Razor sharp petals then came from nowhere, splitting both Jack and Archfiend's coffee cups in half, thus making the coffee spill onto their groins. Keep in mind that this coffee was BURNING. HOT.

No words could do justice to describe the girly shrieks emitted from their mouths.

Rose laughed so hard she fell into the fountain.

A moment later, Yusei and Crow came running and saw the scene. Yusei simply stared. Crow tried his hardest not to laugh, failing miserably. Neither had seen Rose getting out of the fountain, scuttling away into the shadows….

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