"Not a Gryffindor." Ron argued.

"He's dumb as a post so don't try to say he was in Ravenclaw." Terry argued back, "I think he was in Slytherin."

"I agree." Ernie stated, "He's friends with Malfoy after all."

"No way." Ginny scoffed at the three of them, "He isn't clever or subtle."

"Then where do you think he was?" Terry asked.

"Hufflepuff." she replied

"No way." all three boys walked away from her and began arguing again.

The argument went on and more people got in on it. It lasted for several weeks with people arguing for or against one house or the other. They were in the Great Hall still arguing.

"He is not my father's friend." Draco argued, "Father just used him to get his way. Everyone knows that."

"See that's why he's not Slytherin." Padma pointed out, "He got used he didn't do the using. He was Gryffindor because he was able to be used like that."

"No way. Lions aren't that stupid." Ron argued, "I still say Ravenclaw because he has brains, he just never figured out how to use them."

"That's it." Ginny shouted, "All of you shut up. I've had enough of this stupid argument."

"Do you think you have the answer?" Seamus asked.

"He. Was. In. Hufflepuff." she yelled, "Let me tell you how I know. First yes he is ambitious and self-serving but he is not clever or subtle." The Slytherin table agreed most of them nodded their heads but they weren't going to show any emotion over it. That was beneath them, "He is, as Terry so eloquently put it, dumb as a post so no he wasn't in Ravenclaw." A cheer rose from the table of Claws, "He is the biggest coward I've ever seen. He's run down old ladies and children to get somewhere. So no he wasn't a Gryffindor. " the table of lions cheered, "By process of elimination that leaves Hufflepuff. Now I agree that most Puffs are loyal and hardworking, both of which total escape him. But they also take anyone that doesn't fit in one of the other houses." Hufflepuffs grumbled but nodded in agreement, "Unfortunately for them this sometimes bites them in the back end like it did this time. He was in Hufflepuff."

"What on earth are you all arguing about?" Professor Sprout called from the head table.

Harry who had not participated in the argument responded, "They're trying to figure out which house Cornelius Fudge was sorted into."

"Oh." the professors all looked at one another with shock on their faces.

"No one wants to claim he was in their house because he's such a… idiot." Harry added.

"So which house was he in?" Seamus asked.

Headmistress McGonagall stood and addressed the school, "None of us will admit anything. We will not even acknowledge whether or not he attended this school." She resumed her seat to the shock of the hall.

"What about Rita Skeeter?" Terry asked.

"I admit nothing." she smiled which shocked the students even further.

Harry let out a loud laugh that broke the shock and soon he was joined by the rest of the students.