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Chapter 29 - Our Betrayer

It didn't feel like I was coming back from running away, but home from vacation. Perhaps it was due to the Christmas spirit that was still evident in the air. I was buzzing as I climbed the stairs, suitcase in hand, with Edward trailing behind me.

We were closing in on our bedroom, and the air around us was changing. It was only supposed to be a quick stop to change, but between rekindling our relationship and the proximity to our bedroom, a match had been lit. I was itching to have my husband's hands all over my body.

I got my wish as we crossed the threshold, bed in sight, and he was on me. I turned toward him and bit my lower lip from the lust that filled his eyes. The bags dropped from our hands, arms encircling as lips devoured.

With his hands on my hips, he walked me backward until I hit the bed and fell down onto it. He gripped under my arms and tossed me farther up onto the bed. He moaned against my lips as he crawled on the bed and settled between my legs.

"Oh, baby girl, I need you so badly."

"What about Carlisle and Esme?"

"It's called fashionably late."

His lips crashed to mine again, our hands working in tandem to strip each other bare. Shirts were lost to the floor followed by my bra.

With each pass of his skin on mine the feeling of serenity filled me. We still had a lot to work through, but I was gaining confidence that we could persevere, as long as we were together.

I had his belt undone and open, while his fingers grabbed my jeans and yanked them down my legs, along with my panties. He kicked off his own jeans, then kissed his way back up my body.

"God, Bella," Edward moaned when I took hold of his cock and began to stroke. "That feels so good, baby, but I need to fuck you, right now."

"Yes," I whispered against his lips as I released him. "Just like our first night in this bed, make me yours."

It wasn't a time for sweet loving; it was a time for reconnecting in the most primal of ways. He hovered over me, and I shuddered and smiled when he slipped between my folds. The connection that had been frayed was solid again the second he was inside of me.

I groaned, shuddering at the perfection of him filling me. "Now it so feels perfect to be home here with you again."

My arms wrapped around his shoulders, bringing him down to me as he rocked inside me.

It was hard, needy, and precisely what we needed. All the pent up emotions came spilling out.

He was thrusting into me like a madman, sliding in and out. Every time he entered me the fire within grew. I was about to be consumed, my muscles tightening, coiling.

"Edward, oh Edward!" I cried out as I shattered beneath him, clenching around him.

"Yes, fucking perfect," he hissed, his hips picking up the pace for a brief moment before slamming into me. His body jerked, overrun with the force as he spilled inside me.

My pussy was still twitching as he collapsed down on me, head in the crook of my neck as he regained an even heart rate. After a moment he let out a shuddered breath, and his arms wrapped around my back, pulling me flush to him.

My fingers threaded through his hair, trying to calm him. Something about being together, back home, was almost too much for him. His lips trailed kisses up and down my neck, nuzzling as he went.

"Oh, baby, how I missed you," I whispered into his ear.

He pulled back, leaned down and kissed me, hard, with an almost possessive edge. "You don't know how good it feels to hear you say that, baby girl."

"Did you miss me?"

He pressed his forehead against mine. "So unbelievably much. I missed you so much it tore me apart."

I smiled up at him. "Now, I know."

We stayed together like that for a bit longer, loving our little bubble, but it couldn't last. Edward was running his fingers through my hair when his watch caught his eye. "Shit! We're supposed to be arriving at Carlisle's right now. Esme's going to kill me."

I giggled and pushed him off me, then ran toward the bathroom. He chased after me, grabbing me around the waist and hoisting me in the air.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"If you think I'm going to walk into their house smelling like sex, you've got another thing coming. Shower time!"

I pushed him into the huge shower stall and turned the water on. Cold water splashed onto him, causing him to yell and dance around. I stood at the door laughing, but he reached out and pulled me in with him.

We spun around, but the water shot out from almost all around. It didn't take long for it to warm up, and we got back to the task at hand.


We walked up the drive, hand-in-hand, grinning like the cat that ate the canary. We were over an hour late, and I blamed it all Edward. He was quite irresistible after all. Our shower took a bit longer than I'd expected.

