Ichigo stood outside of the large building. The rain splattered against his umbrella as he stared up at the building, taking in the abnormal, outdated design. "We should go in…your gonna freeze" a voice from Ichigo's shoulder stated.

The oranget who was dressed in a black miniskirt, a red tank top with a loose sky blue jacket covering his arms, and a pair of white high heeled boots that reached past his knees looked at the orange and black cat with golden eyes on his shoulder. "Probably" Ichigo sighed.

He walked forward into the building, closing his umbrella and setting it down in the corner near the door. "Hello~" a voice chirped. Ichigo blinked at the tall blonde dressed in green and white with a black cat in his arms as well as a fan.

"Uh hi" Ichigo blinked before bowing quickly to his new teacher.

"You must be Ichigo Kurosaki" the blonde asked.

"Yeah" the oranget nodded.

"And your familiar?" the blonde continued.

"Yes, this is Kuro" Ichigo replied.

"I'm Kisuke Urahara, your new teacher" the blonde smiled. "And my familiar, Yoruichi" Kisuke added, lifting his black cat up a bit.

Ichigo nodded. "New meat" a voice snorted, making Ichigo jump slightly.

The teen blinked at the strangely human like male to his side, an albino with molten gold on black night eyes and snow white hair. The albino was dressed in black jeans and a black gothic band shirt. At the albino's side was an ashy white shaggy haired inu hybrid with blood red eyes, dressed similar to his master's outfit. "Hichigo Shirosaki, but you may call me Shiro" the albino stated as he walked toward the now flushed oranget. He kissed the fair skinned hand of the orange haired male. "And this is my familiar, Hel" he added with a small, almost sweet smile.

"Ichigo" the teen chirped, trying to give a sweet and not creepy smile which was difficult with his heart beating at such a fast pace. It took most of his brain not to giggle like an insane school girl.

"Kuro" the cat in Ichigo's arms added as he watched his master try not to lose his sane mind.

"Nice to meet the both of ya" Shiro replied politely.

"Shiro-chan, why don't you give our newest friends a tour and introduce them to the other students, " Kisuke suggested.

"Sounds like an excellent plan" Shiro purred as he tighten his grip on Ichigo's hand and offered a suggestive grin to his new companion.

"Agreed" Ichigo stated dumbly.

After a quick tour, Shiro and Hel was taking Ichigo and Kuro to the living room to meet up with the other students. There were very few students at this very private school. "So Shiro" Ichigo started, happy that after spending a good hour with the albino he learned to talk normallyish again. "What are you?" he asked.

"Fallen angel" Shiro grinned. The oranget felt a light tap on his head and turned it to see a beautiful black wing attached to Shiro's back, the black really stood out against Shiro's pale white skin. "You?" the albino asked.

"Witch" the oranget stated. He wasn't a warlock, no he was a witch and considered a girl because of that.

"That explains the skirt…thought you were simply a crossdresser Queen" Shiro teased, kissing Ichigo's cheek which got a red blush from his companion.

"Shut up…who are the other students?" Ichigo asked, trying the subject.

"We got an incubus, a werewolf, and a vampire plus us two…and of course everyone has a familiar" Shiro replied, glancing at Hel and Kuro who were trailing behind the two.

Hel barked at the mention of a familiar while Kuro hopped onto Ichigo's shoulder from the other hybrid's arms.

The 4 entered the living room where Ichigo was shocked to see the others.

First person who caught his eye was the very hot incubus with beautiful, feral blue eyes, teal tattoos on the corners of those eyes, teal horns half hidden by the mess of blue hair, and black, leathery wings folded over his back. The incubus was dressed in dark blue jeans, bare foot and a red plaid unbuttoned shirt.

Next he noticed the incubus' familiar, a silver haired fox hybrid with slit eyes who was playing with a brown haired, steel blue gray eyed ghost who was squealing as the poor very small guy was licked by the more dominant hybrid. The fox hybrid was dressed in jeans and a black vest with a white button under it. The ghost was dressed in a long black robe with a hood to hide his head in.

