The other Dreamweavers have turned their backs on me. I know why, and I know that what I did was against all that I and other Dreamweavers believe in. But I had to do it. He was assaulting young girls. He was disgusting, and the reason that I'd had so many young patients recently. Each time I treated a young girl, he would take her again. All my work was being undone, and the young girls were suffering from scars that ran far deeper than skin. So I had to do it, right? Well, maybe I should start from the beginning.

I lived in a small village on the northern coast of Genria. I had been viewed as untrustworthy at first, but soon gained their respect when I healed members of the village. Soon they treated me well, and I had friends in the village. Treating patients at the village, I often found out secrets that I shouldn't know, and was heartened to realise that the villager's trusted me with them. But there are some secrets that you just can't keep.

Eight years after I'd moved into the village and began treating them, I found myself treating more and more young girls. After the first few patients, I began to get worried. Many of the girls showed signs of being beaten and raped, though none would admit it. I began to look into the cases, and found that every girl knew two men, Adem and Hakan. I knew these men, and knew that they would not harm these girls.

Stumped, I gave up on the investigation, until one of the girls I'd treated returned with similar injuries to the last time she'd been here, and died. I was worried. The injuries the girls were receiving were becoming more numerous and dangerous to them. Furious, I continued to look for the offender. I began to ask the girls questions, but none gave me an answer.

Frustrated, I was on the verge of giving up again when I had a breakthrough. One of the girls had been delivered to me, and was delirious from the pain. She spoke one name many times, fear lending her voice a sharp edge. Takado. I shuddered when I realised that the village leader and priest was the one harming these girls. Furious, I tended to the girl, putting her in a restful sleep before leaving to confront Takado.

"What do you think you're doing to these girls? You're disgusting, and you will be brought to justice for your crimes!" Takado laughed in my face, eyes wild. "You can't convict me. No one would believe the priest would do such things, and I'll have you thrown out if you cause any trouble." I left the priest, defeated. He was right, I could do nothing. I spent the next few months treating the girls he harmed as best I could, furious that he was still doing this.

Finally, luck came my way. The priest had been injured while out in the fields. A horse had kicked him, and his ribs were broken. He was brought to me, unconscious. Searching my shelves for pain relievers, I found a small vial of a slow-acting poison. Grinning to myself, I mixed a small amount of the poison into the priest's pain medication.

The priest survived for a month, though he was forced to rest in bed as the poison took its toll. Soon, he died, and was mourned by the village, though the girls I'd treated looked relieved. I was accused of poisoning the priest, and knew that I could not hide it. I was forced to leave the village to save my own life, but I was glad. Glad that I'd saved those girls from more harm, and that the priest could harm no one else. It hurts that the other Dreamweavers turned their backs on me, but I know I made the right choice.