The door swung open and a relieved Esme greeted us. "There you are! You're late. I was starting to get worried."

"Well, Merry Christmas to you to, Esme," Edward responded with a chuckle.

Heat spread throughout my face, while Edward unabashedly pulled me through the doorway. "Sorry, Esme. It, umm, took a little longer to get dressed than we'd thought."

Her gaze snapped to Edward and she rolled her eyes. "Well, it's better than you two fighting, I guess, so I suppose I can forgive you for letting my hard work get cold."

Edward let out a barking laugh when I nudged him with my elbow. His arm wrapped around my waist as he kissed my temple.

Esme smiled, her body relaxing as she looked at us. "Come on, dinner's waiting." She grabbed my hand and led us in.

We walked down the hall into the kitchen, and as we went I looked around. I'd never been in their home before. It was very warm and inviting, Esme's vibrant personality coming out in the décor and furniture. The house was large, not as big as ours, but also not what I was expecting for some reason. Given Carlisle's own success, though, it didn't surprise me. I often forgot he was a movie score composer, and not only a high school teacher. The teaching was just a way for him to give back to his Alma Mater and help blossoming composers.

Also, I was pretty sure Edward paid Esme very well.

Carlisle was sitting at the counter when we entered, a smile lighting up his face as we walked in.

"About time! She was so close to going over there and collecting the two of you." He rose from the stool and walked to us, throwing his arms around Edward, before turning and doing the same to me.

It was a little awkward between us, but I knew it would get better in time. I didn't miss the smile that lit up both Edward and Esme's faces.

With Esme's urging, we all headed to the dining room where we were greeted by a huge, holiday spread; Esme had gone all out.

"Wow, Esme, there's so much. I'm sorry I wasn't here to help."

She waved me off. "Bella, you had more important things to worry about than food. Besides, I make this much every year. These Cullen men are quite demanding and ravenous."

They, of course, protested her statement, and I couldn't help but giggle as Carlisle tried to blame it on Edward. Edward retaliated that Carlisle was starting to get chubby. It was fun watching them interact as brothers. I finally got to see how much they loved each other.

After dinner we headed to the living room and to the Christmas tree that awaited us. I recognized many of the packages; they were under our tree at home when I'd left for Arizona.

Esme stepped up beside me and handed me a cup of hot chocolate. "I hope you don't mind, I went ahead and brought them over."

I smiled at her as I took the cup from her. "Thank you, Esme. Honestly, in all that's gone on, I kind of forgot about them."

She walked over to Edward and handed him a cup as well, and my chest clenched, loving the brilliant smile that spread on his face. It reminded me that even though he was thirteen years older than me, and a successful actor and businessman, inside he was still very much a kid. He was forced to grow up in a short time, losing many of the family traditions in the process.

Esme didn't have to tell me the hot chocolate was especially for Edward. It was just one of the many things that showed she loved Edward as more than her boss. Even if she wasn't marrying his brother – Esme was his big sister, and possible surrogate mother. Though Edward was the older one, she protected him and loved him like he was her own blood. It was a heartwarming thing to see.

I sat down on the couch, Edward taking the spot next to me, his arm draping over my shoulder and pulling me close. Esme and Carlisle mirrored us on the other couch, and I smiled at the two of them together. It wasn't a scene I'd been around very much; they were usually on their own when I saw them. Carlisle was adorable with how he doted on Esme. The love he had for her projected from his whole body, but very much from his eyes as he looked at her with reverence.

"Would you believe that guy pined for her for two years before asking her out?" Edward whispered in my ear.

Carlisle rolled his eyes. "Hey, little sister, don't listen to him. It was all part of my master plan."

I smiled when Carlisle called me his little sister. The last bit of distance was closed, and I felt completely accepted in their family.

Edward quirked his brow. "Master plan? Man, you were salivating over her, watching her. It was kind of stalker-ish if you ask me."

"Did I ask you? I think not. And it wasn't stalker-ish," Carlisle protested.

