So this is inspired by a picture from letterstomrpotter .tumblr. com. I couldn't get it out of my head. I don't own anything you recognize, from the books, as well as the image from the site.


Dear Sirius,





"TOTO!" Lily screech, face beet red.


"Lily! Albus!" Harry shouted as he and James approached Lily and Albus, arguing at the far end of the garden. "What is going on here?"

Lily held a small black puppy out to her father. "We found him. I want to name him Toto, like Dorothy. Al wants to name him Fluffy, which is stupid."

"Is not!"

"Is t-"

"Enough," Harry said firmly. "Not another word from either of you, or I won't take you out flying when we go to the Burrow this weekend."

Lily had set down the puppy, who had made his way over to James while Harry was speaking. He looked down curiously at him before picking him up and bringing him to eye level. He grinned as the tiny dog wriggled and tried to lick his face.

"Hey, Padfoot."

Harry, who had been preparing to send his two younger children to their respective rooms until they could reasonably discuss naming the puppy together, froze.

"W-what did you call him, Jem?"

"Padfoot. Like Uncle Sirius was called."

Albus grinned. "I like it. Lils?"

"Me too. Daddy, can we call him Padfoot?"

Harry nodded mutely, and followed his children back inside to show Ginny the new addition to their family, lost in memories of his godfather.

Missing You,