I don't know

Chapter 1- our mark.

Looking up at the sky snuggle in a warm cozy blanket was nice. The weather hasn't lighten up since last night. The sky is still a dull gray.

Just last I looked through my family album and saw pictures of my mom and dad and my aunt. They were all so caring and kind people. When they smiled it made me so happy and I smiled too. I also remembered that one evening we had a picnic and I ate so much I had a tummy ack but my mom and dad took care of it so I was okay. Then on that one day, On my birthday they were murdered. They were burned and I was left.

My aunt had took me in but was killed by a man who was crazed. I was left alone. No one was there for me anymore.

My smiles were gone and I was left with nothing.

I wanted to cry. Cry until my heart letted out all that has me hurting. I even wanted to scream. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs. Yell all the things that roomed through my mind.

A light tap on my shoulder was felt and I turned to see who it was. It was a tall and dashing man. He had long messy black hair and an akward pair of red eyes (if it was real) and really pale skin.

"Hello." I greeted the man. He sat next to me and stared of into nowhere.

"Hello, by any chance are you alright? Its going to rain Just look at the gray clouds. Someone like you should not get began to drizzle and he pulled out an umbrella and opened it and held it just above our heads. "not really. If its okay can I borrow your shoulder?"

asked and he nodded in response. " I use to have a family until they were burned and everything had gone with them. I was left alone until my aunt heard about the news and took me in. My aunty who loved me as her own child was a kind person she cared for me and watch over me. But she too left me. She was murdered by a crazed man. Now I try to live on and try my hardest not cry and stand strong on my own feet."

I was sad and the man could see that. "I just wanted a happy life and to be loved." The man just smiled. "Will you do anything to achieve happiness and such?" He turned and gave me a smile so dashing it made your hair stick up. I thought on what he said and wanted it. "yes." I didn't understand what he meant but I wanted happiness. "would you make a contract with me, a demon in exchange for your soul?" his eye grew pink and turned to look like an animal. "yes, I want happiness and to be loved and cared from the heart!" I wanted it. "where shall I place our simple language a mark on your skin.

It is to show that you are mine and we have formed a contract and so that you cannot runaway and the more revealing the more stronger our bond is." I stared up at him and pointed to my left eye. He smirked at this remark. He lightly touch it and as soon as he lettted go I saw the marks reflection on the puddle.

It was our mark.

Our contract.

Our seal.

Our chain