Summary: Harry Potter, Vanquisher of Voldemort, healer in training… long lost twin? When Harry is summoned across the globe into an attic, he never expected to be drawn into a world of demons, love, and finding something he never thought he would have again. Charmed x Harry Potter crossover. SLASH.

Pairings: HP/? RW/HG PIH/LW PA/H PH/CU

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Mirror Image

Chapter 1: The Summoning

"Ah, my story, huh?" Harry chuckled to himself.

The people around him all nodded enthusiastically. They were all sitting in a well-lit living room, the sun shining brightly outside and the birds chirping away without a care in the world.

Harry smiled, the scar running down his check pulling taunt.

"Well, we'll have to start from the beginning."


Harry James Potter was born on July 31, 1980. He was born a healthy baby, with murky blue eyes and little tuffs of black hair. He weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces.

Lily, his red headed mother and James, his raven haired father, smiled proudly down at the sleeping baby.

"Isn't he just amazing, James?" Lily asked her husband quietly as she gently rocked Harry back and forth. James smiled softly and nodded. He gently trailed his finger over Harry's hair.

"He is, you did a great job, love" he bent over and kissed Lily on her forehead.

"Do… Do you think we should let him know as well?" Lily whispered uncertainly.

James frowned; he didn't know what he should say. They hadn't seen Lily's half-brother in almost ten years, they hadn't been able to contact him even with using magic.

"I don't know Lily, we haven't been able to find him, but if we do, I don't see why he shouldn't know." He said softly, not wanting to cause Lily further pain or wake Harry.

Lily's brother was her actual biological brother, if even half, whereas her parents and sister were her adopted family. Lily had come across a spell that let her test her parentage and had been shocked to learn she was adopted, but not only that, she had a half-brother. Lily had spent most of that year researching her family only to find out they had all died in a fire, except for her half-brother and half-sister. Her sister had died eventually from the damage caused to her in the fire. It had been a sad week for Lily.

Looking down on her baby boy, she promised that she would do everything to make sure he was kept safe.

Then Halloween night of 1981, Voldemort attacked, and Lily fulfilled her promise.


Harry had just flopped down on his bed, in the house with his girlfriend Ginny, when he felt a tugging at his magical core. Before he could react he felt a sharp tug and was suddenly surrounded by white globes of light, and found himself falling stomach first onto a wooden floor.

"Oof" Harry let out a he landed. He shook his head to clear it and tensed. Where was he? He could feel another presence as he felt around for his wand and froze. He didn't have it. How was that possible? He just had it in his holster! He thought back, he came into the house, took off his shoes, walked upstairs put his bag on the table, and oh, he was going to have a shower after calling Ginny… mother of merlin.

While he thought about this he had sat up and quickly looked for an exit, before he remembered he could apperate. Man was he stupid today or what. The presence finally decided it was done with being ignored.

"Charles Weston Halliwell! Where do you think you have been? We have been looking everywhere for you! You know we are not supposed to use magic for personal gain and if it wasn't for the fact that we thought you were dead, you would still be out doing lord knows what! Poor Piper was about to go blow something up!" the fierce looking woman ranted to Harry. Harry for his part just had a gobsmacked look on his face and couldn't figure out what the hell was happening. Was he dreaming?

"Um, sorry ma'am I think you have me confused with someone else. I'm Harry Potter" he told the woman in a tone used to placate an angry beast. Because really, this woman was almost as bad as Molly when reprimanding Ron and them. Scary and best to get out of the line of fire.

The woman gave him a non-pleased look.

"Look here young man, you are in serious trouble, I don't think it's time for you to be making jokes." She said sternly then walked up to him and pulled him into a hug.

"You had us so worried. We thought a demon or something had got you. It's not nice and you know you should tell us if you are going somewhere." She said in a softer voice.

Harry felt awkward. He didn't know what to say. Here he was being mistaken for someone else, which was a novelty, and when trying to explain she didn't believe him. Harry leaned into the hug for a moment, the warmth relaxing him, before he pushed away.

He looked up into the woman's chocolate brown eyes and said straight "I am not Charles Weston Halliwell, I am Harry James Potter. You have the wrong person."

He woman's brow furrowed and she looked more closely at Harry, when she noticed the slightly faded lightning bolt scar on his forehead her eyes widened in surprise. She took a step back.