America hated mirrors. Nobody knew why. Not even his own mother, Native America*. Everytime he would pass a mirror he would avoid the reflection. His house was mirror free, except for the guest room which he never bothers entering.

Even when he passes a river or a lake he avoids the reflection. Some people coughPrussiacough even try tricking him into looking into a mirror but he would always avoid the gaze or just close his eyes.

His own states, which were like children to him, couldn't get him to look into a mirror. Canada, being the loving brother he is, would always try to ask him, but America can never see him(though Canada is starting to think he is just pretending he can't see him).

Finally Canada had enough and decided to confront him.

Canda decided to ask him while he is at his happiness. Which meant when America was eating.

"Really bro I can come over for breakfast" asked America. He was suprised that Canada invited him. Usually he would just barged into his house , which of course angered the canadian.

"Yeah, its been a long time since we ever hung out together so I decided having breakfast together will let us catch up" Said Canada as he was nailing the windows shut.

"Gee thanks Canadia I'll be there by tomarrow." said a happy american before he hanged up.

Canada couldn't help but smirk when he heard that America would be coming over.

"Canada I'm going to...Canada...WHY DID YOU NAIL THE WINDOWS SHUT" screamed a very angry native american.

"Oh...u-um... hi Mom" Said a very nervouse Canada.

Native America just stared at her youngest son and just shook her head.

"You know what I don't want to know" she said as she walked out of Canada's house.

Honestly sometimes she thought Canada was the crazy one and not America.

Well I hoped you like it so far. I will continue this tomarrow. Hopefully

Native America*- This is my OC. Native America is the mother of Canada and America.

I do not own America or Canada . They belong to Hidekazu Himaruya.

My Oc Native America belongs to me.