Esme patted Carlisle's leg. "Bella, he was very sweet. I was so happy the day he got up the courage to ask me out. I'd been crushing on him from the moment I laid eyes on him. Now, shall we get back to the task at hand?"

Edward grinned. "Presents!" He sat up, placed his cup on the table, and walked over to the tree. He rifled through the presents, then he handed one to each of us before taking his seat next to me.

Without further ado, Edward began ripping into his package, along with Carlisle and Esme, making me relax a bit. There was no formality to it, just like at my mom's house.

My fingers found an edge of the beautiful Christmas paper and tore into the glossy rectangular package from Carlisle. I hadn't expected anything from him and was floored by the gift in front of me: personalized music sheets. My fingers ran over the pristine paper, my name written in elegant, cursive script at the top.

"You are a very talented musician, Bella. It's time you wrote some of it down and shared it with the rest of the world."

I looked up to him, tears welling in my eyes. "Thank you, Carlisle, so much. This is perfect."

Edward was beaming down at me, and placed a kiss on my forehead before placing a small box in my hand.

"What's this?"

"Something to out-do my brother's beautiful gift."

"Hey, I was basking here, you're ruining it, you little twerp."

Edward stuck his tongue out and turned his attention back to me and the little perfectly wrapped package sitting in my hand. Esme smiled and shook her head. It was obvious that was their normal behavior.

I unwrapped it as fast I could, seeing the excitement etched in my husband's face. My fingers opened the small, pale blue box with "Tiffany's" written on the top. The lid flipped up, and nestled inside was a perfect, pear shaped diamond pendant, just like the one on my finger. My jaw was slack as I looked down.

"I thought this might work better, as a substitute for your ring, to wear around your neck, I know how bulky it is. It's not for much longer, but this will always be a beautiful addition around your neck."

"Edward, I love it, it's beautiful, but I love why you chose it. Even though it's extravagant, it has a meaningful and practical purpose. A way to show our love, our marriage, without being obvious to the world. My ring popping out of my shirt was what tipped off Charlotte. I can't wait to wear my ring on my hand every day. I can't wait until everyone knows I'm yours." I leaned forward and placed my lips on his.

"Not much longer, baby girl. I plan to show you off to the world." He took my left hand and kissed just above my ring. It was one of the few times I'd been able to wear it.

My right hand settled into his left, my fingers caressing his own ring. One day, we wouldn't need to take them off, and I couldn't wait for that day.


Edward assured me there would be no interruptions and we could enjoy the holiday. Esme rerouted the few meetings that were scheduled, which gave us a few days of just the two of us. It was exactly what we needed to jump start our commitment. Edward did something when we got home that I both did not expect and made me very happy: he turned off his cell phone and forwarded the house phone to voicemail.

The first day was spent mostly in bed, but we did crawl out for dinner. We swam, played games, made love, and relaxed in a way we hadn't been able to since the beginning of our whirlwind romance.

We were enjoying a nice relaxing day snuggled on my favorite giant chaise lounge watching movies. We only had one more day before work would claim him again. He assured me he would keep his promises, though, and I was surprised at the faith I had that he would.

We were discussing what to do about lunch when we heard a door close, footsteps clapping down the hall as Sam's voice rang out for Edward.

"In here!" Edward called back.

When Sam appeared in the doorway he was very much a man on a mission; a very disheveled man on a mission. The poor guy looked like he hadn't slept in days.

"Sam?" Edward's posture straightened as he took in the head of his security.

"I've figured it out!" Sam rushed forward, thrusting a stack of papers at Edward.

I scooted closer to Edward and stared down at the highlighted lines, trying to make sense of it all, but it was just gibberish.

"It shows Bella at home, and Bella coming in. I cross referenced it to the security in her car as well. She was almost always home when the card was used," Sam explained pointing to the yellow highlighted lines.

"That's not possible, then."

"Shouldn't be, but take a look at this." Sam grabbed hold of the papers and pulled out a spreadsheet. "After hours of looking at everything we noticed a high usage of Bella's card. Here, we created a graph." He pointed to the document.