A red haired werewolf was at the blue haired incubus' side, watching his familiar, the little ghost be licked with wine colored eyes as he laughed to show his long, sharp canines. He was dressed similar to the incubus

Across the table were two black haired midgets, at least compared to the others not including the ghost. The vampire had silky black hair, large emerald green eyes, pale skin and was dressed clean dark colored dress pants, a white button up, and a dark green tie. His familiar was a black haired bunny hybrid with equally large purple eyes dressed in a red cocktail dress and silver high heels.

"Yo" Shiro called.

Everyone looked over at them, making Ichigo blush and feel uncomfortable. The little ghost took the distraction to escape the hybrid's grip and race over to Shiro. Surprisingly, Shiro picked up the little ghost. "Guys, be nice to little Tensa" Shiro scolded, letting the brown haired cutie huggle him. Ichigo felt a little jealous of the dead guy and heard Kuro snicker.

"We were playing" the silver fox whined.

"I don't think Tensa was enjoying your playing" the vampire deathpanned.

"Didn't see you stopping them Ulquiorra" Shiro growled.

"Tensa-chan is Renji-baka's familiar…sorry" the bunny snapped, protecting her master's pride.

"Can I have him back now?" the red head asked.

"No" Shiro snapped.

"Who's the fuckable cutie behind ya Shiro" the incubus asked.

"I'm Ichigo" the oranget responded.

Almost instantly, Ichigo was swooped into the incubus' arms. "Well berry, you are kinda cute" the bluenet purred.

Ichigo blushed and Kuro growled at the dominant that held his master. Ichigo kept Kuro from doing anything stupid or harmful to the other's safety. "…W-who are you?" Ichigo asked.

"Grimmjow" the bluenet purred.

"Grimmjow, put down my master before I claw your fucking eyes out of your head and force them into your fucking lungs"

"Such a colorful familiar" the fox chuckled.

"Kuro, be nice" Ichigo scolded.

"…grrr" Kuro growled but silenced.

"Anyway, the incubus is Grimmjow, his familiar the fox is Gin…the werewolf is Renji, his familiar the ghost in my arms is Tensa…Ulquiorra the vampire and his bitching bunny familiar Rukia" Shiro introduced.

"Also put down Ichigo Grimmjow before I rip your wing off" Shiro added with a growl.

"He's not yours" Grimmjow growled.

"Is so" Shiro argued.

"Doesn't have a marking or your name on him so he isn't" the bluenet hissed.

"I think Shiro is a better match for Ichigo so PUT HIM DOWN" Kuro snarled.

"…He is cute" Renji stated.

"…Not again" Ichigo muttered.

"This should be an interesting school year" Kuro snorted. "Anyone else want in?" he added.

Gin raised his hand and Rukia forced Ulquiorra's hand up as Hel gave a bark for yes. "Awesome, you are gonna have fun being a whore this year" Kuro cheered and Ichigo was very red and looked ready to pass out.

"Fuck" was all the oranget said before passing out.

Ichigo-Witch (Familiar: Kuro- Neko Hybrid)

Grimmjow-Incubus (Familiar: Gin- Fox Hybrid)

Shiro- Fallen Angel (Familiar: Hel- Inu Hybrid)

Ulquiorra- Vampire (Familiar: Rukia- Bunny Hybrid)

Renji- Werewolf (Familiar: Tensa- Ghost)

Okay so I was coming home from school today and I heard some song, didn't know it and it gave me this idea. A school of different 'fantasy' creatures...you have no idea how many times I changed this as I was writing...Everyone but Grimmjow was a vampire at some point in my head...

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Renji X Tensa, Ulquiorra X Rukia, Grimmjow X Gin, Shiro X Hel, Shiro X Tensa, Renji X Ichigo, Shiro X Ichigo, Grimmjow X Ichigo, Ulquiorra X Ichigo, Grimmjow X Shiro (Maybe...), Grimmjow X Ulquiorra, etc

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