So, as I said in the description, this will probably be centered around the relationships of QuentinPhoebe and ElkaNils. I don't really intend to complete this whole 100 Themes thing, either. So...this may or may not be my first and last installment of this, but I'm not really sure yet. Anywho.

100 ThemesIntroduction [1]


He was six years old when his parents drove him to a bus terminal in Seattle, Washington. He held their hands, but only until they got inside and he saw the other kids with suitcases and yellow T-shirts. All of the other children were awkwardly milling around in the subway-tiled room, refusing to look at each other, as if out of fear of turning into stone.

Luckily for him, Nils didn't have to wait long before leaving: he had been one of the last campers to arrive. After all, in just a short while, the stout military man appeared and tried to herd them onto the bus. It wasn't easy to leave of course, because all of the children—except for Nils (he'd brag about it someday) and a taller boy with a strange hat—were clinging onto their parents and bawling. The short man had to all but chop off their arms to get them to release their talon-like grip.

Once on the bus, all hell broke loose. There was not enough room for all of their suitcases. The air conditioner was busted. That boy's hair was way too big; it's going to poke my eye out! And his teeth! What's that on your head? A fishbowl? Teacher, this girl is weird! I'm not your teacher! And I'm not a girl; I come from planet Trafalalak. Ouch, you just smacked me with your giant ear, Dumbo! Why is your neck so long? This reminds me of a dream I once had where my great great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents came back from the dead but they were actually the founding fathers. They all had fish bodies were packed into sardine cases, but the sardine cases were—Shut up! All of You! Shut Up! Hey, pull this bus over. I can't. I said pull this damn bus over now or I'll have you court marshaled for insubordination! Now drop and give me twenty! I thought you wanted me to pull over! Yes, just do that!

The bus halted with a blaring screech and everyone jerked forward with the sudden stop, including the military man. Once he regained his footing, he began to address the children in a stern manner.

"Now," he growled, slowly pacing down the aisles with a riding crop in hand. "If you don't shut up, I'll authorize the driver to drive this thing off a cliff and into a ravine and there will be no survivors, you hear?"

All the kids were silent. Not necessarily afraid, but silent.

"Good," he resumed. "Now, I want you to all stand up, find a new seat, and if I hear one more peep, this bus and the base of the nearest cliff will become very close friends."

At the order, everyone shuffled around. Nils wound up next to a blonde girl who sat by the window. On a normal day, he would have complained and said she had cooties (he was six, he wasn't always an overt lady-lover), but the truth was, he thought that she was very pretty. She didn't look at him the whole bus ride to the camp, but when they drove over a bump, he fell against her and she didn't get mad, not even a little.

He was so in. After he found out what her name was, of course.