I narrowed my eyes and looked closer, my hand grabbing for the papers. Then I saw it. The graph represented times when my card had been used, then below lines for everyone else. It was as high as Esme's, and I didn't need mine once I pulled into the garage. Edward noticed it as well.

"How is this possible?" Edward's head snapped to Sam's.

Sam's gaze flickered to me. "We think Bella was giving her card to Maggie to get in."

Edward was stunned, and I was speechless.

"What?" I questioned in indignation.

"Impossible, she hates Maggie," Edward argued, shaking his head.

"I agree, and I didn't think it was probable either, but I still had to suspect you, Bella. The evidence does point to you," Sam pressed.

"I…I… Edward, you know…" Tears burned my eyes as Edward and Sam regarded me like I was some kind of hardened criminal.

Edward took my hand and looked at Sam. "There has to be some kind of logical explanation. I know Bella wouldn't do this, Sam." He squeezed my hand then pulled out his phone and called Esme.

While Edward was talking to Esme, Sam spoke to me quietly. "For what it's worth, Bella, I'm trying to exonerate you… I know there is more to it than what it appears to be."

I sighed. "Thank you, Sam, but I can assure you I am not guilty of helping that slut get in my home."

"Where is your card right now?" Sam asked me.

"In my purse." My hand shook as I pointed across the room.

"Did you take it with you to Arizona?"

"Yes. Why?"

He let out a hard breath. "Your card was used while you were gone."

"W-what? How is that even possible? I was seven hours away!"

"It doesn't make sense, none of it does. I'm sorry, Bella, but you do understand, right?"

I nodded. "With all you've shown us, I do see why you were suspicious."

"Edward is my priority. I have to protect him, even from his wife."

Edward explained to Esme what was going on, but at the end, before he hung up, he began shouting, "No, no way!" He rubbed his face, and for the first time I noticed just how hard all of it was on him. "Esme said she'll look into it and get back to me. She's at the office now. She doesn't believe it either, sweetheart."

Sam left after that, heading to the office to meet with Esme, giving Edward and me a little time. I knew Sam still had his doubts, but Edward was his boss, and I was the boss's wife. Sam knew his position.

"You know, I had a stalker or two back in the day, but they were nothing compared to Maggie. That's what she has become. Maybe that's all she ever was: the ultimate obsessed fan." He shook his head and pulled me closer, seating me in under his arm. My head fell to rest on his shoulder as he nuzzled my hair and took a deep breath.

I reached up and cupped his face, smoothing out the worry lines. "We'll be rid of her soon."

He heaved a sigh and rubbed his free hand over his face. "Not soon enough. I never thought it would come to all of this, that she wouldn't be able to accept I found someone else and leave me be. That she would conspire to break into my house… I don't think she's dangerous, but I'm not going to take any chances that she might try to hurt you, especially when she finds out her plan didn't work."

I snuggled deeper into his shoulder, my hand gripping his shirt over his heart. "What did you ever see in her to begin with?"

"She came into my life at a turbulent time and helped give me some sense of normalcy. I'd just started up Cullen Entertainment, she was a new actress, and we kind of bonded with our shared interests." He chuckled. "It was before she turned into a vapid Hollywood slut. She was actually supportive, and caring. Over time, the more popular she became, the less she exuded any of those characteristics. I'd never really had a long term relationship prior to her, as I was always too busy, so a part of me wanted it to work. Maybe so I wouldn't have to put myself out there to find someone really worth it."

I swallowed hard, and asked him something that had been nagging at me for quite some time now, even with all that he'd said to reassure him. "Am I really worth it?"

He turned to me, taking my head in his hands, staring into my eyes. "Baby girl, you were a blessing that was unexpectedly dropped into my life. I almost fucked it up, but know this: no one is worth it as much as you are. I am thankful every day for you."

Tears of relief and happiness spilled from my eyes as I smiled up at him. "Sounds like we have a bitch to bring down."

He leaned into me and pressed his lips to mine. "And whoever her accomplice is, and I have my suspicions, so let's see what Sam and Esme can find."

A few hours later, Edward and I were still snuggled together watching movies when Esme came running in the house, and threw a file on the desk, Sam in tow.

"I found this in Lauren's desk, Edward. We had to break open the fucking drawer! Look!"

It was an access form for my security card, but it was a photocopy, not the original. Also were the specifications of the card's security details, and an envelope from Safe Form Security.

"Who sent in the original request after you both signed it?" Edward demanded; his head snapping to Sam's.


"Son of a fucking bitch!" Edward cursed, tossing the file onto the table. "I knew Lauren was helping her get in, but this?"

"Lauren's boyfriend works for that security company," Sam said; pointing down to the envelope, then went into his plan. "I think the first course of action is to deactivate all the access cards and tell no one. I'll get seven new ones set up tomorrow and give them to you, Edward, to hand out yourself. I personally will change all remotes in the cars, and change all punch codes. I trust my team, but I don't want any mouths running about the change to get back to Lauren. Every entry to the house will go directly through me for the time being."

Edward nodded. "You want to set her up."

Sam nodded. "Legally, we have nothing on her. I need evidence."

"You think Maggie will contact her?" Esme questioned.

"Yes. And since even her cell phone is company property…" Sam trailed off.

Edward smiled. "Any conversations can be used against her."

"But, so what? Even if Maggie does call, she could just say she can't get in. And, if she does say 'the card you gave me isn't working,' is that anything criminal?"

"We don't need criminal, baby girl," Edward said, smiling at me, the joy circling in his eyes. "I'm going to sue her ass. Ruin her reputation so she'll never get another job in Hollywood. No one will trust her, and trust is a big part of the business."

"That will hurt Maggie as well…"


"We just need some proof on our side, dig up some more evidence of what Lauren has been doing with company property," Sam informed me. "I'll go through her phone's records: calls, texts, internet, everything. I don't think she's smart enough to really get rid of it properly."

"I was with Maggie for a long time. She spends every Christmas with her family, then comes home a few days after. There is a very good chance she will try to get in when she gets back, thinking I'm alone. Let's get on this as soon as possible. I want Lauren gone by the end of the week. Esme, I want you to call my lawyer and go through the contracts for Maggie's newest movie. Cullen Enterprises is pulling out our support and funding," Edward said, determined, back in his delegating mode.

Esme had her tablet out and was making notes. "Will do. What should we have Lauren do for the time being?"

"Let her continue to think Maggie's plan, whatever it was, worked, and that I'm still upset about losing Bella."

"It's Monday, you have meetings set up on Wednesday. Are you still taking tomorrow off?"

"Yes." He smirked and looked to me. "Make an appointment with Maggie on Wednesday, sometime around lunch."

I quirked my brow at him. "What are you scheming, Mr. Cullen?"

"Just a little acting venture for my beautiful bride." He turned back toward Sam and Esme. "This is ending on Wednesday. Sam, find what you can in that time, and make sure you and a few members of your team are in the office then. I'll fill you in more once Bella and I talk it out."

With assignments in hand and a promise to call if they found anything out, Sam and Esme left.

I sat up and turned to Edward. "So, what's your grand plan?"

He gave me a wicked sly smirk. "You, coming to the office, all decked out a'la Alice. Lauren will be caught off guard, and it'll be right when Maggie comes in for a meeting."

"You want to piss Maggie off and see what she does?"

He grinned, big and wide. "That and show off just how hot my wife is."

I shook my head. "You know, this could out us before we planned."

"I'm willing to take that chance in order for them to be out of our lives. How about you?"

I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his. "I'd call the press myself if it meant they were gone, but I like your devious plan better."

"Me too."

We snuggled back down and resumed our movie, returning to our cocoon. Edward's grand plan was mulling and growing in my mind. I was happy he included and informed me of the plan, something I wasn't sure he would have done a week earlier. It was finally sinking in that we were a unit now, a partnership, and we did things together. Like take down annoying ex-girlfriends.

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